APP Produces World’s Fastest Rally-Fail

Taken from the APP (Australian Protectionist Party) website:

Introducing, the world’s shortest planned rally fail. SIX hours and Ron Proud calls it off due to ‘lefty’ presence. Marg Lennon is left severely butt-hurt.


12 thoughts on “APP Produces World’s Fastest Rally-Fail

  1. That is so completely distasteful to do it on ANZAC Day. The day is already being hijacked enough by disrespectful morons… it would be completely disgusting to hold a political rally on a day like that.

  2. Do the real unstable ones know it is not that easy to dismiss a Government?

    But then again, what are they going to do if they get another Government they don’t agree with?

    Ask for another dismissal and another and another?

    • They know very little about how our system works Hurtie. And they don’t like any government which doesn’t give them handouts while shutting out the truly disadvantaged and anyone who isn’t white.

  3. Ron : oh sh*t no one is interested, and it is clearly a bad idea doing this on Anzac day. How do I back out of this badly thought out idea?


    I’ll blame lefties! Problem solved… Hitler style.

  4. If you look at the Australian Tea Party page you get to see not only Proud campaigning for the rally up until an hour before he says “The Lefties will stop me” (Without any evidence BTW), but also Proud stating that a person who agrees with the idea of a protest against the Government, but thinks it’s not respectful to host it on Anzac Day, is a supporter of Julia Gillard.

    And yet they still are hoping to have 1 million people overthrow the government by December (

  5. I wonder how they’re going to top this fail? The next will have to be even bigger and even more humiliating.

    Actually that sounds hilarious.

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