No Svengali with this Trilby

Are you sitting comfortably?

At the beginning of last century there was a fashion for lurid Gothic novels usually featuring an innocent young girl ensnared by the hypnotic powers of a charismatic and diabolical mentor. The practice of hypnotism was in its infancy and the ability to apparently control minds was regarded with awe.

The most famous of these was George du Maurier’s Svengali. It was filmed several times, the most famous version being in 1931.

Early Trilby

Let us introduce Trilby Steinberger who seems to have managed to incorporate delusions and diabolical behaviour into her repertoire without the need for any assistance from a charismatic mesmerist. Unless of course you think it is Luke Jenkins.

The plot thickens

Trilby Steinberger

There’s Trilby at the local watering hole with friends. We have edited the friends out of the shot.

Now how do we know about this Trilby? Seems her Facebook friends are quite happy to let us know about her.

Trilby outed

We’ll let Trilby’s odd self-description pass for now. If she wants to characterise herself as a murderous purple Dalek then she can do so.

And Trilby’s good friend Daniel typically follows his heads-up with a gratuitous swipe at Indigenous people.

On yet another occasion a friend’s enthusiasm overcomes his(?) discretion. Trilby must be some woman.

Trilby outed again

And here’s another enthusiastic fan named Kevin Huggins. Great to see that such a consummate artist has such caring friends.

Trilby and Kevin

Here’s Trilby having an intimate tête-à-tête with Facebook bore and well-known Sydney businessman Allan Ellison “Jarrod Devan”.

Intimate moment with "Jarrod"

So now Trilby admits she is the artist formerly known to us as Batty Burqa. In fact so enchanted is she by this fake profile she is chatting to she forgets to delete the conversation – oh well.

We figure that “Paul” refers to Paul Toohey, lately outed by one of his own as a part of  “John Harris”. The arse end of the Centipede no doubt.

Confession time

But wait…what is going on here? Has Arse End disappointed Trills in some way? Has the whole Centipede slithered away?

Denial from Trilby

And the implication that she knows Sergio? – well Sergio loves meeting people for coffee and actually invited one of us, though we at TAB have better things to do – like watching Inglourious Basterds once again to remember how to really deal with Fascists.

"Jarrod" gets cosy with Trilby

Well that anti-Muslim page is one of her hate pages despite her constant denials that she is racist or bigoted. Such as this one.

Not racist but...

No doubt Trilby is keen to be seen by people as being normal. A normal bogot that is. And note the comment by oxygen thief Andy Watts.

Of course Trills manages to contradict herself elsewhere, but we are all getting used to that.

Don’t know which “moron” Trills is referring to since she seems to be surrounded by quite a collection of them.


Though it is rather disturbing to realise that she sees green maggots overrunning her pages. With fake profiles of themselves too.


Sorry to disappoint you Trills but maggots are white – so perhaps you need to clean up your 38 members? Get rid of the white maggots?

Now Trilby and friends get down to some serious stalking.


Now we have never figured out why racists like “Julia Munnrow” would be interested in the personal details of anti-racists.

Are they going to report them to the law for being anti-racists?  Nooo

Are these people going to be publicly embarrassed by being named as anti-racists? Nooo

Are these people going to be shunned by the community for being anti-racists? No, far from it.

Will “Julia Munnrow” and her kind stalk and harass them? Most likely. In fact they have done so already.

Replete with the skills obtained in her TAFE Photoshopping Photography course, Trills is happy to prominently display her very own personal gallery. In this presentation of Trilby’s artistry we have edited out photos stolen from the profiles of people who have offended the bogot community by actually disagreeing with them.

Here’s Trills and her mates workshopping the collection

Trills workshop

Art conoisseur Jude Billman Milly Knight “Mardi Templar” gives Trills the benefit of her expertise gleaned from hanging around hate sites and making inane comments.

However Trills and her cronies are not exactly burdened with the weight of high ethical standards – the same old pics have been splashed enthusiastically around every conceivable hate group. This is just a sample.

Stupidity sample2

And while resting from her efforts to promote racism and bigotry she also manages to have a swipe at people who don’t like Tony Abbott – thus showing that criticism of politicians is not allowed in her strange little world despite the constant clamour of the bogots for “freedom of speech”.

And we do not think for a moment that Tony Abbott would welcome her as a supporter. Especially when she is accompanied by armchair Brownshirt Andrew Watts.

Stupidity sample

Meanwhile, back at Stalk Central, Aaron Cross of the Ryde area is getting very excited about the Antibogans being mentioned on the neo-Nazi site known to us here as Witless Towers.

At that stage Trills, as always showing her peerless artistic taste, had assumed the profile picture of the late shoe-throwing activist Peter (surname redacted) who has recently and tragically died of cancer.

Trilby and the Nazis

Aaron had decided to call the person he assumed was the “chief Antibogan” and by his own admission had continued to make nuisance calls to the person’s phone. Trills certainly keeps delightful company.

