46 thoughts on “School Teacher Rubbishes Aboriginal People

  1. “give them land for nothing that every other race has to pay for”???!?!?!?!?!

    WHAT THE F***?!

    Um… here Joshua Dodd, let’s say you go buy some land… and then, hypothetically speaking, I just turn up and say ‘Yep, see this? It’s all mine. And if you object? I’ll kill you and most of your family. May even come back later and take some of your kids away and give them to my friends to raise. You can’t go to court coz anyone with your bloodline is not considered a person, but an animal. Hardy har har!’

    Joshua, it was their land to begin with, AND they have paid for it dearly.

    As for the flag burning, I saw a comment recently about people saying how many people died for that flag… and that that is exactly right: a whole lot of Aboriginal people died for that flag, so it’s pretty okay for them to do what they want with it.

  2. Lets look at AB-ORIGINAL AUSTRALIA circa 1787 (AS far as i know and can research)

    Definition of Country as from

    States and Independent Countries

    Has space or territory which has internationally recognized boundaries YES
    Has people who live there on an ongoing basis. YES
    Has economic activity and an organized economy. A country regulates foreign and domestic trade and issues money. NO

    Has the power of social engineering, such as education. None that i could find
    Has a transportation system for moving goods and people. None that I could find
    Has a government which provides public services and police power. None that I could find
    Has sovereignty. No other State should have power over the country’s territory. No, England invaded and won the the English won
    Has external recognition. A country has been “voted into the club” by other countries. As far as I could find they had NO foriegn relations with other countries.

    I find buring the flag repulsive no matter what the reason, there is no reason to burn the Flag of anyones nation let alone your own. The act of buring a nations flag, in m opinion only serves to incite racial hatred against the people of the nation of the flag that your burning.
    so there mere act of buring the flag is a racist act and i agree with his comments that if I burnt the “aboriginal flag” (considering that aboriginal’s had no nation therefore had no flag to begin with, they didnt even have the concept of a nation as at”time of english invasion”) I would be considered to be a racist biggot. is this correct? So the act of the A-Bor-iginal people buring ours is just as racist.

    • Care to perform the same deconstruction on other nation-states past and present?

      The colonial power itself first dispossessed its own people as has been pointed out then ranged across the globe and did the same to others. Other imperialist nation states did likewise.

      What would be your reaction if the countries of the United Kingdom decided to take on the seat of colonial power in Westminster, seeking restitution for the millions displaced over centuries by the powerful?

    • “Has economic activity and an organized economy. A country regulates foreign and domestic trade and issues money.”

      There was not a single aboriginal nation that ruled all of Australia, there were dozens that traded amongst each other. They worked under a batter system, the issue of money isn;t the be all and end all of what make a country. I consider this notion meet.

      A map of Aboriginal nations, including ones that traded with each other.

      “Has the power of social engineering, such as education.”
      Well, they did have the elders teaching the young. They taught there culture, there language ect ect. It is not the education system that is currently prevalent, but it still was. And again, lots of different nations.

      “Has a transportation system for moving goods and people.”

      So the travel routes, i.e. dirt paths, are not transportation, but the dirt roads in Europe, Asia, America are? In the middle ages, they built mostly dirt roads, kinda like the Aboriginals had.

      “Has sovereignty. No other State should have power over the country’s territory.”

      I raise again the dozens of native nations that existed and had defined boundaries amongst themselves. The fact that the English came in and took it all doesn’t mean that they didn’t exist, just that the English didn’t recognise them. Again, look at the map.

      “Has external recognition.”
      The other Aboriginal nations recognised that they existed and so on and so on. Just because Europe didn’t recognise doesn’t make it so. If this is the logic, none of the African countries existed because Europe didn’t interact with them at the time?

      So in the end, it’s not that you are a racist bigot, it just means that you are either a troll, in which you have done a decent troll, or you didn’t do any research.

    • Is The Australian Flag our nation flag, when it has in the top left corner another nation flag?

      In this case The Union Flag or Union Jack,the Flag of The United Kingdom.

