Southern Cross Soldiers – Rebels Without A Clue

Just another drop in the ocean, that is the important impotent Aussie circle-jerking collective known as the Southern Cross Soldiers:

Recruits? For what, Joel? Are you running a training camp? An alcoholics anonymous chapter? A book review club? Why do participants need to be prepared to bleed? Is there going to be a monthly blood donation drive?

Joel Beresford, as much as it sounds like you’re merely a child living in a flabby man’s body, it honestly sounds as though you’re trying to round equally dead-shitted people together in order to incite physical altercations with non-whites. Could this be the case?

Ah, the SCS’s favourite keyword. ‘Chapter’. Here’s desperado Anthony Patrick Murray telling us all what we’ve known all along – that the Southern Cross Soldiers only exist to verbally and physically oppose people from other cultures.

LOLWTF? Nice mask by the way Stewart Myers…

Ah, Australia is safe with the SCS protecting us all. Anytime Darwinism wants to kick in would be just fine.

18 thoughts on “Southern Cross Soldiers – Rebels Without A Clue

  1. Can we have an interpretation of that last post? Without any punctuation, or interest in correct spelling, the only part of it I can read is ‘I’m as thick as they come, and yet I think I should be making decisions for my country’.

  2. In comparison to the environments that refugees and immigrants come from, I find it disgusting that the dickhead who wrote the last post has the sheer NERVE to suggest that *we*, ‘true-blooded Australians’ are SUFFERING…

    My god. “How can we be proud of this country?” I’m proud of this country BECAUSE of our multi-cultural civilization, because of our taking in of immigrants and refugees (this, can be improved on, however) and because of our democracy, allowing all people here to live in peace without fear of political turmoil or hate violence.

    Let’s hope Stewart _doesn’t_ have kids. We wouldn’t want any more racism-raised spawn taking up our “resorses”.

    • Agreed. To suggest we are suffering in light of what many of these people have been through is utterly distasteful, vile and moronic.

    • Vince, read his comments as “true blooded Australians are suffering (from having to occasionally look at brown people)”. I’m sure you’ll agree it now makes more sense.

  3. And I hope for their sake, there are spelling and grammar classes?

    Also how can you be proud of yourself and your country, if you fucked at spelling and grammar?

  4. Well why don’t we just declare Autralia to be a Muslim country? Clearly the Muslims coming here in recent years have no desire to assimilate in to a Christian culture, and the vocal do-gooders have no will to maintain the proud multi-cultural but Christian culture previous generations created.

    Ask the Muslim leaders if its OK to change their culture so as not to offend Christians. Unfortunately in this country too few have the intestinal fortitude to do so.

    • Well why don’t we just declare Autralia (sic) to be a Muslim country?

      There are more Buddhists in Australia than Muslims.

      How is a Christian culture relevant to them and to the 1/3 (33%) who happily declare no religion?

      You are a frightened little bigot.

    • @Gav- why should anyone have to assimilate into a “Christian” culture? I certainly have no desire to. However, show us an example of a Muslim who migrates to Australia and doesn’t follow the laws. I’m quite sure we can find multitudes of Muslim people who do follow the laws that the rest of us also have to follow. I think we also have many examples of people from all different religions and ethnicities who commit crimes.

  5. The ability to spell or punctuate correctly does not mean the person doesn’t have a valid point. Im happy for a multicultural country provided we all live together in harmony- i fear that this is not happening with each culture actively seeking to segregate themselves. What future will this yield?

    • Except…they’re not. Come to Victoria while new cultures tend to keep to themselves, they don’t stay that way for long. The Vietnamese don’t have little ghettos, neither do the Lebanese, or any other community groups.

      But, please, tell me which new cultures are actively seeking to segregate themselves, and how?

      Incidentally, why post on this post? It’s over a year old.

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