The Human Centipede – “John Harris” Exposed

What you’re about to read may be somewhat humorous and light-hearted, but at the root of it all are matters of the utmost grave seriousness. For a long time now, anti-racists have been attacked for expressing their freedom of speech – the freedom to oppose discrimination. Activists and their families have been threatened, property has been damaged, dead animals have been left in letterboxes and defamation has occurred at the hands of people behind fake profiles.

For a long time, we have argued the difference between what we do at our website, and what detractors do is in their response. When a person posts a racist comment on a publicly accessible webpage, we see no issue with re-posting it. After all, that person had no issues of attaching their name and photo to their hateful comments in a public forum in the first place, so it seems unusual that they would ever want us to remove our reference to them. But the next part is less clear to the haters:

Not one single antibogan author has ever attached a name to what is said here, and that’s not because what you see here is illegal. It is because discriminators have a history of taking the fight beyond the discussion grounds – to the anti-discriminator’s family, workplace and friends. Not one single antibogan author has ever attached their workplace to what is said here, and that’s not because there is anything here that would bring any company into disrepute. In fact, the overwhelming percentage of workplaces in Australia have anti-discrimination policies in place, and nearly always oppose racism. We don’t state our workplaces because they don’t deserve to be contacted and harrassed by psychotic neo-nazi white supremacists who take issue with race and culture equality being the norm in our country. Finally, at no point in time has a mirrored TAB website been opened, showcasing the discriminatory comments of those who come and visit here. That’s because people who oppose discrimination simply aren’t stupid enough to make potentially career-ending comments in a public forum. And THAT is the difference.

The evidence below will show that defamation has indeed occurred, at the hands of people who never believed they would be found out. The focus of this post is on the defamation of this website’s alleged creator – a school teacher with a history of activism in anti-discrimination.

If you’re an investigator, a journalist, a local member, a police officer or an interested party, the names you need to remember, the names of the people behind the hate pages and the names of the people who will be answerable are as follows:

Sandra Rogic aka Sandy Mitchell, Paul Toohey aka Alan Toohey, Scott Neale (APDM infamy) and Trilby Steinberger.

There are many more who have acted alongside these lowlifes, including Darryl Rock aka Shockadelic, Chris Merrett, Marina Chapman and Dave Allen to name just a few.

And now, on with the show…


It’s Academy Award time again and we have a perfect plot for a film noir – depending on whether you prefer film noir or grindhouse that is.

So let’s unveil the plot.

Two bearded unprepossessing bums meet up with a glamorous vamp. Since neither vaudeville villain has the brains to find their own arses without considerable help, she persuades them to run an extortion racket online, targeting anti-racists by bullying and intimidation. They do this by a series of fake profiles armed with pictures stolen from people’s Facebook pages.

Movie Poster

Every dark melodrama queen needs to have an underlying motive. It could be revenge for love gone wrong, some imagined or real disadvantage, an imagined or real slight or nothing in particular at all. In fact watching the film noir bad girls of old as played by Bette Davis or Joan Crawford, today’s well-informed movie buff usually concludes quite correctly that the women they played were psychologically unhinged.

The  “theme” or “rationale”  if you can use such a word, is that racists and bigots have the right to spew their hatred on a public forum without any consequences for their action and that when action is taken then they are entitled to use illicit means to take revenge. The fact that vilification of minorities is illegal seems to have escaped this particular bunny boiler and her clown car conspirators because it is all about a profound sense of entitlement.

And where did the title come from? Well that should be obvious, though we have heard suggestion it should have been titled The Tripolar Hoop Snake – but unlike the grindhouse cult film of the same name no coercion is involved in the creation of this bottom-feeder – none whatsoever. The gleesome threesome happily hook up in a row for emotional chow time.

Stars love publicity, so let’s first take a peek at these stars in their brief mini-biographies.


Sandy as she is popularly known lives in a coastal area of south-eastern Queensland where vicious predatory sharks are sometimes sighted. They are also sighted in the water.

Sandy loves walks on the beach, communicating with her fellow performers on Facebook and all things Serbian. Why Serbian? Whatever floats your boat Sandy…

It started with this

Personally we love Novak Djokovic, detest Slobodan Milosevic.

