Another Epic Fail By The APP and the ADL

How do you know when your racist, inbred circle of fuckheads’ rally against asylum seekers is a massive failure?

1. The media you invited outnumbers your protesters;

2. The only photos you post have single digit amounts of people.

3. You refuse to post estimations of attendance figures on any of your several websites and social media pages.

4. The people that did attend jump on Facebook and whinge about how people didn’t turn up.

5. The protest fails to make any sort of headlines – or even filler story.

6. Despite being one of the mostly heated and debated issues in Australian politics right now, a combined force of both the Australian Protectionist Party AND the Australian Defense League fail to attract more than 10 people to actually turn up.

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28 thoughts on “Another Epic Fail By The APP and the ADL

  1. I wholeheartedly agree…deport illegals i.e. those who have overstayed their visas. They’re primarily brits on working holiday visas, aren’t they? Get rid of them all!!
    I’m confused as to why they’d stage their ‘rally’ outside a detention centre though…surely that’s where the bogots want the illegals? That means visa overstayers have been caught and are already awaiting deportation?
    So was their ‘rally’ really just a show of support for the immigration dept. for doing their job?

  2. When you cannot back up your gutter rants with evidence as you know you have none, break the law by coming out with hatred rants, abuse, lies, BS etc etc

  3. By the governments own admission 80-90% of those who have come by boat are found to be genuine refugees and granted residency under Australia’s international treaty obligations.

    All this carry on over such a small number of people coming by boat, the vast majority of whom are found to be genuine. Its all a bit of bullshit isnt it?

    • Yeah, they’ve got an answer to that. They’re convinced that the majority of asylum seekers are economic or environmental refugees, and the UN Refugee convention allows this.

      I asked them repeatedly to show where in the convention economic or environmental refugees are allowed to enter (Women fleeing a country due to persecution of their gender isn’t considered, for crying out loud), and their response is all the govenrments, Labour and Liberal, have DIAC and the refugee review tribunal entirely stacked with pro-asylum seeker advocates who will look past any problems with applications.

      I’ve asked them also to explain why, if it’s so easy to get a refugee visa without grounds for being a refugee, why there are any rejections of asylum seekers. I’m still waiting on an answer.

  4. As one of their kind is in the detention centre.

    Yes lets deport other illegals, starting with Darrin.

    As threatening others surely would be against Darrin and other APP members,visa requirements to stay in Australia?

  5. How many of the folks who post racist comments or are with the ADL, APP actually work for Serco?

    At the “Sercowatch” facebook site (check it out) we found a number of people posting racist comments worked for serco at detention centers. We were able to capture a screen grab of comments and the persons facebook profile, institute a formal complaint & have Ken V…stood down. Moderator of this site should try to see how many Serco staff are members of racist groups!

  6. great! let Sercowatch know if you find any and do a screen grab…sooooo embarrassing for the govt & they end up losing their jobs. That is the absolutely correct minimal punishment for racists & bigots.

  7. I’m actually rather shocked by the media focusing on these 7-10 people. To put it into perspective I’ve taken part in rallies for refugee rights in Brisbane where we have about 200-300 people show up it varied from day to day.

    Not one media outlet covered us

    • The Media was there, doesn’t mean the media did anything about it. I’ve searched for a long time, and can’t find any report about this at all (I can confirm though it was an ABC new team).

      Don’t worry too much Pete-the APP probably made some promises to the media that this would be a groundbreaking new story, when it just fell flat. It’s unlikely the media, having wasted money on camera men, journalists and transportation, for no result, will be fooled twice.

  8. The first pic with Joe Hilderbande (i am not sure if I have spelt his family name correctly!), is part of “filming” of a reality show “Dumb, Drunk and Racist”. The camera follows Joe and 4 Indians around Australia. How do I know this, production firm wanted me to be one of those Indians. Let just say, as an actor, “reality” certainly wasn’t my forte so I could not “afford” to make the final list! 🙂

  9. I dare say that I too am getting somewhat concerned in relation to our shores being invaded by the Illegals. Maybe it’s time that our military went on the offensive and bombed the fuck out of Illegalia. And why doesn’t our government lodge a protest with the UN about Illegalia’s continuing incursions into Australian territory?

    • Well WarriorTom, it’s probably because our government isn’t quite a thick is the people that want to pretend that they know how to run a country. (Here’s a hint… If you have to do it with guns, you’ve failed).

  10. If this is the only thing that the APP have to offer the public. I.E. Harassing a group of unarmed refugees locked away in a tiny compound, no wonder they keep getting caned.

    How about you children show some adult leadership. Picketing something that’s unlikely to picket back is the kind of thing that cowards do. But I guess it’s safe to picket here, rather than picket somewhere that people may react badly to your rubbish. What’s that? you picketed a painted sign at Newtown? Wasn’t that your finest hour…..

  11. Yes great entertainment Darrin seeing there are less people turning to up your protests then fingers and thumbs on my hand. LOL

    But Darrin if you claim without evidence that those wearing Burqa especially your BS that men wear it to commit a crime and to hide things without evidence (Thanks Robert for this claim)

    Why don’t you, Nick, Robert and others from APP strip naked, as we would like know are you hiding anything under your clothing?

  12. The male from APP in the photo above, wearing a hat and glasses and Dianne True Blue in wearing The Flag as a hat and sun glasses in another forum on this blog what or who are you hiding from?

    Maybe Department of Immigration & Citizenship, because you overstayed your visa like Martin?

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