AFL Role Models

Read Suzanne Carbone’s article here.

Now read as fellow AFL butt-buddies start sluticising Suzanne and searching for a possible reason that she may have written the article other than the fact that Nixon should be laughed at for wanting to sell tickets to people to sit next to him at a footy match. Ricky, it is laughable and you and your hideously past-it circle-jerking mates can look forward to having blatant sexism tagged with your names forever more.

Like you hadn’t already achieved some kind of shady reputation with women….

In addition – we thought it somewhat ironic that Ricky has this on his public Facebook wall.


More Ricky..

9 thoughts on “AFL Role Models

  1. Would have been ok if he had actually commented on her writing skills and not personalised it. Funny they seem to do that to women all the time concentrate on their looks etc and not their ability and this happens in all walks of life.

    • I’m torn on this. It was a horrible, poorly written article that tried to be funny but failed miserably. I hate the idea that crappy celebrity non-stories take up so much space in newspapers while important stories often get shunted to a small para in the middle of the paper. I hate the fact that this story gives Nixon more publicity.

      As for Nixon’s comments and those of his mates, what do you expect? They aren’t exactly rocket scientists. Perhaps it is time for them to grow up.

  2. Typical. Former or current Australian male athletes can give it out (e.g. entire Australian cricket team) & can’t take it. Female journalist dares to criticise & gets called a dog. Or told she’s just angry because she “needs a shag”. No wonder we look feral to the rest of the world. I wonder how Ricky would react if someone were to insult his fiancee?

    It’s 2012 and this is still happening? People resorting to that kind of petulance? Embarrassing, but then that’s where Ricky lives.

  3. Unbelievable, I just dropped in on his facebook page, it’s still set for public viewing and this idiot is now laughing and enjoying the “free publicity”he’s getting. This man is a grade A pig.

    • Yeah, I saw that free publicity comment. He was crapping on about how it’s helped him sell 7 of something.

      Short term gain, for a lifetime of shame hey? These guys can’t see past the end of their own penis.

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