ма шта!



Paul TooheyPaul Toohey, journeyman wall and floor tiler who apparently enjoys the ambience of the Newcastle area when not in featured parts in cinematic vehicles,  known to the police, is the old fart elder statesman of the Pathetic Party and close friend to failed Fascist ideologue Darrin Hodges and failed political candidate future Prime Minister Nicholas Folkes. Last seen in the film  The Alamo where he reprises the John Wayne role in an action adventure set at Villawood Detention Centre. That film premiered on Sunday and shows the veteran fighter trying to hold back millions of asylum seekers  while valiantly standing his ground against armed-to-the-teeth militant terrorists a score or so of amused uni students.

Paul has undergone a rejuvenation in the last couple of years thanks to some snazzy barbering and a natty line in T shirts. Does this have anything to do with his alleged visits to a dating site?

Paul clearly enjoys his stint as “John Harris” and has also explored other roles, especially playing the roles of what he and Rogic imagine the anti-racists are like. This has involved among other things pretending to be a Muslim woman, obviously with one of his obsessions passionate interests in mind.

For we have heard that Paul is of somewhat a religious bent and has lately taken a keen interest in Hunter Valley houses of worship, both old and new. We expect to be able to look at his new interest in more detail soon.


Scott NealeScott Neale , also from the arse end of Queensland, also well acquainted with the constabulary, likes the simple life and frequently moves from place to place. Scott was heavily featured in fellow Queenslander Darren Morris-Bailey’s last film APDM Streetfighter but seems to have cut ties with the martial arts star and launched a newer, more literary direction in his work. As “John Harris” Scott Neale brings his own unique variety of boofhead idiocy quiet strength to this role.

Now all good movies  need a series of trailers to titillate the audience. Sit back and relax as we run you through these entertainment gems from the theatrical release.

Debbie and John Harris

Here you can see the Centipede’s keen interest in Indigenous Australians unfold – an important plot device for later in this production. You also get to see some of the supporting players in this ensemble cast showcased such as former Eastern European erotic star Michelle Johnson in a cameo role.

Intimate moment

Think of this as an intimate  moment between Paul and Scott. Some film critics have already compared their on-screen chemistry to that between the  protagonists in Brokeback Mountain.

Fuck TAB group

Intimate moment

Harris & Rogic

We are not sure who is occupying the John Harris suit in this intimate exchange he/they is/are having with their dominatrix, where they seem to be obsessed with a man dressed in a bear suit for a school fete. Truly a Fellini moment. Or something.

Our Revenge group

Another appearance from the man in the bear suit. Does it symbolise something akin to the bear in Hotel New Hampshire? Or more likely is it the consequence of the John Harris duo having visited another kind of hotel? We believe the lads both enjoy that immensely.

Sandy the fake lesbian

Alongside alcohol, the driving force seems to be menthol cigarettes. It certainly is for Debbie O’ Donnell, The Centipede’s resident fake lesbian. Is this some sort of code? Or is it supposed to indicate eroticism? What happens if “John Harris” has a headache? Do they butt out?

Distortions with Michelle and Shonk

A guest appearance from Shockadelic, everyone’s favourite boulevardier, the Noel Coward of Chippendale, touching base with Porn Queen and adding some chain-store psychology to the mix. Told you when we talk about this being a psychological thriller that the psychological refers to the florid neuro-processes of the main protagonists.

Nutzis working together

We think they were discussing the sexuality of the bear. Furries were not exactly an area which was explored in great detail in the classic films noir of old. But if the John Harris trio boys want a bit of plush porno then who are we to stop them? It certainly gets them heated up – CAPITAL LETTERS and all.

Spoof page1

Here’s a segment showing the template for one of their gay fake profiles. We were surprised “John Harris” knew so much about what gay people are supposed to like. Then again perhaps we weren’t surprised.

Harris the picture stealer

In a rare burst of heterosexual interest the fellas then decided to put up a picture of a woman who happened to be Muslim. The sheer weight of lewd interest in this cleverly executed scene shows the strain it places on the mental resources of Ma Harris’s boys as they struggle to spell difficult English words like “liar” and “yes”. But such a poignant moment of vulnerability.

