Darrin Hodges Digs the Hole Deeper

Dear Darrin,

A few questions:

1. Do you really want to kill all Muslims? Or is this a ‘joke’?

2. If you managed to place a ban on Muslim migration, how would you stop Muslims from lying about their religion?

3. Do you have any respect for the secularity of our nation?

4. Can you point out how many acts of terrorism Muslims have committed in our country? If not, you’re proposing the first – but ON Muslims.

We know you read our blog, so your response is eagerly anticipated.

30 thoughts on “Darrin Hodges Digs the Hole Deeper

    • Don’t confuse poor Darrin. He has enough to contend with, wondering why his parents could even spell “Darren” correctly, protecting ‘his’ country from brown immigrants etc.
      Telling him that not all brown people or boat people are muslim will just cause his little head to explode.

  1. Hahahah ohh lordy.
    It’s actually too easy to take the shit outta this dimwit.

    Just sad the gutless fuck wont comment.

  2. How about Indonesians Darrin?

    World’s largest Muslim country after all.

    But wait! Whilst Muslims make up 1.7% if Australia’s population (approx 341,000 people), it turns out that Christians actually make up 10% of Indonesias population! That’s approximately 22 MILLION Indonesian Christian!! There are more Indonesian Christians in the world that there are Australian in the whole wide world!!!

    Bugger Darrin, what are you going to do? Are you going to shoot bullets at them first or question them? It’s so hard to tell from outward appearance after all…

  3. Joke I found that is suitable for Darrin and sinks me to his gutter level.

    What do you if Darrin starts running?

    Aim lower.

  4. As the Gutless Goblin has yet to reply, I shall do so in his trademark manner.

    Blah blah blah Isamic Cult. A lie about serving in the armed forces. wank wank piss and wind. Something about heroin addicts.
    Blah blah blah, a totally made up statistic.
    Cut and paste job from a US based loony web site, complete with American spelling of “checks ” and products available only in the U.S.A.
    Wank wank wank, reference to paedophilia , threat of a law “suite”, some lie about his “daughter”, another lie about being a ” business man”.
    Something about Socialist Lesbians and fags.
    Blah blah blah cowardly veiled threat, wank wa k wank, something about having “contacts”, another lie about meeting me and me running away.
    Blah blah blah something about not having to reply to dirty unwashed Uni students after having posted a incoherent diatribe.

    • We may as well take the first opportunity! After all, we know they’re all equipped with Muslamic Ray Guns, and are not afraid to use them!

  5. To answer,

    1. No, deportation would be the preferred option.
    2. Surely you’re not suggesting that Muslims lie? In any case, see point one.
    3. Of course, it’s one of our most important ideals and something that Islam does not have. Unsure about the relevance do this question.
    4. So far thankfully zero despite a few close calls but prevention is better than cure.

    The good thing is that Imay have the opportunity to air my views on next week’s Insight program. Can’t wait for that one!

    • 1. Does that include people who were born here? And people whose parents and grandparents were born here? The idea of deportation is that they have a country to RETURN to. You do realise that other countries also have immigration policies, and these may not include accepting castaways from a country that has adopted completely radical, unjustified emigration policies.

      2. People who are being told they will be killed or deported will lie, Darrin. It’s not rocket science, and you don’t need to be a Muslim to act in such a way under such threat. If you tell the population of Australia that if they are Muslim they will be killed or deported, how many do you expect lining up for you the next day?

      3. Islam may not have secularity, but we do not live in an Islamic country. You do not have the statistics nor the data to suggest that we will ever become one.

      4. Car accidents, smoking, recreational drugs, lightning and drinking are all killing hundreds of thousands more people than terrorism – not just in Australia but worldwide. If prevention is better than a cure – then would you suggest that we ban cars, cigarettes, drugs, being outside during storms and drinking alcohol?

      Insight? LOL. Haven’t you been owned on television shows like that in the past? Best of luck.

      • We should give Insight a bit of material I think… E-mail them some screenshots of Darrin’s bigoted stupidity; you know, just to make any argument of theirs a bit stronger.

        I worry about how the show turns out for everyone else involved with Insight. I believe that Darrin Hodges being in a room with properly educated people is an occupational health and safety hazard. He’s such an uneducated, bigoted idiot that he literally ‘sucks’ intelligence out of the room, which is a huge risk to those with an actual directing mind.

        Have paramedics on standby.

    • I agree with Darrin that prevention is better than cure.

      So, to prevent any further rapes all men will be deported to fuck-knows-where.

      To prevent white collar crime anyone who works in an office will be deported to the country of their mother’s father’s father’s mother’s father’s mother’s mother’s father’s birth.

      To prevent mustard yellow collared crime Darrin will be deported to shitsville nowhere to run the world’s least successful “political party”.

  6. Can we forward this picture to the producers of Insight???
    Along with any other relevant incriminating material Darrin’s been so kind in providing us.

    • Well Darrin’s online replies are few and far between. He avoids discussion of the topics he so passionately argues and it is assumed it is because he has little to give in return, other than examples of extreme Islamic fundamentalism found only within the depths of countries run by religious dictatorships.

      I personally look forward to watching the next SBS Insight if he really is appearing on it. Bowl of popcorn and tissues for the laughing tears at the ready.

      Quick points of reference:

      Nobody on the panel mentions racism, but Darrin says:

      “One, Islam is not a race so it isn’t racist…”

      Then Bob Brown tells the audience that Australian Muslims, like other Australian citizens love their children, contribute to their communities and have the same rights as everyone else to school their children in a secular society. But somehow Darrin Hodges seems to think that comments that push for equal rights for people of Islamic faith will land the commenter in the beheading ring.

      Hodges you raging closet-case – if Islamic fanatics were having to choose between beheading you, an Islamophobic, fear-pushing, sex-shop worker and Bob Brown, the leader of a political party that pushes for equal rights for many minority groups including religious groups – I’m pretty sure you would be the one bending over and copping that unforgiving blade.

      • Oh my word…. I hadn’t seen that. What a dweeb! You could hear people scoffing at the suggestion.

        Go on TV again then Darrin, please… if all you’re going to do is make yourself look like you did on Q&A, go right ahead. I could do with the laugh.

        I so often read this blog and feel a bit saddened, but that has actually made my night, watching Hodges get pwned by a whole panel of people, not to mention the fact that none of his comments got applause and all of the pwning DID get applause.

        Ohhh…. how many times can one person fail…. LOL.

        Between Scott’s suggestion that he might enter politics, and losers like Darrin Hodges going ‘hurrdurrr Islam is not a race’ on TV to the chortled pity of a gathered audience, I think 2012 could turn out to be a funny fucking year.

      • Who mentioned racism, “Darrin” ?

        Sounds to me like someone went in with a bigoted pre-prepared script, and didn’t actually LISTEN to what was being said.


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