Here’s Some More Free Publicity, Ricky Nixon

Just days after we broke the story of former player agent and 17 year old girl abuser Ricky Nixon, (The Age ran with the story later that day), he’s at it again. This time naked and drunk in public coupled with altercations with members of the public and the police.

Story by Michael Lallo

Journalists trail Ricky Nixon as he leaves St Kilda Police Station today. Photo: Wayne Hawkins

Ricky Nixon cut a lonesome figure, flagging down a taxi after being released from St Kilda Police Station earlier tonight.

There was no one to collect the disgraced former AFL player manager — and no sign of his fiancee, 27-year-old Tegan Gould — when he left the station, red-faced and angry.

Nixon was arrested in Port Melbourne this afternoon after a reported altercation with Ms Gould.

Police tonight confirmed he had been fined and issued a penalty notice after being arrested for public drunkeness.

Witnesses are believed to have seen him naked and throwing clothes from his Bay Street apartment. It is believed Nixon then walked onto the street and had an altercation with a member of the public, resulting in his arrest.

Witness Adrian Koziak told Channel Seven that Nixon was being ‘‘intimidating’’ towards police, who had told him to return to his apartment.

‘‘The policeman said, ‘Move on or you’ll be arrested,’ at which point he [lunged] into one of the policeman’s faces. They grabbed him and put his arms behind his back; he started remonstrating and using foul language and they frog-marched him to the police car.’’

Police said that a 48-year-old man had been arrested in Port Melbourne after being found drunk, but would not confirm that it was Nixon.

‘‘I haven’t been charged with anything,’’ Nixon said as he left the station just before 7pm.

‘‘Victoria Police are under investigation … an OPI investigation.’’

A police spokeswoman said she could not comment on whether Nixon had made a complaint against police.
Nixon later refused to speak to The Sunday Age at his apartment.

The troubled former footballer was suspended by the AFL Players’ Association last year after an “inappropriate personal relationship” with 17-year-old Kim Duthie, the so-called ‘‘St Kilda Schoolgirl’’.

On Monday, Nixon posted a rant against Age columnist Suzanne Carbone on his open Facebook account. The tone became sexual, and former Hawthorn player Dermott Brereton was among those who left comments on the account.

On Wednesday, Nixon told the Herald Sun about his engagement to Gould.

‘‘We’re really happy at the moment and we’re really confident it will all work out,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s been a tough 12 months. The amount of attention we get, I’d rather it’s a proper wedding, that’s the priority.’’

In the same article, Ms Gould described herself as a perfectionist and said she had not yet decided who would make her wedding dress.

Nixon’s arrest sparked a flurry on social media.

3AW radio host Derryn Hinch (@HumanHeadline) tweeted: ‘‘Ricky Nixon’s ‘new leaf’. He’s been arrested in Port Melbourne after ‘domestic dispute’. What’s the wedding date again?’’.

On Facebook, Age columnist Ben Pobjie wrote: ‘‘He could manage everyone… except himself: The Ricky Nixon Story”.

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Thin skins and Facebook banter

33 thoughts on “Here’s Some More Free Publicity, Ricky Nixon

  1. I’m a bit confused, can you please explain what this has to do with anti-racism, exposing racists or their comments? I know Ricky Nixon is a complete wanker but by giving attention to his pathetic life aren’t you just creating your own version of the Herald Sun crap that comes out of the Herald Sun?

    • I freely admit that Ricky Nixon is a scumbag but this post has nothing to do with any discrimination. He made derogatory remarks about a journalist who, it could be said, did the same to him. They were certainly nowhere near as bad as the remarks made by Kyle Sandilands but I see no post about him. Is that because Ricky Nixon is an easier target? The above post has certain “tabloid press” feel to it, would you not agree?

      • The above post was not written by the blog, as is shown by the source reference and link. It is a follow up to the last story on Nixon, so it is relevant to the blog.

        The original story on Nixon was first run by TAB, because his comments are sexist. No specific person needs to be hurt by those comments for them to be unacceptable.

        Had the journalist been, for argument’s sake, Jewish or Muslim, and he’d used a reference to pork to insult her, it would have been crass and would have deserved to be on the blog. It is the same with him using the fact she is a woman, and needing to make comment to devalue her by making sexually charged comments about her. It’s the same as when men take even the furrowing of the brow of a female and turn it into ‘hurr durr she must be on her period’.

