Circle Jerk

TAB does not watch a great deal of ordinary TV. We have lives and a blog to maintain. So we are very selective in our viewing.

Bored as we are with the dumb outbursts of minor tabloid TV celebs, we have been waiting for an intelligent and succinct report on this particular incident and Tory Maguire of The Punch seems to have come to our rescue.

When you apologise

Exactly. Then Maguire continues

Circle jerk


And that should be the end of the matter. A fine soldier, alleged good bloke and VC winner was the subject of  idiotic comments by a couple of minor TV presenters on a low-rating gossip show. Apologies were given when the story hit the media.

Except that the whole incident grabbed the unwanted attentions of the Facebook rabble, specifically this crew.

Here’s Facebook woman-hater and rape advocate Trevor George

Trevor George

Trev gets mildly admonished by his unnamed female friend. And we are pretty damn sure that Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith is not particularly interested in fighting for Trev’s preferred way of life.

But Trev, like most of his kind, cannot shut up. In fact he heads over to Yumi Stynes’ Facebook page and lets fly – presumably like a rool man would…

Trevor George 2

We are sure after this loud and public declaration that Trev is going to attract a large following of female admirers.

Trevor George3

It’s clear to us that The Circle isn’t the only place you find jerks.

17 thoughts on “Circle Jerk

  1. How dare those Muslamic Porkchicken eaters get fired up when we accidentally burn a Koran?!?!

    How can they become so aggressively violent when someone draws an inoccent cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed?!?!?

    Just goes to show that the Muslamic people out there are violent people who over-react aggressively and thoughtlessly.

    Not like we civilized Strayans!

  2. How can you be against what Yumi and George had said, when you have proven you live in the gutter by coming out with personal attacks against Yumi and George?

  3. The only person who has acted with any dignity in this whole affair is Coporal Roberts-Smith. He is a credit to his family, the ADF and Australia. A true hero and by all accounts a fine man.
    Yumi and George are not the victims in this and I do not buy the “poor Yumi and George” crap. Their behaviour was disgraceful. Especially Negus as he should of known better and if anything should of stopped the rhetoric in it’s tracks. Stynes’s tears and attempt at sympathy was pathetic and she should be allowed to drift off back into obscurity. If Channel 10 had any type of fortitude they would sack the both of them.
    That being said, the comments made by some of the people in response are disgraceful and I agree with your comment that Corporal Roberts-Smith; the majority of members of the ADF and all decent people find them disgusting. That goes for trying to get a bit of glory for yourself out of this incident, ak Darren Bailey and his pathetic little rant about being deeply offended because he served in the SAS.
    Are these people fucking crazy? (excuse the language) No one deserves to be told they should be strung up, fucked, shot or tortured. What kind if psychotic mind do you have to believe that?

      • Absolutely not. I find it to be disgusting and it definitely does not reflect the way most people think of what happened, in my opinion. Negus and Stynes did deserved to be bought to account but some people have no idea and are just gutter rats!

  4. If a Muslim said this about someone, the same people would be using it as evidence that Islam is not compatible with our society.

    This just goes to prove that the Taliban and the right-wing conservatives in our community have more in common than they realise.

    And while we’re at it… I don’t see anyone defending Yumi and George’s ‘Freedom of speech’ in the say way as they have with Bolt, Sandilands and co.

    Hello fighters for freedom of speech. Now is your moment!

    • Very good point, lolracist. It works both ways. You can have your freedom of speech but if you say something seriously fucked up, there are consequences.

      Yuma and George should have just apologised unreservedly, and apologised to Corporal Roberts-Smith personally. It’s up to him whether to accept the apology or not.

      I notice the sinister comments seem to be directed at Yumi rather than George…

      • To their credit they did exaxtly that and Corporal Roberts-Smith did accept their apology. He seems to be a remarkable man and exactly the kind of person the ADF wants all their members to aspire to be.

      • They did apologise directly and I appreciate that, but I still agree with the original article above that they should have left it at that, rather than coming out with a bunch of excuses. Apologise publicly, apologise directly, then sure… let people know you’ve apologised personally and that he accepted the apology and was really good about it. There was far too much of them making themselves out to be the victims, and I’m a firm believer that when you stuff up, you should just own it.

  5. I would like to say that, in my opinion, you have dealt with this issue brilliantly MMU. You have been very fair and objective, highlighting the flaws of Negus and Stynes’s comments and just as importantly pointing out the despicable reaction from racist morons. Not that you need or want my approval but I would like to say kudos to you, credit where credit is due.

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