18 thoughts on “Ten Myths of Racism and Bigotry

      • So… does this mean we are not above making up facts in order to argue against our opponents?

        That’s pretty disappointing. I thought we were supposed to be the side of reason. You don’t get to claim superiority to the racists if you stoop to the same bullshit they do.

        Poor form, TAB.

        • No We don’t make up facts. We also don’t do people’s homework for them. If you want a long dissertation on the biology of genetics this is not the place to get it. It would also have zero impact on our opponents because they wouldn’t understand it.

          I suggest you undertake some research yourself – using credible scientific sources of course. As we do.

        • Why is it *my* homework to verify *your* claims? I’m not asking for a dissertation, I’m asking for a link.

          If I tried to claim that there was genetic evidence that black people are naturally predisposed to commit crime, you’d damn well expect me to back it up, and rightly so. Why should it be any different for you?

          Cliques of people applauding each other for making unjustified assertions (“they’re trying to steal our jobs and ruin our culture!”), and never questioning the truth of those claims, are exactly what allows racism and prejudice to form. Let’s not go down that same road ourselves.

        • I’m going to have to agree with Richard on this.

          Saying “It would also have zero impact on our opponents because they wouldn’t understand it.” as a reason for not providing a reference is lazy and irrelevant. All not providing references does is leave the door open for opponents to think you have something to hide. They will assume you are either making stuff up or you are knowingly using a bad source. Even if what you are saying is true they will take the easy route that doesn’t challenge their beliefs nearly every time*, not providing sources gives them the easy way out.

          You are right that most of the opponents of this site are too stupid to understand any of the sources that they would come across here. That is ultimately their fault and providing a source puts the onus on them to prove you wrong. I expect instead of facts backed up by links to science journals they will counter with abuse and threats of violence. Not much that you can do about that tho.

          *citation needed

  1. i sense an ism, colourism, in the sentence that includes ,, white bread areas. Is there a problem with white bread? is brown bread better? i come from a hippy place, and in the end, i felt there was a lot of smugness, superior attitude, us and them talk. eg, we eat wholemeal bread (superior) and they only know to eat white bread (they are not as enlightened as us).

    • No, its a portmanteau term in general use which describes areas where for socio-demographic reasons the population is overwhelmingly white. It is not meant to convey superiority of any sort. The idea is to highlight the fact that a great deal of prejudice and misunderstanding come from areas where minorities are either not often seen or where members of minority groups are so few in number that they become “invisible”.

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