        These attitudes may not cause specific damage to one person, but when they are perpetuated (particularly by people who have some degree of public profile) they grow into a bigger problem. Letting things slide makes them acceptable, when they shouldn’t be.

        Nixon’s Facebook comments were crass and demeaning and sexist. They were initially featured on this blog. If the blog masters or mistresses decide to do a follow up, I don’t think it’s all that strange.

  2. Spewing your crap in public be it Ricky or Kyle or anyone else with similar sick way of thinking, is proof you are wanting to be giving attention to your own pathetic life.

  3. I still don’t see any discrimination. No one has suffered any type if disadvantage because of their sex. I see a lot of male macho bullshit and it’s fairly obvious he’s a male chauvinist pig but he isn’t discriminating against anyone. Like I said, he’s definitely a scumbag but I still think this post would be better suited to the tabloid press. If you wanted to do posts about males who are drunk, argue with their partners and police, then get arrested you might as well just call yourself the Herald Sun! The perfect example, which I alluded to previously, was Kyle Sandilands’ attack on Alison Stephenson, it was significantly worse than Nixon’s rant but no laws were broken and again it couldn’t be considered as discriminatory.

    • One could argue that, in some cases, no specific person was disadvantaged by the racist knobs we see on this blog either. The problem is, whether an attitude is sexist, racist or otherwise discriminatory, people who perpetuate it are a problem – moreso if they are public figures and do it in a public zone, such as on social media.

      Let’s say, for argument’s sake, a journalist who he knew was Jewish or Muslim had written that same article about him, and he’d made some comment that the journalist was just angry because [insert inane lack-of-pork reference here]. I’m not going to elaborate further and excited the bogots, but you can fill in the blanks.

      If the blog posted that, I’m sure you wouldn’t say ‘I don’t get it’. So why should it be any different when it’s sexism instead of xenophobia?

      People talking like this in the public arena, particularly people with household names, perpetuate the idea that women should be devalued and turned into a sexual object whenever they don’t agree with you. It’s lame, and it’s outdated, and it’s just not cool. It’s down in the depths with the school of thought that any time a woman even hints a frown, she must be menstruating. It’s disrespectful, and people who speak like that should be called out on it – especially if they are in the public eye.

      • I just wonder what’s the point when it comes to Nixon. These posts add little to what we already know about the man. Last year he managed to bury himself deeper with his abhorrent behaviour than a few sexist comments on Facebook ever could. Is anyone sitting there reading this thinking, wow, Ricky Nixon is a sexist pig, who would of thought that! I just think the man is not worth any publicity and he should be just left to fade into insignificance! I really don’t think anyone takes him seriously.

        • Just as racism ignored is racism accepted, well the same goes for douchebaggery and sexism.

          The guy is a sexist, drunken pig. And who cares if he derives some kind of pleasure at being criticised. And who cares if he claims he gets ‘free publicity’. Are the rich and stupid somehow exempt from our harsh glare?

          No wonder these fucks think they’re untouchable. “Oh, just ignore them, they’re insignificant..” Bullshit. You can whistle that line as long as you want but nobody escapes theantibogan treatment. And before you bring up Kyle again – he has featured on this blog before but the post had to be removed after his management contacted us. I’m sure it’s probably searchable in the cache.

          Stop being so fucking nitpicky.

        • Your original post had merit therefore I made no criticism, however this post is just a trashy tabloid type story. What I really enjoy about MMU is how quickly you resort to swearing and trash talking yet you do not accept it yourselves.

        • Gama, I think you’re just arguing for the sake of it now. You’ve expressed the fact that you personally don’t think it’s worthy, I’ve explained that I think it is, MMU has weighed in on their own blog to tell you why.

          Sexist comments are treated the same here as if he’d hassled a woman for being a certain faith or ethnicity. That’s the crux of it. If you don’t think it’s as much of an issue, or you don’t think they should bother coz it’s Nixon saying it, that’s your opinion, you’ve made your point. There’s little point arguing it further though, you’re already repeating yourself and I suspect MMU is not going to take it down just because you don’t like it.