    • how big an ego do you need to claim a foreign law on the other side of the globe has any standing here?lets talk about the reason why it even happened, no treaty, never declared war, terra nullius is all bullshit, english common law never protected or counted Aboriginals (although they counted cattle) so is this colony legal? I hope you racist are ready for the future, its our country no matter what a foreign law says, if you love the brittish union jack so much go back. Im from terra australis not britain, Australia is part of a old old trading network, while whites were fucking neanderthols and eating raw meat, the chinese would come here, the egyptions came here, we had an agreement with the indonesian fisherman, we had access to out riggers and bows and shit but they dont catch animals whos leather is used for racing motorbikes, King Tut had a gold boomerang buried with him, heaps of nations came and went because it was settled already, I love seeing the shock on the uneducated peoples faces. we love the fact you lot are dumb and dont know about Aboriginals or your own law just like andy “the lying dutchman” bolt. its so fun, world wide we are going to take back the land and all the whites can go back to europe, vote no and confirm to the world your all racist, deny a treaty and continue looking like hitler, keep spewing your racial hate when your all spoilt little brats, Aboriginals couldnt prove it any better then the racists will, your all brainwashed bigots looking like fools, the amount of support you dumb arses are raising for us is briliant, keep up the good work you bunch of sooks

    • with no treaty, england never declared war, terra nullius debunked in our higest court, english common law never protected or counted Aboriginal people ( so cant use/abuse that) is this colony legal?, FYI Aboriginals had a direct association with their land, your neighbours land had no meaning to you and as such wasnt innterested in other peoples land, their whole cultural system was about land management, (care and control of THEIR land), read “THE BIGGEST ESTATE ON EARTH) to see who is really using their brain, in south western vic a tribe just won the Australian engineering award for their aqua culture, also on the flag, our diggers fought for what it stands for not a piece of cloth, that includes the right to protest and to burn the flag if our leaders are failing us, england never declared war they claimed terra nullius (dumb arses), hope these closet racists are ready for the future, all the great Australians like the people of this web site cant also become independent from the racist Australia when they gain their land back, every Aboriginal I know want the racist bigots out and all the good people to stay, they just want to take out the trash and I want to help them, the union jack lovers can go back to union jack shit land

  3. My Irish ancestors were slaughtered by the British and had their farm taken from them. Does that mean I am entitled to land and payments from the British?
    I think Aboriginals need our help but what more can we do for them?

    • It was wrong then in 16th Century Ireland and 18th Century Scotland. It is wrong in 21st Century Australia and the Australian Government is in a position to right the wrongs.

      Despite what the ignorant racists seem to think, Indigenous people do not necessarily want a physical hand-back of Hyde Park or Federation Square. Nor are Indigenous people going to come and take your three bedroom brick veneer in Bogan Heights.

      The relationship of Indigenous Australians to the land is far more complex than title deeds. It encompasses creation legends, caring for country and sacred sites among a myriad of cultural and spiritual practices.

      Perhaps the answer would be for the government to negotiate a treaty, as was done in New Zealand two centuries ago. In that way the voices of all Indigenous people (and not just some of the self-appointed “leaders” like Noel Pearson) can be heard.

      • slow down buddy, im not sure these types are educated enough for the facts to register, funny they dont want to know about the exact reasons why Aboriginals will gain their land back, ignorance is bliss I know

    • Key difference there, Reg… the Irish people got 26/32 of their counties back from the British, and created a free state.

      The remaining six counties, of course, had much more going on than flag burning when the Irish did rise up and try to wage war against the Brits to take their country back. To an extent, it still happens today, and indeed on the 11th of July every year, Northern Irish people who identify as British burn many, many of the Republic of Ireland’s tricolour flags atop bonfires. Even though it’s technically still their country.

      There is also a department in the Northern Irish devolved public service that deals with claims of past injustices, and does give compensatory payouts following detailed investigations – all of which are having to be investigated anew because of the army/police at the time being selective with their evidence and justifications for the murder of civilians.

