15 thoughts on “Sean Merrin – Piece of Shit Australian Nazi

    • so true n he writes like english is his second language… thts the prob with the education system these days… they are letting even brain dead morons graduate… i’d love to be there when he finds out tht he aint “true blue” coz merrin aint an aussie name…

  1. I’m not at all suprised that Indian call centers thinks Australians are dumb when we have fuckwits like Sean and his mates posting barely coherent shit like that. Speak farkin English Sean! Kamrade? Did you mean comrade, dickhead?

  2. What does ‘wpe’ mean? I think it must be short for wipe, as in arse wipe. Fitting because that’s exactly what this gronk is.

    • Loose translation for those not up on neo-Nazi symbolism and terminology:

      14/88 = what my IQ is/what my testicles look like after I’ve tied string around them to castrate myself in honour of ze testicular-free Oberführer.

      WPE = We Pee Emphatically (as a tribute to the bollockly-unencumbered Oberführer).

      WPWW = Wee, Pee, Wee, Wee – Another urine reference, again based on tampering with one’s scrotum…

  3. Is “all the filthy scum need to get some white power in them” his mating call? The ladies had better form an orderly queue, no pushing or shoving…


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