        • Cara you misjudge my intentions. I don’t really care if they take it down or not. I just like pointing out hypocrisy. I see a lot of it on this site!

  4. Would GAMA feels the same way especially Ricky and Kyle is has not gone against The Discrimination Acts, if Ricky and Kyle had said the same thing to his wife?

    Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986, Sex Discrimination Act 1984, Racial Discrimination Act 1975, Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and Age Discrimination Act 2004. Each of these Acts has specific grounds for complaint including race, sex, pregnancy, marital status, disability, sexual preference, age and trade union activity.

    • I wouldn’t have to say anything. My wife is well and truly able to rebuke the best of morons, Reality. As I have already said, she is a strong, intelligent and brilliant woman. Besides she wouldn’t give either Nixon or Sandilands the time of day. Something I have suggested to this blog!

    • Ricky and Kyle is not worthy of publicity?

      Hold on who acted like a sexist pig and dickhead in the public arena in the 1st place?

      As this blog/forum didn’t bring the rants into the public arena, Ricky, Kyle and others like them done it themselves.

  5. I guess if we don’t want to give Ricky, Kyle and others like them publicity, we shouldn’t go on?

    Even those they caused themselves to be mentioned in the public in the first place with their dickheads rants?

  6. And if Ricky, Kyle and others with a similar gutter way of thinking, don’t want them to continue to look like, no sorry proves they are dickheads in public, they should STFU!!!!!

  7. I have a few questions for MMU, Cara, Reality Hurts and any other regular contributor to this blog. As MMU is always asking questions and expecting answers then I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect the same.

    In your opinion it is unacceptable to respond to any real or imagined grievance with the use of either sexist or racist comments either in public or private?

    It is acceptable to demean, belittle, abuse or ridicule someone in this public forum by swearing, abusing, name calling and using terms like stupid, fucktard, dickhead or questioning their mental and intellectual capacity?

    Therefore would it still be acceptable for a partner to do the same to their spouse, an employer to do the same to an employee or a teacher to a student, either in private or public? Or would you consider this to be forms of mental, psychological or emotional abuse?

      • Avoiding the question MMU? Of course it’s in general but more specifically it’s an analysis of your behaviour and a comparison which highlights that you expect accountability in others but fall short yourself.

        • We criticise people who discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, disability and/or sexuality and we make NO apology for swearing and we make NO apology for linking questionable mental health to those who discriminate on such grounds.

          You really want to compare those who criticise with a viable reason to those who discriminate without a thread of justification? Fuck you Gama. You’re a fucking whinger who has been on a tired crusade for the past few weeks because you were pwned by several of our members who oppose the sexualisation of women for a male audience.

        • Wow! Thanks for proving my point exactly! The true colours come out. Once again you’ve shown yourself to be infintile, hypocritical and foul mouthed. It’s pretty obvious you are able make judgements on others but unable to cope with the same being done to you. (See you don’t have to swear and abuse people to make a point!)

    • I’m with MMU on this one.

      Anyone who knows of me knows that I don’t tend to be aggressive and I like a fair argument. I argue fairly even with those who probably don’t deserve it. But I have no qualms with how this blog speaks about, or to, the types of people featured here. It’s a blog, it’s not a newspaper. It’s more Daily Show than The Project, yknow? It’s allowed to have a few swears, it’s allowed to call someone a fuckwit when they’re being a fuckwit, and it’s not hypocritical at all. If the people who don’t like this blog want to call us fuckwits, no one is going to post a blog crying about it. Ergo, it’s not infantile either.

      I also agree that you’re just trying to argue with things because you yourself got pwned when the readership generally disagreed with your stance on parading women around in very little clothing for the entertainment/gratification of men.

      Give it up, GAMA. Grid girl competitions are demeaning to women, and Ricky Nixon is a twat. End of.

  8. I wait with keen anticipation for your post and thoughts on the sexist, stereotyping comments made of Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith by Yumi Stynes and George Negus. After all according to MMU, “We don’t just deal with racism, but bigotry (discrimination on the basis of religion), sexism and misogyny and discrimination against people with disabilities.”

    • I wonder which will appear on here first though, the unacceptable derogatory comments made about Corporal Roberts-Smith or the story on current and previous members of the ADF making unacceptable sexist and racist comments on a closed facebook page.
      I know which I’d put money on!

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