54 thoughts on “Racist posts derail grid girl

  1. They’ve framed this in a very pro-racism way, it seems. The grid girl is not the victim in this, she is the perpetrator. “Grid girl shocks promoters with racism” would show that she is not the one suffering. And to top it off she’s not particularly attractive at all… I might suggest she tries a career involving actual skills and education, not just having a low cut top and giggling.

  2. I actually organised this exact competition when I lived in Alice about 10 years ago. It’s unfair to lable her and other girls who enter these competitons as idiots. We had many different types of girls in the competition, professional models, uni student, local beauties and aboriginal girls representing their communities, most of them were far from stupid. It’s actually a very prestigious position to get especially considering the long history of the event. It is extremely well supported by the people of Alice, The NT government and the Aboriginal communities whose land the race traverses. By her own admission she made a stupid mistake and didn’t understand the ramifications of putting what she did on Facebook. You are always harping on about people understanding just that so here you have exactly what you want and people still attack her. How about a bit of positive re-enforcement. I think she has definitely learnt a very valuable lesson and most importantly the organisers have sent out a very strong message that they will not tolerate this kind of behaviour. What a huge example to set in a place like Alice Springs. In my opinion this is a victory for everything that anti racists, like those who contribute to this website, stand for.

    • Hi GAMA,

      Let me weigh in before anyone else does, and believe me, there are a lot people who will likely have their two-cents worth with you comments.

      Firstly you organised an event that continues the social process of objectifying women. Not really impressed with that. It’s not like:
      a) you pick females for anything other than their looks; and
      b) you promote both genders in the role of “grid person” or whatever you want to call it.

      Whether you like it or not, your ‘competition’ does nothing other that perpetuate a cycle of violence against women by telling the world that it’s okay to simply view them on appearance. I.e. as an object. This is the primary function of the competition and nothing more.

      Secondly and perhaps most importantly, this is not a “stupid mistake”. She was racist. It’s akin to someone loading the chamber, switching the safety off and then firing a bullet directly into someone, and then suggesting it was a “stupid mistake” and now “I’ve learnt my lesson”. That is a big steaming pile of rancid, diseased BULLSHIT. Pure and simple.

      Allow me to ellucidate:

      a) I am actually thinking about what I am typing here. It takes time for me to type words at which point I can reflect upon them. I then have to think before I hit the “post comment” button too…. you get my drift? This is a process. She was aware of it and then inflamed the situation further by using another racially derogative term. She is a fucking idiot.

      b) She is racist. She used a racist term. This is not a “stupid mistake”. This is a clear and concise use of vicious and harmful words and represent her underlying beliefs. Let me explain further: I do NOT say “the earth is flat” to people ever. Because I do not believe it is. I say “the earth is round” because I believe it is. Getting it? Let’s try another example: “I hate traffic jams” (because I BELIEVE that), not “I hate traffic jams… oh wait… I’ve had a chance to think about it and I really do love them ….sorry I’ve learnt my lesson”…

      So here’s my positive re-enforcement: “Enjoy unemployment you racist mole.”

      Good enough?

      • Thank you TA, you’ve said everything I wanted to say. Particularly re: the ‘prestigious’ competition of selecting a grid girl. That people still think competitions based solely on beauty and how you look in hotpants and a bikini top are somehow empowering or respectful is a sad indictment of the values society holds.

      • While I feel inclined to agree with you TA, it raises the question as to whether these competitions demean the women who enter them or if these women demean themselves by entering.

        I don’t know the answer, but I reckon it’s somewhere in the middle.

    • Sorry-but where does it say she realised she made a mistake? All the article is referring to is the secretary stating her comments would be taken into consideration.

      If there is another article stating she’s regretted using a racist term, then when criticised, following it up with another racist term, I’d like to see it.

    • “I actually organised this exact competition when I lived in Alice about 10 years ago. It’s unfair to lable her and other girls who enter these competitons as idiots”

      ok, would it be fair to LABEL the organisers as idiots who can’t spell ????

