The Health of the Nation

Last week we mirrored An Open Letter to Scott Morrison from the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre Champions of Change blog.

And back in September last year Darwin journalist Kylie Stevenson wrote this informative little piece for The Punch on the fear engendered against asylum seekers by the ignoramuses who amongst other things clog Facebook up with their hate pages.

Bogan slogan

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Of course, the bogots probably did not bother to read either the blog or that article or the many others which have comprehensively demolished the myths which they like to spread around. So we decided to again put up the health statistics supplied by open letter writer and physician Dr Trent Yarwood. That is so you can readily recognise the gaping holes in what is to follow.

Health stats

Now keeping these stats in mind let’s journey into the alternative fantasy universe of the bogots.

Take health expert and pioneer of do-it-yourself gender re-assignment Jayden Smedley. Jayden is one who never lets the truth get in the way of a good confected lie.

Jayden the health expert

Playmate Trilby Steinberger is only too happy to add her 2 cents worth of hatred, followed by the Scumsite chief scummer coming up the rear.

Trilby disease

Jayden as we can see has a past history on this. Not quite as drastic as Miranda who wants to bomb “thier (sic) disease ridden people” out of the water – but equally hateful and ill-informed. And of course the bogots’ favourite feared religious minority gets a mention as well.

Miranda Mills

Jayden hates dentists

The bogots’ favourite method of argument – vague accusations and third-party hearsay followed by an evidence-free tale  which even ACA or TDT would stay away from.

Now Jayden is a mine of information on health despite not being any sort of health care practitioner (unless there are witchdoctor courses on offer over teh interwebz). For instance, here is the comment to a Muslim man on his (hypothetical) bride.
Put on your Nokias

We are not sure when the Finnish phone company Nokia started producing running shoes but we guess they do if Jayden the All Knowing Quacking  says so right Jayden?


Meanwhile home-grown Fascist towel boy Andrew Watts is as always nearby loyally clinging to Jayden’s mumbo-jumbo bag.

Jayden and Andy

And Gauleiter Andy’s favourite sexual activity even manages an airing here, despite it having nothing to do with the subject.

It seems Jayden also fancies itself as a genetics expert. Lots of them amongst the bogotry.

Jayden on genetics

Then probably realising it is out-classed by the average Year 7 Science student, Jayden hurriedly moves on to hand-washing, with a link of dubious provenance posted  either from a British tabloid or an anti-Muslim site, before the Year 7 student arrives to comment.

Jayden in true bogot  style then proceeds to refuse to provide the unnamed opponent below with any factual backup despite being asked and despite the charismatic presence of leading researcher and human centipede segment “Jack Schitt”.

Jayden on handwashing

Seems to us that the Qur’an has quite a lot of passages referring to washing, washing before prayers and personal hygiene in it, as opposed to the Bible which by contrast has very few. But this does not worry Jayden, who sails in regardless like a human Costa Concordia with about the same effect.

Bogot Knowledge Base

But just so we cannot be accused of ignoring Lydi….err Jayden’s extensive albeit evidence-deprived contribution to quackery modern epidemiology here is a tribute lovingly prepared by The Muppets.

9 thoughts on “The Health of the Nation

  1. Oh godddddd some halfwit with my name has come out yet again.
    Now I’ve had someone with my first name TWICE aaaaand two separate, unrelated people from my bogan little hometown.

    So sad 😦

    PS it should be noted I have since escaped said bogan little shithole town for purposes of tertiary education. YaY for bigger, better things haha.

  2. What an idiot. If there’s one thing about my personality that can either make or break friends (some of my friends are great people, but sometimes they just won’t look further than one article or story)… it’s that I just can’t stand baseless accusations and ignorance! It pisses me right off! ARGHGHHHHHHHH!

    This Jayden shithead is a prime example. He obviously has shown at least some finesse with using Google to search words like “Muslim, no, hygiene” and linking the first thing that appears to be some wall of text (because God knows he doesn’t read it)… Without some sort of evidence to back any of his fucked up politics (Islamophobes NEVER have tangible evidence to their claims), you could easily mistake his IQ level with that of a glass of milk.

    The three big things about this brand of bogot I can’t stand is their views that:

    1. Muslims (read: any refugee, but its the Muslamic ray guns and the Porkchicken we are worried about here people!!!) apparently get ‘preferential treatment’ when they arrive here. “They get beds and money by the government for doing nothing for our community!” If the beds they refer to are the ones in the detention centers, then I find it ridiculous for them to even suggest that refugees being locked up in Christmas Island or elsewhere is ‘preferential treatment’. And considering the range of violent and hostile environments most refugees fled from, I’m pretty sure that bogots get treated pretty well here in comparison… just a hunch. *Irony, if the bogot has trouble detecting that*

    2. We [in Australia] are about to be completely inundated with Muslims. There is a conspired invasion going on under our noses and pretty soon we’ll all be living under Shari’a law (oh that Shari’a law argument pisses me off big time).

    3. Apparently the “fact” that EVERY MUSLIM IN THE WORLD is the same, and they’re all dirty, scheming criminals and terrorists that can not be trusted. The accusation that Muslims are disease ridden gets trumped in their face by RAW STATISTICS of illness & disease rates in detention centers, but they STILL go on about their disproved bullshit.

    Usually people who spit crap like this believe that killing every Muslim is a good route to take. This seems very familiar to the ridiculous and barbaric extremist views of the Crusades (and they call themselves civilized)…

    Oh, their spelling and grammar is usually shit-house as well. Which is pretty rich since they also claim that people who can’t speak English “don’t belong here and should fuck off”…

  3. As a taxpayer and good citizen I am offering Jayden and his mates a free bed, all the cigarettes they can smoke and an abundance of supposedly culinary delights they can consume. I’ll even throw in dental and medical care. Free flights to the tropical paradise that is Christmas Island included. All they have to do is swap spots behind the fencing and razor wire with a potentially hard working, taxing paying, future member of our society. Now, surely, that’s an offer they can’t refuse and will prove to be mutually beneficial to all of us.

  4. I’ve seen the same people (a) whinge that asylum seekers get priority medical treatment and (b) whinge that asylum seekers are going years without medical checks.

    Make up your mind, “Jayden”… if you have one, which I am yet to see evidence of.

  5. MMU,

    In celebration of your 600th post earlier in the week I think it’s time to do a “best bits” series from some of your favourite xenophobes.

    Darrin, Goblin, Scott, Jayden, Ferret and the list goes on. There’d have to be terabites of material out there.

    Food for thought.

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