Australian Shame: Death threats after racists exposed

Australian Shame is a Facebook page set up by Aboriginal people in the Kimberley to expose racism against Indigenous people in their own community as well as in the wider Australian community.

Australian Shame

The introduction states

It hurts to think you could be living in a predominantly racist country … but when you come across this kind of material enough it’s hard to think otherwise. Are the majority of us Aussies just ignorant bogans? For an educated 1st class country you would expect more understanding … or at least the patience to ask why things happen in the first place.If you can’t say things proudly to everyone then they shouldn’t be said to begin with!

Sentiments with which most normal Australians would agree.

However recently local TV station GWN 7 featured this story


This blog is more than familiar with death threats from members of hate groups, both via Facebook and via comments and e mails to the blog authors. It seems that the notion of white entitlement has not gone away. We wonder just what the bogots have been deprived of and what they think they should be getting.

37 thoughts on “Australian Shame: Death threats after racists exposed

  1. I’m about to play devil’s advocate… in terms of the white/indigenous debate the hate can very much flow both ways. In Perth recently at a rally the premier was called a “white dog” by an indigenous protester. A newspaper columnist (one I generally don’t agree with, due to his usual right-wing stance) pointed out that this incident was largely ignored, but had an aboriginal there been called a “black dog” then all Hell would have broken loose. I cannot help but agree with that sentiment, as much as it hurts me to do so. I have also spent time working in a remote town of which 80% of the population was indigenous. I once had a three year old say “Fuck you white cunt” while its mum stood there; I have no doubt that the child had no comprehension of what it was saying, but clearly it had picked this up from somewhere. And there were instances when I was called a white so and so and threatened with violence, simply for not acceding to an indigenous person’s demands in my professional capacity. I realise that whites have not been terribly nice as a whole to the indigenous over the past 200 years and so, but still two wrongs don’t make a right, especially when considering that I am largely on their side. Nonetheless, at times I was filled with doubt regarding my stance when confronted with this sort of abuse.

    • I agree, although you can’t be so quick to generalise. Sure, it’s perfectly clear that hate exists on both sides of the coin, but that doesn’t mean in any way that the whole populous is of this abusive nature. I know that’s not what you were saying, I’m not trying to accuse you of anything. The actions of White Australia in history have placed the indigenous in the state many of them live in today, it’s easy to understand why there would be so much bottled up anger. Unfortunately a lack of education or insight into the lives of the ‘others’ is tearing communities apart.

      To follow with the analogy of the coin, I feel the problem is the coin itself. There shouldn’t BE two ‘sides’, that simple separation itself causes conceptions of foreign people being ‘different’. Unity of people is clearly the ultimate goal. Fantastically enough, theantibogan is a good way of showing people the illogical and disrespectful nature of racism, bogots who think their brand of puerile hate is “freedom of speech” can think again.

      The only way I feel that behavior like this can be stopped is simply through education, for everyone; for education promotes understanding and humility.


      • The British did this to so many cultures. Australians of all backgrounds share partially not in the responsibility for crimes, but in the responsibility for eliminating racism.

    • However I don’t have any doubts. If I had my culture and way of life destroyed, if I or my ancestors were forcibly removed, if the women in my family were systematically raped and abused by the invader over generations, if my lands were taken away then an equivalent insult to “white cunt” would be the least the offenders could expect.

      • yeah Aboriginal anger is reactionary, the issue is why the racist are instigating the hate, why are they bitter? are they just sooking because the last I noticed its a very priviledged country if your a white male, no wonder aussies got the biggest whingers title

      • It is debatable whether the person against whom the term is deployed as actually the offender, unless you are operating from a viewpoint that anyone of that colour is guilty simply because they are white. This is pure racism nothing more, nothing less.

  2. How much education to promotes understanding and humility do we give people and what kind of education?

    Do we get them to read information such as books about people from other cultures, get them to go into the community to do say volunteer work or do more shows like The SBS show which I think ‘Go back to where you came from’?

    But what if education does not even work and people don’t even want to change their insight?

    Do we just give up on educating people?

  3. Well yeah, you make a good point. I do believe education is the answer, I’m just not too sure on how it can be achieved. I never said it was simple. I’m admittedly not the smartest of all people, and I’m quite young.

