Craig Humfrey wants all “mussies” (sic) shot and burned; seeks caring, thoughtful soulmate

Hold onto your girdles, ladies: the xenophobe wants a wife.

Craig has “no hangups” and is “an easy goin [sic] type of bloke, anything goes”.

Well… almost anything.

He has an apparent aversion to “mussiefilth”, whatever that is…  and it seems to get him pretty wound up.

Hmm.  That’s odd.  What else does he say about himself?

Craig says he’s kind, sensitive, gentle, cheerful and optimistic.

Let’s see now…

Craig has no children, but would like some.  He doesn’t seem to have an issue with stealing children from their parents, though, so keep your little ones close by if Craig’s around…

So if you’re 27-43, and fancy a 48 year old xenophobic freak for a new squeeze, check out Craig’s dating profile…

…or find him on myspace…

Just be aware he has some intolerance to certain foods…

Happy dating!

You can also see more of Craig here: 

58 thoughts on “Craig Humfrey wants all “mussies” (sic) shot and burned; seeks caring, thoughtful soulmate

    • I’m no lawyer, but I think you’ll find a subpoena is only for witnesses, not for defendants. You’re thinking about a Summons. So who are you going to sue, and why to you need MMU to provide a testimony?

      BTW, just so we’re clear-linking publically available information on separate websites is agaisnt the law, but sending vague threats, and insults online…that’s okay right?

      • Section 474.17 Criminal Code Act 1995 (Commonwealth) covers using a carriage service (i.e. the Internet is a “carriage service”) to threaten or harass.

        Given Craig’s past posting history and the collection of his utterances we have lovingly assembled, I’d say he’d be well and truly eligible for a visit to court to explain his breach of that Section.

    • Sure you will Dickhead.
      Fuck me these morons watch too much Law and Order.
      I can’t help but wonder which online dictionary this cry-baby attention seeking bigot needed to spell subpoena correctly.
      What an absolute goose.
      No lawyer worth their salt, when presented with the facts above would give said buffoon 5 minutes of their time.
      Public forums,Cwaig.
      Here you were beating your chest in your usual Neanderthal way, now you’re crying and heading off to be laughed at by someone with an education.
      Beeeeweedeee Cwaig.

    • Wow.
      It appears Cwaig would have us believe he’s found a “lawyer” at around ten pm.
      Soooo, that would be the ambulance chasers that advertise when Law and Order is on, right?
      All that convenience !
      He can sit there with his stable-table ,stuff his face with Porken, learn all he needs to know from Det Goren AND get access to a no doubt leggy Texan “lawyer” to teach T.A.B a lesson.
      Lucky Cwaig !!!

    • It does no such thing, Bush Lawyer.
      Try again.
      I really love seeing people like you being bought to account for their actions.
      My only regret is that I’m unable to be there when you’re informed the only thing that’s wrong here are your ghastly “opinions”.
      You’d best brush up on the Anti Discrimination Act of 1977 before you toddle off to have more egg thrown in your face.
      It’s clear you have difficulty with long sentences and notions of law and fairness, do maybe you can get your “lawyer” who issues “subpoena” instead of a summons.

  1. Hey Craig, the people at sunrice are probably to busy facepalming themselves over your stupidity. Chicken is not pork dickhead.

    • AHAHAHA, He couldn’t tell between chicken and pork! Is it possible for one to be that ignorant?

      What, does he spend HOURS in supermarkets daily trying to find any symbol he doesn’t know (there must be a LOT of them) on the box and then ‘claim’ its halal? Without actually knowing he’s usually just talking shit?

  2. Besides being a pig shit ignorant feral-minded freak, this guy is so creepy that his job is the closest he ever gets to a woman being horizontal. Stalking and harassment? That’s the only interest this unworldly dolt would ever get from an intelligent person. And what’s with that head? He looks like a rectal pull.

  3. Oh Dumfrey you poor fellow, you really have no clue.

    Instead of this country being invaded, it turns out it’s actually your brain being invaded by a serious unfounded paranoia.

    South Australia: most arid state in the most arid continent on the planet; 3rd largest state in the country with only 8% of the population; home of wine in barrels and bodies in barrels -yet somehow in your own head this is the front line of a fight against radical Islam taking over this country.

    Are you even fucking aware of what a country struggling with radical Islam looks like?

    Not like fucking South Australia that’s for sure.

    Go to Northern Nigeria or Southern Philippines, but don’t sit in boring as batshit Adelaide (from a civil conflict perspective) at tell me there’s a war going on because your Porkchicken and rice has a halal symbol on it.