      • Oh how scathing! Any logical arguement you want to add or just knit pick? You seem a person of very little substance Little Johnny. With all the actual intelligent arguement about this topic you come along with, “your spelling is bad, you’re an idiot!”. I suggest you read the posts by your contemparies such as Terra Australis and Paddy_Irish_Girl, you could learn a thing or two.
        Quick get out the spell check then go back and hide behind your commuter little boy!

  3. As to your first point, yes we did pick girls for more than just their looks. We were looking for those that represented a cross section of the community and that had a certain intelligence and maturity. We were not just looking for the most attractive girls because their primary job was to work with the organisers, the sponsors and within the community to make the event successful. You have no idea of the importance of an event like to Finke to the economy of Alice Springs so every body involved has to do their bit to make it great. I would think from your obvious vast knowledge and experience in being involved in something like this that you would of known that!

    What a ridiculous statement that this event is perpetuating a cycle of violence against woman. That’s same type of mentality as saying that a woman wearing revealing clothing is “asking’ for it. Is it not true that women have fought long and hard to be able to do what they choose with their bodies? Who are you to judge whether it’s right or wrong? I would also point out that Finke is held in the middle of winter so the girls involved are certainly not strutting around in bikinis!

    I guess I could of chosen better words, other than her making a stupid mistake. What I was trying to point out is that through limited life experiences she has very misguided views and hopefully with what has transpired she will start to reasses those views. Harsh lessons are often the best learnt and are the ones that make people look deeper into themselves. The following story also points out how naive she is, not an excuse, but can anyone look at themselves and say that they were perfect, worldly and knew the effects of everything they did and said at the age of 19.


    I still see no mention of the integrity that the Organisers of Finke showed in instantly disqualifying her. Kudos to them.

    • No GAMA,

      You fail to see the underlying link between treating people as objects and violence. It’s got absolutely sweet FA with how women choose to dress.

      By making a competition based primarily on appearance, you are simply peddling to a pre-existing stereotype that denegrates a good 50%+ of the community based simply on gender.

      It’s apologists like you who allow a process to continue from the 1920s that suggests that women are to be assessed primarily on how they look. This in turn leads very basically and simply to continued violence against women… after all, they are simply objects to be oggled… How many was it again? One in three women subjected to sexual violence?

      Now you can base in on economic terms if you’d like and you can even suggest that it bolsters the self-esteem of some specific women but unfortunately when it comes to the big picture, all it’s doing is simply making matters worse and not better for women in the community.

      Correct me if I am wrong but quite simply: if it’s based purely on merit, why isn’t it open to members of the public of all genders and ages? Why can’t my grandfather do it? My grandmother?

      Simply because it is an agist, sexist process designed to disclude men altogether and make over-weight or old women feel like they are not needed or appreciated. It’s got bugger all to do with merit.

      Oh wait – I’m wrong as these pictures prove:



      As to your second point, I fucked up when I was 19. Sure, who didn’t? The simply thing was that I did NOT do it to the detriment of anyone else. I didn’t not racially vilify anyone. I did not discriminate based on age, gender or cultural background.

      Firstly because I had enough common sense to understand that I could assess people on their own merits. I was not moronic enough to think that I could pidgeon-hole entire communities into simple generic classifications. Furthermore and most importantly, I had enough empathy to know a nasty term of phrase and NEVER to use it.

      Simply put, by 19 years of age you are fucktard if you don’t know how inappropriate it is to use the words she did in a public forum; in the same way that you know not to fire a gun into your own foot.