    I do think that incorporating such themes more heavily into a primary or secondary school curriculum is a good place to start, and although it can be very stressing on resources and people, giving up on battling hate and racism is just another way of condoning it, I feel.

    I probably sound very naive (also probably true, admittedly) but there are ways of effectively battling discrimination, but they can be very difficult to administer. I’m always so baffled by bogots who simply don’t _want_ to learn, and even when they support their “opinions” (read: illegal hate-speech bullshit) so strongly, they still do nothing to find facts or evidence towards their cause.

    Like your moniker says, reality hurts.

  4. Thanks for the feedback Vince 🙂 especially the education bit.

    And I am baffled by bogots who still doesn’t want to believe in reality, no matter how much evidence or facts you show.

    • 😀 I’ve been a long-time reader of TAB, but I’ve only just come up and started contributing. Anyone who isn’t a hate-filled racist gets treated pretty well here, as long as they have good grammar and spelling 😛 hehe

  5. Perhaps that hate from the Aboriginal side of the coin would begin to abate if they did, in fact get the same things that most Australians receive. Decent and adequate medical care, schooling, job opportunities and housing, just to name a few. Even today in 2012 the majority of the Aboriginal population are being discriminated against when it comes to these kinds of issues. It’s the responsiblity of the Government to provide genuine equality of living to all Australians and I beleive it has, in the past, and still is failing our indigenous communities badly.

    • Hey GAMA, great opinion 🙂 based on the truth.

      Which I agreed 100% especially “still is failing our indigenous communities badly”.

        • Hey GAMA – Just wanted to weigh in and say I agree too! 🙂

          See – whilst I may disagree with you about some things, I respect your opinion and your right to it and certainly don’t believe you are out to harm anyone from what I’ve seen you posts (unlike just about every turkey cited by TAB). I certainly haven’t just categorised you or pidgeon-holed you into something that you are not.

          Now if we could just convince the hard-line zealots to take a similar stance then we may have a more cohesive society…

        • Thank you, I also have a very high regard for your opinions, even though I too may not always agree with them. They are always well made, coherent, intelligent and you do not resort to abuse, name calling or petty ridicule of grammar. I really believe in what this blog is trying to achieve however those that post in here cannot expect others to be held up to non discriminatory ideals when they themselves cannot uphold them.

    • Also agreed. It is the responsibility of Government to supply these opportunities to indigenous people. Unfortunately it, even after all this time, has not and is not happening. Further on the topic, refugees who have had successful applications to live in Australia should also be supplied with the same opportunities, regardless of how they got here. 🙂

    • Most fascists derive their philosophy of hatred from socio-economic roots. This is not an excuse for the racism of Aboriginal people. Aboriginal hatred is based upon precepts of colour and existed between tribal groups and different groups in the region long before the European conquest. Waiting for perfect conditions to combat racism wold mean that no one individual Australian would ever have voted YES in 1967. NOW is the time to combat racism in all forms and from all sources.

  6. The suggestion that all racists are white is stupid. The use of the term ‘white entitlement’ is hate speak. You are yourselves racists, you continually become bogged down in descriptions of people and their attitudes as being pertinent to their colour rather than their mindset. Hypocrisy.

  7. Dare I say that many of the contributions in this thread seem to excuse abuse of whites by aboriginal people. Yes, they’ve hard it hard, however that still is no excuse to abuse another on the basis of skin-colour. And especially so when such abuse is directed at one sympathtic to their cause. It’s the elephant in the room, isn’t it guys?

    • Yes and I agree with you WarriorTom there is still is no excuse to abuse another on the basis of skin-colour and background, as racism happens no matter what skin colour and backgrounds.

      • That is correct. yet nobody is kicking up a fuss over the WA premier being referred to as a “white dog”, yet if the situation were reversed… and as far as previous suggestions of “education” are concerned, I get the feeling that this was aimed more so at the caucasian side of things as opposed the other. Don’t you think that it really is about time that the message was hammered home that not all whites are racist?

        • I don’t like Colin Barnett either. But your response MMU is quite a dismal one, as you have effectively dodged the point I make. Drongo or not it still is not right to call him a “white dog”. And your response also seems to validate my point, that it seems quite acceptable for the indigenous to abuse us on the basis of skin colour, including those sympathetic to their cause.

