Nuke the Abos

Dear Aborigines,
After 170+ years of mistreatment at the hands of European settlers in Australia, you no longer have the right to exercise your new-found right to protest because we now give you money and support. By simply being annoyed about our possible next Prime Minister claiming that you had no more objectives to achieve in regards to land rights and equality, you have now lost the respect of the wider Australian people who don’t necessarily have mothers and fathers and grandparents who were raped, dispossessed, taken from their families, denied the right to vote, work and study and told that they were no better than savage animals.

Because you’ve now been shunned by the Australian population for banging on a window and yelling loudly, you now deserve to be placed, with the rest of your people, in the desert while we drop nuclear bombs on you.

We don’t care that it was only 40 or so years ago that you were actually recognised as Australian people and we don’t care that there are still people alive today who may harbour some resentment at the way they or their families were treated. You are no longer allowed to express your frustration, nor are you allowed to demand that our leaders continue to address your needs. What do you think you are? Citizens of a democracy or something??

If you want to understand how to behave like civilised people, just take a look at the rest of the population of Australia. None of us receive Government handouts from Centrelink. None of us are unemployed or uneducated. None of us ever whinge and complain about our political leaders. None of us ever beat on doors and windows in protest over policy discrimination.

You just need to grow up. Oh and yeah, dodge the fuckin’ nukes you fuckin’ coons.

24 thoughts on “Nuke the Abos

  1. Come on now, it is our land. We stole it fair and square!
    I wouldn’t bother with a nuke on Kerin but a granade down his pants would be good to see!

  2. This has GOT to be done with sarcasm, right??? Surely this IG isn’t for real??? Geez now I see why our mental health system is overstretched, sad to see they’ll just let any moron loose with a keyboard.

  3. So Reality, you are wondering about my sarcasm? I won’t go into my experiences with the amazing people that are the owners of this land. Needless to say I could take you from one end of this country to the other and introduce you to amazing the mpeople and places. I will admit that my own deficiency is the West Coast of our great country, I hope that I can address that as soon as my boy can handle the journey.

    • Oh thank you Gama in offering to take me from one end of this country to the other and introduce me to amazing the mpeople and places. Even those those you admit that your own deficiency is the West Coast of our great country.

      But I guess you wouldn’t want to take Kerin especially to Central Australia?

    • Gama to me, getting to know people and places, is just go for it and find out when you get there.

      So I would suggested you read a book ‘Walk Across America’ which is Peter done, just walk across American without a place in mind.

  4. Now back to Kerin rants based on BS.

    In this country we call Australia we do have democracy.

    So bogans like unemployed and uneducated Kerin, can get Governments handouts from Centrelink and if he doesn’t get it, well be banging on the local Centrelink windows and doors in protest.

    As to why he gets Government handouts???

  5. Where does this stupid bogot think the nuclear weapons are going to come from?

    Something similar to his wish has already happened in Australian history (under Robert Menzies, if I’m not mistaken), where nuclear testing in Maralinga, South Australia was damaging, if not killing indigenous people through radiation poisoning. May it never be repeated.

    Does Kerin read what he types? Or is he too busy driving while typing on his new iPhone to the Centrelink office because he missed his jobseeker appointment?

  6. Sorry Reality hurts, I said I could take you from one end of this country to the other. Not that I would or want to take you anywhere! You would be out if the car and walking within the first 5 minutes if your conversation was anything like your posts on here!

    • Gama at least you said sorry, thanks 🙂

      Could take me, but don’t want to take me decisions, decisions?

      But if your conversations not only to me and to others was anything like what is in here, then I would rather walk, catch a train or coach then be in the same car as you not even for the first 5 minutes.

      Hey maybe you can take Kerin?

      • I would actually enjoy taking Kerin as I believe that it is important to try and change the minds and attitudes of people like him, instead of just calling them names and abusing them. In my mind it’s more important to reach out and try (as hard as it may be) to show racists that they are wrong and that there is a place for all types of people in Australia. Perhaps Kerin wouldn’t repeat himself over and over in the first 5 minutes too!

  7. I wish people would stop using unemployment as a term os abuse. Apart from the myriad of issues here, why is it necessary to make poor people feel worse??

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