      In any case, even in Northern Ireland which is part of the ‘United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland’, people do have a certain amount of freedom to identify formally as either British or Irish and can hold whichever passport they choose. Their government is made up in a power-sharing arrangement between British loyalists/unionists and those who identify as Irish, the two most senior of whom were formerly high-ranking figures in the IRA. Westminster and the Irish Dáil/Oireachtas (parliament) work together to make certain decisions, and if the republican cause gained a majority support in Northern Ireland, there is the chance (unlikely as it probably currently is) that they could go to a referendum and become part of the Irish free state.

      So if you want to draw a comparison and say that we should take our lead from what happened between the British and Irish, then perhaps you are suggesting that we move to allow Aboriginal people to take back the majority of the land in Australia? And then, in the part that remains under the current federal Australian rule, allow a power-sharing arrangement in government that is set up via negotiations between the new Aboriginal free state, and the current government/governor-general/British monarch? It would be messy, but at least there would be no set opposition party, which would surely rid us of Tony Abbott… which does sound like a sweetener to the deal, to me.

      Seeing as you’re so sure it’s comparing apples with apples, I just assumed that was what you were getting at… would that be about right?

      • I like an idea similar to New Zealand, or in forms, South Africa. This is from the South African freedom charter, ”South Africa belongs to all who live in it”. I think that this idea can also be applied to Australia. Yes, white Australia does have a right to Australia, but so do the Aboriginals, as do everyone else that lives here. We need to pay certain respect to the native inahbitents, and as for land, I like the system that we have now. The Aboriginals can claim crown land. This means that they are not taking your backyard, but public land, much of which is closed to use.

      • No I just don’t know what more can be done for Aboriginals. The world is full of people who’s ancestors have been persecuted, conquered or dispossessed and I just don’t know how aboriginals can be compensated for it. A treaty would help alot but considering the amount of money and land that has already been given away I don’t see what else we can do.

        • I think that’s the point, though, Reg. A treaty could be formed in a way that gave them a voice, so we could ask them what we can do, and get a more comprehensive answer than we do hearing conflicting responses from different leaders of different groups.

          The reason things have gotten into such a mess is because governments, etc spend all their time making decisions *for* people from offices, rather than empowering them to have a voice.

          It is getting a bit better in some areas – but it’s still not great. And a lot of that comes down to attitudes such as yours. The ‘we’ve done enough so we can’t do anything else, give up, that’s it’. Haven’t fixed it with all of our decisions, so it can’t be done? Nope, I reject that.

          How much do you even understand about the issues at hand or why Aboriginal people feel how they do, or indeed how they do feel? I would say for the majority of Australians, there’s not much real exposure to, or knowledge of, these issues. It’s easier to just listen to Andrew Bolt or accept media hype, rather than actually looking into it. And that’s what leads to that ‘gee I don’t know what else to do’ attitude. It’s pure laziness and complacency. It’s an attitude problem, and most of the country suffers from it.

        • a treaty, we stand alone as a first world english speaking country with no treaty, the racist do the most damage to our nation, Australia look realy silly and backwards

    • If you care to listen, you will find that Aboriginal people almost as a whole disagreed with the idiots that took it upon themselves to “represent” us. Both sides of the story forget that we are also Australians therefore making it OUR flag. We have more respect than those who shout from soap boxes about “their” Country. Take a look around, there are some amazing Aboriginal people doing the right thing but no one really notices until some idiot messes up. The “Stolen Generation” which my GREAT Grandmother was a part of continues to become a younger generation every year however they don’t point out that the 50-odd year olds were stolen from their families, they were sent to school where they completed metriculation. Wake up Australia, the minority doesn’t speak for the majority of a minority 🙂

  4. Obviously Inclusive Education and Indigenous Education weren’t Josh’s strongest subjects while studying to become a teacher… One can only hope he’s not in the social sciences department!