        • I’m leaving this blog as of now. The response I have garnered here from MMU has been extremely one-eyed, being so condescending to my “anecdotes” as he/she has been. I am anti-racist but I am not completely one-eyed… here is one anti-racist you have successfully managed to disgust. You MMU may never have been racially abused indigenous people but I, and certainly many others, have been. For various reasons it does not get reported. But maybe if you went off and worked in the Kimberley or Central Australia in the health/education/law enforcement professions you just may. If you haven’t done as such then go on, I dare you. take a look at reality. This stuff doesn’t get reported simply because of the pressure to maintain political correctness on this issue. Thus why anecdotes matter. And so that you don’t go twisting the argument around and start calling me a racist… I have no problem with the Indigenous. But it so happens that abuse of whites in northern and central Australia as described does occur. That is a reality which does not go reported for the sake of political correctness.

        • Kudos to you Warriortom. Some on this site don’t even realise when they are behaving the same way as the racists they despise!

        • Warrior Tom – I agree.

          As someone who was attacked by a knife-wielding Aboriginal man who was simply hell-bent on fight – I’m not one to ever consider that any excuse can be made for the intrinsic violence, anger and stupidity of individuals. He used the race card in this instance, I did not – i.e. it’s okay to attack a non-indigenous person because of what society had done to him. I think that was crap built on crap built on a stinking pile of bullshit.

          Ergo – racism is a two way street and there is no excuse for it either way, no matter how much one’s people have been brutalised.

          Simply put – sweeping generalisations are wrong – any way you look at it.

          I’ll forgive some of the less outrageous comments but if you think all my white friends deserve to be treated like shit because they are white because of something some other white person, did then you are a class A fucking idiot and deserve to be put in the same category as the bogans appearing here.

          No excuses – if you can’t see the individual because of your racist bias then you are below contempt.

    • @wessel and warriortom
      No not really, Im Aboriginal, im a good citizen and contribute to society, a great father and husband but I still get treated bad due to the racism, im racially profiled by police, Im followed around stores, I have abuse yelled at me (in front of police) and nothing happens, Im convinced due to my EXPERIENCES that the problem does not lay with Aboriginal people, I have never been racist and love the celebration of humanity we have in Australia ( the things that make us different) and love that our nation can provide other people and cultures a chance at a better life. a major part of the cycle is the real Aborignial industry, non Aboriginals taking all the jobs of the locals, 80 to 90% of all Aborignal funding goes into non Aborignials pay packets when we should be training the remote communitys to be the health workers or the builders, seems more like an exercise in keeping the employment percentage down, I will leave it at that but just a little something to consider, if Aborignial problems were to get better say by half that would result in our national un employment rate would almost double, Im not sure the government are serious about “closing the gap” as it keeps thousands and thousands of non Aboriginal people employed, why else would you deny Aborignal people the chance to design and implement any programs? give us a chance to fail before calling/acting like we a failures, cant do any worse then sucessive Australian governments, have people even bothered to know why their is an Aboriginal on the 50 dollar note?

  8. Also isn’t there incidents where people with the same skin colours but of different different backgrounds abusing each other?

    • yeah but people will always find an excuse to hate someone else for idiotic reasons the team they support, car they drive, whether to toilet paper is over or under etc. people are stupid

  9. This whole thing is pretty crook. All I read here is black racism against white and white racism against black. Grow up you lot! This is 2013 not 1776. We are all here together and should get on with it. I know many black men here who do well because they work for a living and I know many black men here who are whingers who think the world owes them something. I also know many white men who do well because they work for a living and I know many white men here who are whingers who think the world owes them something. The black men I know are a pretty good lot; they like to have a job; are good parents and their kids are gorgeous. But I see many bad examples of whining sods who are just too damn lazy to get off their arse and face the world and get on with it on the terms presented. These sods are both black and white. I have sat in a pub recently in Cairns and old black women have walked past calling me a white cunt and I think they are stupid people too damn lazy to live well. I would never, even after that abuse, call them names because I respect all people, generally. The final word of mine is get over yourselves; white and black trash together. Get a bloody job, make a living, be good people, be good parents, do not abuse your families or other people and earn respect. Respect is not free. You earn it. Be a good person and I will respect you for yourself. Most people will.

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