      • A fact of life is that there are jobs which are gender and age specific. What a terrible place this world is! You can blame the media or advertisers but in the end it comes down to society and us as consumers. Men and women alike. I reiterate the femenist movement fought long and hard for equal rights and again, whether you like it or not one of those rights was to use their bodies as they see fit. There are countless examples of women doing exactly that and being very successful in both their own lives and within the community.
        I do like how you have narrowed down the cause of violence against woman to your belief that competitions like Finke Grid Girls only objectify woman. Drug and alcohol abuse, socio economic circumstances, prior exposure or the morals children are brought up with have nothing to do with it.
        I’m also extremely impressed at what a complete, mature and intelligent person you must of been when you were 19. Most people I have know at the age of 19, myself included, don’t know their arse from their elbow, however if you ask them they think they know everything.
        My own wife, who is both a femenist and liberal thinks that particular competition does not objectify women and knows that the small part the women play in promoting the Finke event is important to it’s success and therefore it’s benefit to the Alice Springs economy. Then again she has actually seen it and is not just generalising. I know I’m on the right track when even she thinks that some of your analysis is a bit over the top.
        However I do understand your desire to have a perfect world, where anyone can do any job, the media doesn’t have any influence on society, all people live hand in hand, etc etc. Drop me an email when you find that planet, although somehow I doubt that you will invite me to join you!

        • I also forgot to mention that the photos of the women chosen (that you supplied the link for), illistrate my point exactly. They are by no means skinny waifs or the stereo typical blonde, proving that there is more involved in being chosen for Finke than just looks!

        • Hey Hama,

          Nice to see the tried and tested argument: “my best is (gay/muslim/aboriginal) but…”

          In your particular instance of course it is: “my own wife, who is both a femenist [sic] and a liberal”… but…

          I think that won me over in this debate.

          Especially the part where your wife supports your assessment because she has been to Finke or Summernats or the Indy500 or whatever lovely location has ‘grid girls’.

          Oh, and the fact that in your infinite wisdom, you appear to have seen fit to dismiss the causal effect between objectifying women and violence by citing a whole myriad of other possible links (none of which, you’ll note, I refute) in a manner of reference that clearly appears to want to attempt to invalidate my statement.

          That was the clincher really.

          I also appreciate the fact that you believe that someone with even a basic capacity at empathy at the age of 19 is a “complete, mature and intelligent person” and that you now consider me this, irrespective of my statement: “I fucked up when I was 19”.

          I feel quite foolish now that I even attempted to convey this sentiment after your clear analysis that because I could do the interpersonal equivalent to tying a shoelace, I was actually an esteemed statesman at that age.

          Riddle me this by-the-way: When do you think the Finke grid girls will have someone in hijab?

          Loose cotton is of course a lot more comfortable than skin-tight clothing and it’s all about how much we respect the women “that [have] a certain intelligence and maturity” and really not much to do with their looks…

          As for a perfect planet, you’re right. It doesn’t exist so we’d all better give up having any kind of a conscience then. Sorry I raised it as an issue. Trumped by the real-politik argument yet again.

  4. The girl has now said sorry – which doesn’t make it OK – but at least shows she has enough sense not to continue trying to justify the comment – which is definitely racist. The comments in the NT news however were almost as bad as her original comments. Pages of people calling her ugly,cow, slut, bimbo etc. Her racism is inexcusable and she deserves to be out of this competition. Whatever we might think of grid girls or her modelling -criticisng her appearance, her choice of job etc is almost as bad as her racist comments. Her behaviour justifies criticism – her appearance does not.

  5. It’s unfair to call all beauty pageant entrants stupid although this bimbo reinforces the common stereotype. Her explanation was not tantamount to an apology:

    “I posted a status on Facebook… just thinking it’s Facebook, it’s just my friends”

    “I don’t have anything against indigenous people whatsoever. I didn’t mean to offend anybody but obviously I have.”

    I don’t think this barbie she even knows what she did was wrong.

    This recent study linking low IQ, racism and prejudice perhaps sums her up:

  6. Wow, for a lot of people who believe in equal rights, free choice, etc, etc, the comments on this post lead me to believe that is only ok if you all agree with choices that people make. Or do those things only apply to minority groups, gays and refugees? Heaven forbid if someone doesn’t tow the exact liberal line sprouted on here. How dare a women do something or enter a competition that some of you think is demeaning. Who gives you the right to decide she is demeaning herself? Hypocrisy at it’s finest. Bravo!