Meanwhile, in a cunning bit of product placement, the admin of this group decided to post up a disclaimer. You could almost call this a The Usual Suspects moment.

Denial from Trilby

And now, if you can stomach it, feel free to peruse the collected evidence of the attempts to paint a school teacher anti-discrimination activist as a gay, transsexual paedophile psychopath. The journey begins with the lowest of acts – ‘John Harris’ creating a fake profile of the teacher and adding all of the students from his school and communicating with them both publicly and privately in an incredibly inappropriate, grooming kinda way.























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61 thoughts on “The Human Centipede – “John Harris” Exposed

    • We are happy to assist aggrieved people and their legal advisers with information. We have not published all the info we have. It has taken a long time to collect, and we apologise to those people who have been threatened and defamed by that lot.

  1. Well, a lot of this looks a dam lot like evidence of deformation. I hope that uncensored copies have been forward to the appropriately police departments. I am sure the cops are gona give the dude that calls them “nothing more than a bunch of fat fucking doughnut eating dogs” every courtesy.

  2. About time someone exposed the person/s behind ‘john harris’.
    They/it/he/she posted my home address and phone number and photos all over a number of FB pages like it was no big deal

    the internet NEVER forgets

  3. These dirtbags think that theyre improving our country by gagging antifa activists and slandering our public servants and teachers?

    Fuck ’em. Theyll get what’s coming to them.

  4. Just wanted to say how sorry I am that this happened to you. It’s awful beyond belief. But rest assured there is a community of people who support your opinions and no doubt fern as strongly as I do about the harrassment you’ve suffered. Keep up the good work.

  5. glad to see this, how dare they attempt to ruin some poor teachers life 😦 i myself had Mr Darren Morris-Bailey ring my place of work and attempt to get me fired, telling my boss sick, untrue things.

    my boss and i actually had a laugh over it, especially some of the more ridiculous accusations.

  6. I say take away their computers and their Internets and give them crayons and paper instead — but only under strict supervision.

    Sandra & Co are some seriously c r e e p y individuals.

  7. To everyone in the TAB team (and other bloggers who have been affected by these appalling acts of cowardice) I just wanty to say that I am deeply sorry that you and your families have had to suffer this kind of treatment. My partner and I (who both contribute to this blog) are both shocked and saddened about the reality of the situation and for all it’s worth, we sincerely wish you all the best in hoping for a justified outcome to the matter, especially in regards to the school teacher whose life will now, never be the same again.

    We firmly believe in what you are doing and have found this blog to be a source of enlightenment (and entertainment) as have our friends. Please keep us posted with updates on this story and keep up the good work!

  8. It still has some pages up on facebook: used to be called “John Harris (J R Harris)” but now is “Robert Smith”.John Harris and friend.:
    John Harris- A Complete Fool:
    Some of the old addresses say “That page could not be found”, I’m guessing these are the deactivated ones while others don’t appear at all. it just goes back to your wall.
    Good work.. I got above information from someone on facebook.

  9. How they could possibly think the manipulation of children is defensible is beyond me. I mean, I abhor all their attacks and ridiculous defamation, but I guess I can understand them believing they’re attacking an “enemy” — but how do they _possibly_ think they can defend bringing all those students into it? I just cannot fathom.

  10. Wow. I am utterly appalled to say I believe I knew one of these people in the 90s, through being friends with a relative of theirs. This is absolutely disgusting! Apparently it’s too much to hope for that these ‘adults’ would have better things to do than to try and ruin people’s lives. 😦

  11. These people had big mouths when nobody knew who they were. Now they have the spotlight shining upon them then I wonder how they will fare. ( I am sharing this link with my friends list of 2000+ on Facebook and my extraordinarily large circle of friends on Twitter.)

    • It would be great if everyone who read this could do the same.

      For it to have happened for so long, it seems Facebook hasn’t been willing enough to do anything about it. Australia also has laws governing public discrimination on the internet, and there is a lot of tough talk from politicians and police about how nothing one does online is ever truly anonymous. But for all the talk, these cretins were allowed to get away with all of this for so long.

