Our 600th Post: Sharlene Ashton and the Collective Stupid

Remember Sharlene Ashton?

Turns out the racist, Islamophobe, homophobe fire-starter is cleaning your business and serving your children canteen goodies.

I didn’t know hating non-whites and setting houses on fire was our ‘way of life’.

Moving on. Here’s a quick montage of some more true blue Aussie racism and stupidity.

With love.

Those ‘Rocket lunches’ must surely cause a fair bit of indigestion and heartburn.

Nice one Paul Guru D’Fence. Wouldn’t it be horrible if women were treated as ‘chattels’? You know, a piece of property that you had to pay for.

Because arguing on the Internet is just so important that problems can only be solved by killing people.

What do you call a bald racist with short-man-syndrome?

Whatever you like. Anyone can be a hero when they type on Facebook.

Good one Bonnie Redburn aka Bonnie May Down.

Australian Customs Officer: You a Muslim?

Muslim just off the plane: No.

Australian Customs Officer: Welcome to Australia.

Well said Rpnald. You probably would have had achieved a little more credibility had you spelled your own name correctly.

How did you obtain those pig-related liquids David?

They’re usually behind bars Hunter.

You’ve got to love ‘HARD COR INTELECTS’ who don’t like ‘RELIGONS’ running our ‘COUNTRIES’ laws.

Whoops excuse us Scott, We shouldn’t have been expressing OUR right to freedom of speech when all along there are bald, pin-dicked thugs like you who can stalk and threaten us. But feel free to continue to whinge about your freedom of speech being attacked by leftists.

How vivid the memory of watching the planes hit the twin towers is. So vivid that whenever I remember it happening I forget that it happened on the 11th of September and that if I was watching it live on Australian TV it happened around 11:30pm at night.

You know what I hate about those Muslims Robin? All those terror attacks they commit on Australian soil. Yeah, okay, I admit it – they haven’t actually committed one single terror attack on Australian soil. But the simple fact is that THE MUZZIES should be hated because they want to kill people with guns and bombs and they don’t care about who you are. They want you dead indiscriminately. Us Aussies would never ever act or talk like that.

They must be joking. But the Muzzies aren’t. Don’t ask me to explain why. It’s too hard.

Ah the Australian biker clubs. Full of repute, they will defend us by stabbing people William Davis doesn’t like.

Phew! A NICE swastika. For a minute there, we were worried Sean Blanch had a NOT-SO-NICE swastika on his back! Like one of the ones below… Ah, the master race.

Yes, Ben. Abel corsef all the way.

Nothing like a good disguise that won’t attract attention when robbing a bank.

Anyone want a ‘husban’? Shriveled gonads from years of riding the chopper, beer belly and grey mullet. Free to a good home.

16 thoughts on “Our 600th Post: Sharlene Ashton and the Collective Stupid

  1. I think I am siding with Gamma a few articles back. This site used to be about naming and shaming (with maybe a joke or two) rather than abusing. Twice in this post you used bald as negative:
    “What do you call a bald racist with short-man-syndrome?”
    “there are bald, pin-dicked thugs like you”
    While I appreciate that the above are repeat offenders, I feel like they are achieving something by getting you all worked up.

    • This site is about naming and shaming. We try and inject humour where we can.

      One of the problems is these freaks cease to be funny after umpteen times being featured here. The damage they do to our society is certainly not funny.

      As far as the baldness jibes, it is a fashion amongst certain male bogots to shave their heads in a lame attempt to look tough.

      Normal men often shave their heads as well, but we are not talking about normal men.

      • Actually Cara, I originally bought up TAB’s propensity to abuse and ridicule people that disagree with them back when TAB did a post on the Carbon Tax, which was subsequently removed.
        If you’re going have a go at me at least try to get your facts straight!

        • I said just you two have brought this up. So. My point still stands.

          I’m not having a go at you, either, Gama. Just that your point doesn’t appear to have much traction with the vast majority of the readership. That’s not having a go at you, that’s just looking at the situation logically.

      • My comment was more about the direction the site is taking. Just jump back in time (https://theantibogan.wordpress.com/page/40/ – chosen at random) and you will see a different style of posting going on, that was more about identifying people who were posting defamatory comments online and maybe saying why those defamatory comments were wrong. That wasn’t that long ago.

        Opening up some of those previous articles shows lots of comments from different people, so it could be the more aggressive posting could be turning people off.

  2. Um… “within minutes” he realised it had been an “Islamist attack”? That’s funny, coz I remember watching the events unfold for about 3 hours and there not being any real clarity who was behind it… and seeing as this was the turnpoint event that made the media/governments equate terrorism with Islam, I don’t see how it would have jumped into his mind.

    I call bullshit!

  3. “Islamophobe” is probably THE most ridiculous (to say the very least) phrase concocted by the Left in the last few years.
    Do I REALLY have to go into why?……….

    • No you don’t, Scott, because nobody cares what you think, you white supremacist freak.

      I hear you’re thinking of going into politics? I think you should do it… just for the constant stream of LULZ it would give to a lot of people.

      • Please do it Scotty.
        I’d love for you to be held accountable for your bullshit in a wider forum.

    • Yay!!! 😀
      Scott is here….. mid week entertainment alas a busy week 😐

      ri·dic·u·lous   [ri-dik-yuh-luhs]
      causing or worthy of ridicule or derision; absurd; preposterous; laughable: a ridiculous plan.

      Really???? what EXACTLY is so ridiculous about it???
      Oh! & btw ever reliable encyclopedia moronica Wikipedia says: “The term dates back to the late 1980s or early 1990s” about “Islamophobia”.

      Yes please.. 🙂 go in to why???…. and go in to that ever deepening hole that you dig for yourself every time that you “go into” anything.
      Will come back for weekend entertainment 😉

    • Speaking of ridiculous phrases concocted by “the Left”:

      Scottophobe – a fear of poorly articulated, unjustifiable, irrational and paranoid conspiracy theories bizarrely concocted in an attempt to justify extreme prejudice and xenophobia.

    Now that comment is definitely what you call “HARD COR INTELECT”!

  5. I know I should not be surprised, but really… These people are just so… so… fucking outrageously stupid. I don’t normally swear but fuck me, how can they convince themselves that others are the problem whilst appearing to condone (and now carry out) criminal activities?

    Hard cor intelect? Religons?

    That’s it. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    • Happy 600 you guys!
      Please keep up the good work.
      I’m very interested that Sharls says ” fit in or fuck off”.
      How, by attempting to burn down a place with people inside ?

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