    • Hi GAMA,

      This may be a little difficult a concept for you to understand but it is actually possible to both believe in equal rights and find competitions, where a significant porportion of the decision-making process revolves around the appearance of someone, demeaning.

      As for ‘free choice’ – no – I don’t think you’ll find that most people who’ve considered this matter believe that a truly relativist approach is acceptable here.

      ‘Free choice’ does not give you the ‘right’ to racially vilify people for starters, just as it doesn’t give you the right to fire indiscriminately into a crowd of people… “but, but, but, it was my free choice to massacre lots of people”… see, doesn’t quite work. There are always limitations of ‘free choice’. It’s really not so ‘free’ as you may believe.

      So please be aware in future before you start bandying the expression “free choice” around, that it contains too vast a frame of reference to be defensible in any logical argument.

      Now here’s the second concept that you may also struggle with: it is actually possible for someone of a specific gender to demean that very gender. It’s a bit like it’s possible for a Jew to be anti-semitic. I’m really not sure how someone highlighting that can be considered to hypocritical but if you’d like to expand on that assessment I’ll happily read what you have to say; because in all honesty, your last couple of sentences really didn’t make much sense.

      • Point 1, My reference to free choice had nothing to do with her racial abuse. Just so you don’t have to go back and review I will say it again, it was naive, stupid and ill informed. I sincerely hope that she has learnt a valuable lesson and if in fact, she is being truthful and has no racists beliefs against aboriginals, she will not make comments like that again. A good thing for people like you and I who hate all forms of racism. Agreed? The women involved have the choice to enter a competition where looks will be a contributing factor to their success but not the only factor. This is shown by the disqualification of the girl involved. The organisers have clearly sent the message that integrity is infinantly more important than looks.
        Point 2, Objectifying women is not simply the fault of competitions like this. Objectifying women, in my opinion, is more to do with a man’s attitude and morality. If you see an attractive women at the beach in a bikini does that make her an object or is it the way that you treat or think of her that determines whether you are objectifying her? The exact same thing can be said about women objectifying men, it all comes down to an individuals values.
        Point 3, Don’t pull the “my best friend etc” crap on me. The point about my wife was to show that not all free thinking women are as ready to label every type of pageant as being completely immoral and that first hand experience with this event in particular, gives her more of a basis for an educated opinion. Which leads me to ask, have you ever had any experience in an event like Finke Grid Girls other than maybe waving a plackard out the front denouncing them? Are your opinions based on any type of experience working with a competition like this and the women involved?

        • The fact that they’re even called ‘Grid Girls’ is degrading. Since they’re supposedly involved in promotions work and dealing with sponsors then why not give them a title that reflects the actual work they do instead of one that portrays them as bimbos?
          Why not give them uniforms that are not sprayed on and designed to reveal as much as possible if they do such improtant work. Everyone knows that what you wear affects how people perceive you…I would not turn up to a job interview in hotpants and a bikini top for example, and would anyone respect the police or the army if their unirforms were shorts and singlets? I doubt it.
          No, despite your assertions to the contrary, I suspect the Grid Girls are little more than giggling eye candy for the men that attend the race. That the girls ‘freely choose’ to be part of it is irrelevant, their very presence demeans all women and reinforces the message that a woman’s worth is based primarily on her youth and her looks.
          If I’m wrong, please direct me to the pictures of the ‘Grid Guys’ or the size 16, thirty-something grid girls and I’ll happily apologise and take back everything I said

        • You would go to work in a swim suit if you were a lifeguard, men’s underwear if you are a male model, etc, etc. Although you may not agree with the uniform that is what it is? Seeing as you have strong suspitions of what the women involved are like, I would ask the same question to you as I have asked to Australis. Have you ever had anything to do with an event such as this or worked with the women involved?
          The simple solution is, if the competition or name is offensive, don’t enter, don’t go to see it, in fact ignore it completely. Boycott Alice Springs if you like! The competition is not illegal and the women inolved are certainly not offended or feel demeaned. It’s a bit like the gay marriage, if you find it offensive, don’t get one! People have no right to decide for other people what they should find offensive.

