Nazis, AntiAntibogans and Protectionist Pathetics Get Off On Each Others’ Bullshit


Anti-Antibogan Mike Allen should love the Government, working for Aussie Solar. But no.

Serial pest/Victorian Nazi Josh Alderton picks up on a hoax that even Andrew Bolt laughs at and runs with it, claiming that Julia Gillard is a lesbian and that her marriage is a sham. Unusual, coming from a man who reportedly only has a relationship with Mrs Palmer and her five daughters.

Here is that hoax about Gillard, as dribbled over by members of the Australian Protectionist Party including repeat-offending angry old fuckwit Paul Toohey:

They’re all made for each other. Pretty gay really.

6 thoughts on “Nazis, AntiAntibogans and Protectionist Pathetics Get Off On Each Others’ Bullshit

  1. You really have to wonder about the intelligence of these people.
    “Catching Aids from swapping drinking glasses?”, because that’s how you catch Aids, don’t you know.
    “Her marriage is a hoax?”, that’s a bit difficult to comprehend because Julia Gillard is not married. I would say that she wears the pants in her relationship but that hardly makes her a lesbian!
    I think the prerequisite to being a Bogan is to have no idea about the world in which we live however citizenship to fantasy land is free and comes with a whole hat load of stupid!

  2. All I want to ask Mr Allen is: Why the fuck do Aussie schools need to have homecomings?

    For somebody who hates everything foreign, he sure is keen on introducing an exclusively American cultural event into our lives.

  3. The AIDS virus can’t be transferred through saliva…

    Julia Gillard also isn’t married, so it can’t be a ‘hoax’.

    Oh, bogots… why do you amuse (read: disgust) me so?

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