The puzzling paradox that is Gavin King

So who is Gavin King and what has he done?

Gavin King1Gavin King2

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Plus there’s this article from the SMH in which it was noted that

Mr King was preselected for the seat after previous candidate Paul Freebody was disendorsed over an email exchange is which he said he hopes Julia Gillard “follows the history of JFK”.


And there’s still more. Back in October 2011 for instance

Drunk girls to blame for rape: LNP hopeful

and this

Gavin King: Victim blamer and woman shamer

Extensive research has shown that women consistently claim that one of the reasons they don’t report sexual assault is out of fear of being blamed or judged. King therefore needs to accept responsibility that his benignly titled column, ‘Women should play it safe’, may be part of the problem rather than the solution.


King is also capable of more shining moments. Back in 2007 for instance he “outed” the person behind anti-Muslim hate site Winds of Jihad, a favourite amongst the beige shirts at the APP Facebook group.

Cairns Post

So we will now watch this contest with some interest, especially since King’s Labor opponent is a woman.

No doubt Queensland women will as well.

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