        • @ reality hurts. Absolutely, I’d support her in anything she wanted to do because that’s what good husbands do. I don’t believe I have the right to tell her what she can and can’t do and i respect the decisions she makes. She’s an intelligent, beautiful woman with extremely high morals and I think would be a great representative of an event like Finke. I would be cheering louder than anyone for her to win. If you are now sitting wondering what kind of woman would marry a “mysogynist boofhead” like myself, she is the kind of woman who has gone back to uni to study so that she can get a job helping disadvantaged and disabled people find meaningful work. Something that my own son will need in the future. So your pot shot is way off the mark there Reality because she also thinks that a lot of the posts on here are BS too. Maybe you should stick to talking about brushes, they seem to be within your expertise!
          @mindmadeup, you’re a hard person to please. You resort to name calling and degrading people whether you get a discussion or not. Makes me wonder if the goal of this site is to be just another hate site but directed at people on the bad side of the fence. That’s what good old Matty wants you to get back to!

        • Yes I would like to know if Finke and similar events like Summernats, have ‘Grid Guys’ or ‘Grid grandmother or grandfather’?

        • Point 1 – agreed about the hope that a lesson is learnt albeit I suspect that it simply will be a case of changing privacy settings rather than attitudes. Still, ignorance is not going to be changed by a lack of employment.

          Point 2 – disagree. You advertise something and then wonder why people buy it – in this case an attitude. It does not relate to a woman choosing to dress however she wants to in a private setting. Just like a man should. This however a commercial event. A paid service. This relates to a ‘product’ being marketed to sell more products. I would refer you to Paddy_irish_girl for a further eloquent commentary on this matter.

          Point 3 – sorry that it reads that way, but it does. As for first hand experience: yes and no. I did have the pleasure of hearing many screams of “show us your tits” around various sporting and car events whilst minding my own business, in the events themselves and as this shit spilled out into the surrounding streets and suburbs. It was even more pleasant when it was directed openly at young mothers with children in tow. No, I did not wave placards.

          Simply put, you appear to support an event that sanctions the objectification of women and then tut, tut when men behave in a way that you don’t like around them, even though you sanctioned their behaviour by pandering to it to sell products. Doesn’t work that way. You want to address men’s abysmal behaviour then don’t make women objects in any commercial context – Simple as that.

          Besides a positive change has got to start somewhere, so why not with a car rally? Why must girls and cars be grouped together? Where’s the link? Why are there not “produce girls” at my local farmers market? Surely girls and cheese have better correlation – after all in most societies they had a major role in the production of cheese for centuries. Get my drift?

        • I don’t believe any event whether it be commercial or otherwise should be stopped because of how people may react. As far as mysoginist comments like, “show us ya tits, come and get”, wolf whistles and the like, i have heard that from idiots in cars and on buliding sites. So, again in my opinion the problem is not the event but the attitude of those individuals that make those comments. Their attitudes are definitely not built on the fact that they may have attended a pagent.
          You would not close an abortion clinic or stop an anti racism rally because of the way that idiots think and act. There has definately been atrocious behavior at both. Extreme examples, i know, but no less apt in that you can’t stop something because there are people out there who will behave badly. Finke is a commercial event that has a huge benefit to the entire Alice Springs community, including the Aboriginals who own the land that the race goes across. Everything that can be done to make it succesful should be.
          As for young attractive people promoting products it’s done everywhere, including charities. You only have to walk out of a city train station or main street to see the young attractive people harrassing you to sign up for Unicef, Heart Foundation and everything else in between. I have never, (in your words) seen a grandfather or grandmother doing the same job. Are they objectifying people or discriminating too?
          As for your idea of “produce girls’, I wouldn’t run that by Woolworths or Coles. You just might see it happen to help them increase their market share!