      I will also be sharing this anywhere and everywhere.

      • To be fair, facebook has it’s hands full banning people for posting pictures of them breastfeeding their babies and taking down atheist websites that the religious find ‘offensive’.
        Tackling real cases of cyber stalking and bullying is bottom of their list of priorities…

  12. This article has actually made me feel rather depressed. I feel so sorry for the victims of these relentless attacks; this teacher, in particular, will never have the same life again.

    You would think the putrid, racist and bigoted garbage these people spew in a public forum would be a bad enough stain on their meaningless existence, but unfortunately it would seem they are far more evil than once believed.

    I… just can not fathom the sheer HATE these losers can have for people they do not know. It… just… wow. I never would have thought that their brand of ‘vengeance’ would get this far. To anyone on the receiving end of this attack, I am deeply sorry that this has happened to you. Please hold out though, there are so many people that support and value your presence and mind.

    These assholes WILL get what’s coming to them.

  13. I’m truly disgusted at these poor excuses for human beings. My heart goes out to the teacher whose life and career they’ve probably ruined.
    Has he taken any action against them? Or had any action taken against him as a result of their fake profile?
    I hope he sues them for every penny of their centrelink payments.

  14. Absolutely disgusting. The level of ignorance required in order to think that this reaction is somehow equal to having their own public comments re-published is phenomenal.

    A few years ago the APP shared my email address and harrassed me to the point where I was so flooded with spammy emails and comments from their members (about 200 a day) that I shut down my email address and closed my blog. My crime? Publishing photographs that I took of them at a racist rally outside Villawood Detention Centre.

    Their campaign against me was shocking in it’s intensity and longevity. The words they used most, that they thought were most offensive, were “lesbian” and “muslim” and “socialist”. None of which I consider an insult.

    That was obviously a fraction of what the antibogan team member has had to endure.

  15. OK, it is all well and good to offer our sympathies to the bloke caught up in this disgrace. Best thing to do is to highlight this crime/s to others.

    To TAB, I imagine your employer is aware of this attack and hopefully aiding in your attempts at prosecution.

    Couple of things to look into and consider, as far as I can tell there are several offences committed by using ‘Carriage of Service.’ There have been some recent cases of successful prosecutions due to criminal acts by a carriage of service.

    Civil action should be instigated, TAB’s case against these morons is strong.

    To supporters of TAB, please be mindful of what you post in regard to this post, death threats from ‘our’ side are not effective and possibly harmful to the case.

    I have forwarded this screenshot onto a mate who is a lawyer, he is going to have a look at it during this week and give some solid points of law to work from.

    Keep smiling.


  16. What happened above many times over months with not much being done by gutterbook sorry Facebook and The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) , proves they are on the side and loves those who goes against Facebook own Community Standards and break the law?

    Also why is photos of mothers breast feeding is offensive, but abuse, lies etc is ok to Facebook?

  17. I’ve come across these guys too, and i’m really glad TAB has never backed down. Thanks guys for showing me that we can stand firm. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  18. Have Sandra, Paul or Scott made any formal response to this post?

    Also, while I have very low expectations of law enforcement in this regard, given public concern over pedophilia — and given that child sexual abuse is a very serious crime — I’m somewhat surprised government authorities appear not to have taken a greater interest in the attempted framing of a primary school teacher…

    Otherwise, I suggest Sandra & Co. take the opportunity to seek medical help.

      • Please, don’t mention “threesome” and the relevant names in the same post ever, ever again. I now won’t be able to sleep thanks to some genuinely horrifying imagery you’ve put in my mind. Besides, Scott can’t have a threesome… he’s married to Jayden, remember? She’d spit her fuckin chips if he cheated on her like that.

  19. Anyone notice that on the second facebook link from Poofal Valve, the “John Harris and friends” page, the page admin has a link to a TAB page purporting to be bigot being exposed and vowing revenge…?

  20. ha ha.. now he responds with a infantile retort: “Just try and stop me Poofta Value”.
    He is so piss-weak he has restricted all access to his lame-ass page. What a cowardly, lowly creature/s.
    Just keepin you busy JOhn Harris et al.

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