“Our customs our way of life”

Don’t you just love how ill-informed bogots think they can define Australia and its customs and culture without even saying how or what, because they assume that all Australians should be like they are, and how they like to dictate how new arrivals and Indigenous people, as well as the rest of us, should think and act?

Daniel Pearson Wendy Chapman

From the dizzy heights of his Strayanism, self-appointed cultural expert and poor speller Daniel Pearson declaims that “all asylum seekers” are Muslim (obviously including the ones who are Christian, Buddhist or Hindu) then goes on about something called Shari Law. Sounds like a porn star to us.

Wendy Chapman then really gets stuck into “our customs and our way of life”. And Wendy herself of course is only too eager to model what she obviously thinks the Strayan way of life is.

Supporting Strayan Culture

9 thoughts on ““Our customs our way of life”

  1. Been arguing with racists for days over on the Close the Tent Embassy Petition site. I started to get depressed being inside heads that contained squirming, nasty brains. Staying away for a while until I feel clean again.

  2. I have developed a Pavlovian reaction to the term “Our Way of Life”. It makes me feel physically ill, lol.

    Do bogots not understand that their ‘way of life’ is quite different to the way a lot of Australians live? And that a lot of us don’t want anything to do with their inbred ways?

  3. if cunts r gonna cum 2 our fkn cuntry n meak us lern 2 fkn spellz then themm cunts cn go get fuked!!!! this is fkn australya n we dont fkn need 2 no 2 spell fks ur sharon’s law!!!!

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