        • GAMA or would you use grandfather or grandmother as grid people at Finke?

          And I have seen and been to protests and meeting where grandfather or grandmother not just young people has been actually involved.

        • While i’m not sure that the idea of ‘Grid Girls’ and the like improve society, I’m still glad I’d have the freedom to compete without feeling like scum. I like being able to wear a low-cut top if i want, or if i wanted to be a stripper i wouldn’t be ashamed. I don’t see sex as dirty or shameful, and i don’t see women’s bodies as shameful.
          Isn’t this the other side of the Burqa debate? Shouldn’t women be able to wear whatever the hell they want without being treated differently?

  7. In response to her “All I can hear is … I’m on level 22 WTF ?!” quote.

    So what exactly does she mean? I have two theories:

    The first is that she was on the twenty second level of a multi-storey building, and that she could hear people yelling angrily in the lobby. Perhaps she was making a point that they were being so loud that their voices carried up twenty two stories? In that case, how does she know they were “Coons”?

    The second theory is that her neighbours directly below her were the ones making the noise. If this were the case then why does she even feel the need to mention the fact that she is on the twenty second storey?

  8. GAMA your rants is way off the mark, because you failed to read my comments and questions as where did I call you a “mysogynist boofhead”?

    I didn’t did I?

    And a good husband would ask his wife, would she thinks would she be a great representative of an event like Finke?

    So I think you should stick what you know and do best, replying without knowing the facts and writing complete BS including false claims, because oh dear you don’t agree with other people opinions.

    PS The bad side of the fence is always greener, as it has been fertilized with BS.

    • So that statement was directed at mindmadeup who did infer I was an mysogynist boofhead. Perhaps you should read the entire thread Reality and get up to speed in what was, before you put your 2 cents worth in, an intelligent, mature discussion. Go back to the beginning and you will see that your questions have already been answered. In fact they have been asked in a much more intelligent and succinct way than you possibly could, (refer to posts made by Terra Australis and Paddy Irish Girl). Please if you want to be part of an adult conversation at least take the time to know what it’s about in it’s entirety!

      • GAMA please if you want to be part of a adult conversation, at least be one. As your own rants which are directed at others and not just me which included false claims and complete BS, proves you are not.

        Don’t bother replying if you don’t want to be part of a intelligent, mature discussion and refuses to answer my questions, which if you read before ranting, was after the beginning of the 14/2 as my questions was asked 16/2.

      • Gama if the “mysogynist boofhead” statement was directed at mindmadeup then how come on February 16, 2012 at 6:50 pm only my name was mentioned and not mindmadeup?

  9. So Gama, you answered my questions at the beginning before I asked them?

    Reality Hurts says:
    February 16, 2012 at 7:28 pm
    Ok GAMA would you accept men as Finke grid boys?

    Reality Hurts says:
    February 16, 2012 at 7:32 pm
    GAMA or would you use grandfather or grandmother as grid people at Finke?

  10. You see Reality, I was in fact enjoying this discussion because it actually contained substance before you decided to come in with your usual rambles. So on that note I will leave it there as any conversation with you included in it seems to go around in circles like a one oared row boat. On that note I am off to enjoy a glass of red with my beautiful wife and indulge in a bit of My Kitchen Rules. It’s easy to dismiss you with the thought of such tasty food on my mind. Buona sera.

  11. I was enjoying this discussion until you came in with your complete BS and rants GAMA because you cannot face reality especially that you did not answer my questions and you don’t like others asking you to provided evidence to your claims.

    So like you, I well leave it on this note and I hope you read your previous rants to see where you went wrong especially too see they didn’t contain substance

    Enjoy watching My Kitchen Rules (Maybe you well go on it cooking French?), while eating your tasty food and red wine to take away the taste of the BS you brought up before.

