Aborigines Stole the Land From Bacteria and Animals

No, people don’t make jokes about Aboriginal people stealing the land from bacteria and animals because jokes are usually funny.

Dylan Hamer-Mathew – you’re evidence that bacteria has been allowed to remain living in this country with full rights and opportunity for so many years.

13 thoughts on “Aborigines Stole the Land From Bacteria and Animals

  1. We the Bacteria and Animals of Australia call on all migrants to leave immediately on the Last-in, First Out principle. Dylan Hamer-Matthew, get on the boat!

  2. The Aboriginals were/are one of the most primitive groups of human beings on the planet. When they arrived on this continent millenia ago; they then proceeded to continue with the fire-stick farming techniques that they had already put into limited use in South-East Asia.
    This was utterly catastrophic for this continent, however.
    This turned much of the continent into a desert after several centuries of it’s repeated use!
    By way of this, and through hunting, the Aboriginals then also proceeded to make extinct an enormous number of animal species here.
    They then, in the environment that their own misuse had largely created, proceeded to basically do very little else for ten’s of thousands of years after…and anything they did do was of very little merit whatsoever.
    Very little else could be expected from such people though, and all of that – as serious as it is – was never really an issue. The Aboriginals existed here, yes, and had every right to continue existing here after we arrived over 200 years ago and proceeded to create a very highly advanced society and sovereign nation here.
    All of this DOES now become an issue as more and more idiots advocate the elimination of the Australian population; and the destruction and replacement of our society through the mass immigration of alien races, on the sole pretext that we “stole the Aboriginal’s land”!
    Forgetting, conveniently, that all of these migrant groups have don far worse in their own former stealing of other people’s lands.
    The Aboriginals however, who previously have inhabited a small part of the wider Australian community, DO NOT stand up to measure as the alleged reason why we “have” to be marginalised in our own society and then entirey eliminated, or why our society “must” now be divided up amongst a host of foreign groups.
    They just do not stand up to muster, they do not measure up.
    So that now makes all of THIS an issue!!!

    • Scott, you lose me when you talk about how migrants are ruining this society. I just don’t see it.They’ve (Muslims too, though though even now they only make up something like 2% of our population) been coming here in waves for centuries and they haven’t ruined it yet.

    • Utter rubbish as one expects from you. You know nothing of history or of pre-history.

      And by the way what are you doing hanging around a fan page for a 15 year old girl? Disgusting.

    • Scott, there is no concrete evidence of how much fire-stick farming contributed to changes in the Australian landscape, nor is there any credible consensus from scientists. The arrival of Europeans and the subsequent reduction in fire-stick farming wiped out a whole lot of animals that relied on the food supplies generated by it, so you can pitch that argument either way. I think it would be fair to say that the impact Europeans have had on this land in less than 250 years is quite significant when compared with (largely theoretical) changes brought about by peoples who lived here for tens of thousands of years.

      Aboriginal people are not the reason we have migration. We have migration because it’s what we do, it’s what we like to do, and it makes our country better. I’d rather live in my beautiful, globalised, multicultural, multi-ethnic city, being exposed to all the wonders of diversity, having friends from a number of backgrounds, hearing all different languages, learning different customs, and trying different foods… than being a lonely nobody living in a house in Melton, Victoria, with nothing to connect me to the outside world other than an internet connection and a predatory obsession with young Asian women, and a dole cheque that is spent on white supremacist literature and prostitutes.

    • Scott, your grasp on Aboriginal history is laughable. The impact of fire stick farming had very minimal effect on the Australian landscape and in fact the lack of fire stick farming since the arrival of Europeans has had a much larger negative effect. The deserts of Australia were primarily caused as the continent drifted closer to the equator and further from the other continents that formed Gondwana. This caused a severe drop in rainfall to the majority of the continent, only the tropical north and the east coast, which was protected by the Great Dividing Range, were spared. Add to that the acidity and high salt content of the soil in much of the inland and it was inevitable that large tracks of land would become desert as only the toughest, water storing plants were able to survive. If you doubt this you only have to look at places like Kakadu, Arnhem Land and the Kimberlys which are all regularly burned to see that fire, by far, helps the Australian environment rather than harming it.
      The Aboriginal way of life was one of sustainability and understanding of their lands. Unlike us Europeans they adapted and lived in harmony with it. The white man on the other hand, changed the land to suit themselves, clearing land, drying up rivers and introducing foreign species (the single most damaging being the cane toad). I suggest before you give your one sided opinion you do some research or even better visit Aboriginal land in central and northern Australia, talk to the elders and learn about their history and culture. You might actually learn something.
      I was lucky enough to work in those very places and I have nothing but respect for the way Abiriginal people treated their land before it was taken from them. This may open your eyes a little bit but I doubt your bigoted mind would change no matter what facts were put in front of you.


    • You know nothing Scott.
      Do you not realise that much of our native flora requires fire for the seeds to germinate and the bush to regenerate?

    • Considering literally everything else you wrote was factually incorrect, I’m wondering if you name is even Scott.

      Get online, grab a book or ask an archaeologist; educate yourself about the truth of what happened to the Australian continent in the past 100,000 years.

  3. Rofl this is fucking gold.

    I don’t know what’s more depressing, the fact that the owner of this site finds some kind of gratification in taking something I said 2 years ago when I was only 14 out of context, or the fact that all of you braindead fucksticks are so mentally deficient that you cannot grasp the concept of sarcasm.

    • I find it depressing that you should suddenly exhibit butt-hurt over something that was posted OVER TWO YEARS AGO

      You are either very slow or it has taken you two years to come up with an excuse.

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