16 thoughts on “Inciting Cronulla-Style Riots At the Cricket

  1. Seeing as they look like that sad nineties band The Proclaimers, I’d be inclined not to worry too much about their martial prowess… lol

  2. Is that a Southern Cross tattooed on his neck? Of course it is.

    People like this guy make me feel like vomit. Funnily enough, that’s usually what comes out of the mouths of bogots like him, both metaphorically and physically…

    • I think if people want to have riots we should let them.

      We should just make sure they all sign a consent form, confirming they are mindless morons, and then put them in a confined space, furnished only with unusable debris from council dumps, and let Darwinism take its course.

  3. I never would’ve thought someone who would come up with this kind of idea would have those stars tattooed on his neck, that is so unusual :o|. When I see peole with a southern cross tattoo I just want to carve it off and throw salt into where it was located on their skin originally, do know why; just makes me feel that way.

    • Now now, let’s not be generalising and discriminating lol.

      I have one of those tattoos, only I never got it as a white pride tough sticker… I got it before it had those connotations and the bogots appropriated our national symbols generally. I now have to live with the fact that people must see it and assume things about me which couldn’t be further from the truth.

      Far as I’m concerned, they can’t have it. I’m taking it back.

      “For those who’ve come across the seas we’ve boundless plains to share”


  4. so much for sport breaking down barriers and bringing people together. genuine fans of cricket, like myself, would like nothing better than to see morons like these guys banned permanently from any stadium and sporting event. similar to what they do in the UK with known soccer hooligans.

  5. i’ve only ever seen people removed, i’ve never heard of a ban on a spectator and i’m not sure there is any law that would allow it. the grey area would be who would instigate and enforce it. would it be up to the police, stadium management, sporting clubs or the sporting organisation providing the game. racial vilification is a massive issue with most sporting organisations now so to me the easy answer would be to just blanket ban them from any major stadium in australia!

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