  12. If you cannot answer questions, cannot back up your claims with evidence, write false claims especially about others etc etc

    Resort to name calling and degrading people whether you get a discussion or not and claim someone else is doing this.

  13. I guess we well never know if GAMA would like ‘Grid Boys’ and ‘Grid Grandmother and Grandfather’ at Finke or similar events like Summernats?

  14. To summarise for the simple minded.
    1. No I don’t think there should be Grid Boys, Grandmothers or Grandfathers. There are jobs that are gender and age specific, in my opinion. (refer to post made on 15.2 in response Terra Australis’s intelligent reply).
    2. I have never resorted to name calling or degrading people in any of my posts as I believe it only makes any argument you make seem feeble. However I do enjoy the use of sarcasm and dry wit. Some people may see this as a failing but we can’t all be 100% perfect and if sarcasm makes anyone feel degraded, I apologise. Some comments are made with very much tongue in cheek.
    3. I didn’t realise that any facts or figures were needed in this discussion as it is based on personal opinion and life experience. However if you have any questions with any type of merit I will happily check Wikipedia for you. Something I think you are quite good at. (How are your brushes?)
    4. Please refer to post made on 16.2 at 6.50pm. About 3/4 of the way down you will see @mindmadeup, this refers to the comments about a mysogynist boofhead.
    5. Yes, I did enjoy my wine, meal and My Kitchen Rules. However I would like to point out that the meal was more substantial than “a bean on toast”!

    Reality when I read your posts you bring a quote, that I like, to my mind. “You can teach a fish to fly but it’s still a fish!”

    • Why should there not be grid boys? I’m a female involved in motor racing, as are many others. Why are male racers and spectators catered to and not us? I’m sick and tired of seeing tandoori fake tanned buttocks, barely concealed by ridiculous hotpants, flouncing around and giggling whilst doing little more than hand out promotional material (stickers etc). They are viewed by most of the racers as nothing more than lumps of meat. Completely outdated and unnecessary. I speak from current experience, not how it was 10 years ago.

  15. Calling someone simple minded and your other rants directed towards but of course this is sarcasm and dry wit and not name calling and degrading me?

    Try again this time face reality.

    1) We finally found after all this time, you don’t want “Grid Boys, Grandmothers or Grandfathers. There are jobs that are gender and age specific”.

    2) Thanks for the apologies I think 😉

    3) You have brushed one of my questions off until now re: “Grid Boys, Grandmothers or Grandfathers” so in answering it. So my question must be of merit?

    4) Please refer to your post made on 16.2 at 6.50pm

    . @ reality hurts. Absolutely, I’d support her in anything she wanted to do because that’s what good husbands do. I don’t believe I have the right to tell her what she can and can’t do and i respect the decisions she makes. She’s an intelligent, beautiful woman with extremely high morals and I think would be a great representative of an event like Finke. I would be cheering louder than anyone for her to win. If you are now sitting wondering what kind of woman would marry a “mysogynist boofhead”

    See do see mindmadeup name in above?

    5) It was good to see you enjoy your wine, meal and My kitchen Rules. 🙂 But since your meal was was more substantial than “a bean on toast”! You should or could try out for My Kitchen Rules?

    My quote: “If you want to waste more time now teaching a fish to fly, go right ahead”

  16. I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry! You really should read the entire post. Maybe there is someone there with that could help you understand it. Anyway must do some work now, please feel free to reply with 40 post of your own and keep that extra tab open on Wikipedia or what ever else you use, so you can enlighten me with all the wonderful things other people say!

    • You can laugh or cry GAMA, I can’t help you decide this time.

      And perhaps there are others who can help with proof reading your own comments?

      Please don’t bother to enlighten me with any more of your “words of wisdom” as I prefer to read all the wonderful things other people say that deals with the other issues here.

      Thanks 🙂 GAMA

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