Tru Story Bra’

So… If this is a true story Troy, how come you can’t support it with a collection of news articles from a range of media sources? If this really happened in Australia, can you imagine the media and political shitstorm? Carnita Mathews anyone?

6 thoughts on “Tru Story Bra’

  1. I would have also thought if the only evidence the police have is a line up identification it’s unlikely the case will go to court because eye witness accounts are so unreliable?
    If they knew for a *fact* that a turban-wearing woman had murdered someone then they would have other evidence.
    But yeah, I’m sure it is a true story, must have been a huge media conspiracy to cover it up. Cos we all know how much Australian media HATES negative stories about immigrants, Muslims and Islam.

    • Some African women wear a headdress or head-wrap similar to a turban. Such a headdress is worn by both Christian and Muslim women. They are also fashion items amongst African-American women.

      We doubt if there are any problems with makarapa or similar garments.

      Then again Troy and his friends are fuckwits anyway.

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