And Trill’s reaction? Apart from calling the victim a “fag”?

Advocates stalking

And speaking of ethics take a look at this

Trilby double standards

Posting people’s photos? What was that again about “double standards”? So it is OK in Trill’s dystopia to do one thing then to condemn others for allegedly doing the same?

There’s that obsessive sense of entitlement all these racist bigots have rearing its ugly head again.

Trilby double standards 2

One project obsessing this little band of bigots artists is the continual spamming of a video of someone they do not like. We are not sure what this is meant to achieve. There is no point in undertaking dumb childish revenge fantasies art works unless someone is interested in seeing them. I mean, does anyone want to watch endless repeats of TV shows which were not all that good the first time around?

Defamatory content

And now for the crowning artistic achievement. Covered in pirated photographs triumphantly displayed by Trills, Centipede and other members of their artists’ collective, with obvious and lovingly executed works from the great artist itself comes this exquisite piece.

Trilby is a member

Note Trilby’s enthusiastic embrace of this scurrilous and defamatory group.

And here is the most bizarre aspect of the lot.

As an additional titillation for her 38 white maggots, and obviously seeking to recruit more fans, Trills managed to create by her own admission a defamatory dating profile of the targeted male anti-racist as revenge for a defamatory dating profile created by a female acquaintance of hers in 2008 who is completely unrelated to any of the events outlined here.

Confused? Yes, we are too. A search of the DSM IV failed to find a particular psychiatric disorder which applied here.

Made by a psycho

But in case Trills is having second thoughts this has been reported to the police, to our entourage of public interest lawyers who work for us pro bono and the website owner has been informed of his obligations under the US Communications Decency Act (1996).


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16 thoughts on “No Svengali with this Trilby

  1. This is going to be my last anti-racist post ever. Like the great austerity-obsessed one, Tony Abbott, I too have aspirations… aspirations for a great career among such. When I finally apply for that dream job I have of formulating policy of a sorts in the government department of my choice, it would break my heart were I not be successful in my application but for the mere fact that I have been foolish enough to post statements on the internet condemning acts of racism and other assorted bigotries. Please, can somebody show me just how I may clean up my web history so that it never becomes too public that (secretly) I yearn for a society where there is absolutely no discrimination based upon race (reptiloids excluded… David Icke has warned us about these and the wise would be stocking up on firearms and aluminium foil helmets), gender, sexual orientation (except for people who f*** cats), disability, socioeconomic status, parental commitments and obligations, religion, physical size etc. Please someone help me; I don’t want to know what it’s like to be discriminated against.

  2. Hook line and fucking sinker.
    Thanks TAB, can’t wait to see how things unfold.
    It’s great this has finally been posted for all to see.
    Great work.
    And thank you.

  3. It’s helpful to be able to put a face to a profile.

    I always thought that page looked like the work of our mate Jayden. Admin displayed a petulance and lack of critical thought usually common with teenage boys.

    • We are told by a reliable source on their side that Jayden is a female. Though Jayden doesn’t seem to know itself.

      The petulance and immaturity is right but Jayden can actually write grammatical sentences. Maybe they are huddled in the same smelly sock.

      • So we now (reliably) know that Jayden is a female? Well, in that case we do owe Jayden one big apology, don’t you think MMU?

  4. I haven’t seen Trilby ranting about being a victim yet. Maybe she finally got the fame that she’s been chasing?

    Anyway. She’s a coward dressed as something else.

  5. I am not now, nor have I ever been admin of ‘theantibogans are the real bogans’. I would appreciate it if you would correct your mistake and stop saying that I am.

    • We require more proof than your say so.

      The enemy lies every time they make a Facebook post so why should a blog comment be any different for them.

      Someone who knows your e mail address could be using it for their own purposes. The enemy cannot be trusted, even when they are dealing with one of their own.

      After all how do you think we got your name in the first place?

      If you tell us who the admins are and supply proof we might – I emphasise “might” – consider such a request.

      • Unfortunately for you, you are way off the mark and even if I knew who the admins were I wouldn’t tell you. This is not a negotiation. You got my name the same way everybody else does so stop threatening me with it. I have always blocked you people because I have no desire to get involved in all this garbage, and none of this had anything to do with me prior to your determining that I needed to be involved.I am not now, nor have I ever been the admin of the page you are accusing me of administrating, and I would appreciate it if you would correct the mistake and with it all the other misguided, unfounded allegations, and stop saying that I am. That’s all I have to tell you.

        Thanking You,

        Trilby Steinberger

        • As we said…racists always lie. If we believed every bit of bullshit they tried to get past us then we’d be as venally stupid as they are.

          So your say so does not cut it with us, seeing as you seem to be quite a willing participant in their nonsense.

        • Speaking of lying racists…when did you move to Sydney “Trilby”? The real Trilby is not going to be happy with you

          IP Address:
          Region: Sydney (AU)

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