  4. Craig if you are dumb enough to use a Russian scam dating site and someone comes along, Googles your name and brings up your public profile on that site then you are a fool.

    It also appears that you are a racist and bigoted fool.

    There’s no fool like an old fool.

      • I have some vague pre-9/11 memory of all these types of people getting their gonads in a bind over Asian migrants, back in the day. Maybe once they get over their fear of Muslamic Ray Guns they will be eating frozen Afghani meals and bitching about some other ethnicity that’s the phobia du jour.

        Or, we could remain eternally hopefully that people will grow a brain and look back and realise that post-Cook Australia has always been alarmist over the various waves of immigrants, and none of their fears have ever been justified…

        • They still have spasms of hatred about Asians, usually manifested as jealousy when bright hard-working Asian background kids top the state in the HSC – never mind the bogots doing the hating have barely enough IQ to tie their own shoelaces.

          They also assume that Asian-background women in relationships with Anglo men are “mail order brides”, thus getting their racism and sexism bundled up nicely in one nasty package.

        • Well I guess the only way they get pretty women to sleep with them is if there’s money changing hands, so they assume it’s like that for everyone… 😉

  5. I would like to be a fly on the wall in his fictitious court hearing.
    “Your Honour my client’s grievance is that this website portrayed him to be a racist pig because …. umm ….. He’s a racist pig!”
    It is concerning to wonder if Craig would perform his professional duties fairly without bias, considering his personal views?

    • Agreed, GAMA. Someone who wants Muslims dead and burned shouldn’t be in a position where people have to have their lives in his hands.

      • Good point ladies.
        I’m sure his employer would be interested in his disgusting attitude.
        Their Code of Conduct makes for an interesting read.
        Cwaigs views certainly to not accord with more than on section of said Code.

  6. Most the Muslim women I know only have two children and some of them only have girls. And many of them PREFER to have girls.

  7. Craig is a classic example of why some people shouldn’t breed. Retarded, cross-eyed, and dumb as a rock.
    I love his MySpace profile, too! NOT!
    What a loser…

  8. Can’t find him on Facebook now to make friends with him. I wonder why? Perhaps his ‘lawyer’ has advised him to keep a low profile while he sues the arse off everyone?

      • It was Beatle Bailey weighing into the debate by telling anyone who would listen about his stellar military service.

        • I like the “god bless you Darren!”.
          A screen shot with Bailey and Corporal Roberts-Smith side by side would be fantastic, just to show how similar they are!

        • I note he has a go at Yumi but not at George Negus. I guess such comments are okay if they come from a man, and one of white appearance no less. But from a woman, and not just that, but a non-white woman? That must just about blow his bogot noodle. Mind you, after he’s harassed her a bit, he’ll probably start stalking and propositioning her… coz that’s how he rolls.

          Ah well… if they boycott Channel 10 at least they won’t be able to see Andrew Bolt if his drivel reappears. Nawww…

        • It could also be said that there is no mention of The Circle incident on this blog because the comments were made by, in your words, “a non white woman”. If a white man like, George Negus had of made those comments about a woman I’m sure they would of been up here in about 30 seconds flat!

        • Looking in the crystal ball …. mmmm … Poor Yumi and what terrible comments in the backlash? ha ha ha!

        • In the period he was allegedly in the SASR, Australia had no special forces deployed on overseas postings.

          It is highly unlikely he was ever in the Regular Army, let alone in an elite unit. He might have been in the cadets. Many cadet units train with wooden rifles, and we have no doubt that Goblin is a crack shot with a splinter of second-grade plantation pine at ten paces.

  9. If anyone has details of exactly where he works I would be very happy to pass them on to his employer – all the better if it’s a government agency. The obnoxious, single (who’da thought it?) shortarse toad won’t be there for much longer once they discover exactly how his perverted pea brain works. Hey, here to help.

  10. This actually, seriously concerns me. I live in Adelaide and have friends who are Muslim and I’m physically sickened by the thought that one of them may find themselves in need of a paramedic and this guy turns up… what sort of care would they get, considering he thinks they should all be ‘shot and burned’… MMU, is there any way we can legally find out who his direct employers are so we can make a formal complaint cause I do not want this man in a position of power over the life or death of my community.

    • I agree, it’s a terrifying thought for someone who has sworn a hypocratic oath to help and heal people WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION of a person or their actions to be called out to save the life of someone he thinks would be better off dead solely because of their race?

      It makes me sick.

      • Get those letters in to the relevant bodies listed above then, folks. We’ll see how tough the boz eyed midget is when he has to answer for his beliefs to those that pays his wages (with apologies to boz eyed midgets).

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