Grammies Week: Where racism and misogyny abound

We seldom feature stories from overseas. There is enough material in Australia for a hundred anti-discrimination blogs.

But these two stories from this week’s Grammies are very much related to what we try and do.

The first is featured in US blog Little Green Footballs

Little Green Footballs

Read more here

The second is a series of Twitter feeds related to controversial R&B artist Chris Brown, who as the SMH puts it

On the eve of the 2009 Grammys, Brown beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna, for which he later pleaded guilty to a charge of assault and was sentenced to five years of probation and six months of community labour.

Read more

The court case had received extensive publicity given the high profile of the two people involved. But that did not deter a parade of Twitter twits.

Punching bag 1

Punching bag 2

And we have only given you a selection of the tweets.

More here

So what is wrong with these young women? After over a century of their mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers fighting for women’s rights, after the work of men’s groups such as Australia’s White Ribbon Ambassadors


4 thoughts on “Grammies Week: Where racism and misogyny abound

  1. I’m not a Whitney fan at all…. I don’t even like Mike Whitney….:-)
    But the blind hatred, and ignorance is truly disturbing, she clearly had talent, and millions loved her.
    People who celebrate a death, or mock the dead clearly have self esteem issues themselves….
    I hope things don’t continue to worsen….

    • @Wixxy, I’m not trying to antagonise you, but you might want to change your moniker. Trust me, if you knew what “wix” means in German you would 🙂

    • I agree, personally, death should never be celebrated. Whether it be Osama Bin Laden, my pet dog or Satan himself.

      Made me horrified when the crowd wildly cheered for Rick Perry at a Republican primary rally upon stating that his state of Texas had executed more than 400 criminals in less than a year (I also found out that the number of innocent convictions in Texas had rose slightly). :\

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