  5. @Reg Please don’t forget that until 1967 the Indigenous people of this land were not even recognised as human – they were classed as Australian fauna. Their eventual recognition as ‘citizens’ was then not implemented until the 70s. This was just over 40 years ago and people expect them to get with the beat in this short time? After over 150 years of being dispossessed? We have had the luxury of enjoying all that mum and dad, grandma and grandpa etc worked hard for because they WERE given the opportunities the aboriginals were not. What we see now is a consequence of that inequality. I know it seems that we are throwing money at problem areas etc but you need to look at the bigger picture. Imagine the generations of poverty, lack of opportunity and social discrimation they have suffered and the consequances that we see of that injustice today. We can’t make things right overnight – this is going to take time and the fact that people like Joshua Dodd begrudge them ‘help’ when they so clearly deserve it, is quite disgusting. If you have time, I strongly suggest that you read the Social Justice Report 2006 where the current estimated time for Aboriginals to be on an equal footing (in terms of health, education, employment etc) will take roughly 160 years due to the appalling discrimination that we exercised upon them.


    @Ian “…aboriginal’s had no nation therefore had no flag to begin with, they didnt even have the concept of a nation as at”time of english invasion”

    They did Ian, just not by our ‘European’ definitions. The rules of semiotics are that signs and symbols have meaning of which flags are no different. Since flags are a European invention it seems then only logical that Aboriginals did not have them until the Brits arrived. But they DID have signs and symbols that carried meaning and identity. Just because it wasn’t a ‘flag’ doesn’t mean they didnt have the concept of nationhood. They also had a culture, a society, a hierarchy and a social system which reinforces this notion of of ‘nationhood’. We destroyed most of their symbols especially land symbols (what we recognise now as being sacred land to them) and along with it their sense of self, nationhood and identity.

  6. Where does he teach? So that i can warn everyone not to send their kids there for a second-rate education. Anyone who is this culturally insensitive should maybe stick to staying inside, rather than mixing with society.

  7. @Elysse, ill give you the point on the flag, but what about the other “roles and responabilities of a nation”?

    I onced ask this of an australian elder (i use the term australian instead of aboriginal because we are all of one nation first and only)
    What would happen if two different tribes met? would the fight or trade?
    If fought, what would happen to the losers? Banished/exiled/killed/assimilated/captured?

    also, as i was born in mid 75 ive only ever known that all australians come under one law, or shold come under one law.
    To me these people want different laws for them and different laws to every one else, in my opinion why was there ATSIC, Aboriginal Legal Service(ALS) ABStudy (soley for aboriginal people and no one else)
    Also, what makes one “aboriginal” i havent been able to find out the answer and when (what percentage of blood) is one not considered aboriginal?

    We all should identify as australians, not aborigian – white- asian- arabian/middle east, ect

    these races that do are the one that in my opinion are causing the problems. I have issue with people who burn this nations flag.

    anyway got to go bubba’s crying

    • Hey Ian,

      I think you fail to understand the concept behind this “different laws” thing that you appear to be hung-up on.

      Let me put it in simple terms for you.

      If I go to a hospital with a sore foot, under their policy, I will be treated differently to someone who has been in a multicar, multifatality pile up and medivaced into hospital.

      Or say your baby got sick and I kicked up a fuss because you wanted priority for them in the hospital. “It’s not fair, we’re all ‘people’ and I even pay taxes – why should you baby be given special preference? They should be at the END of the waiting list!”

      See my point?

      The principle is, protection under law due to the severe disadvantage placed on them by the mass slaughter and death that occured as a direct result of European settlement in this country.

      For all its flaws, this is not a law/policy designed to seperate but to protect those who have been most disadvantaged by our society.

      Would you be uncharitable enough to suggest that the most vulnerable in our society be told to suffer because the rest of us are surviving okay or would you want protections for them?

    • “Nations” are a recent concept in human history. Where the word “nation” is used in the context of any indigenous people anywhere (such as the description “First Nations”) it represents an approximation only in the English language.

      So you cannot compare indigenous cultures with modern nation states, which did not even exist in anything like their current form before about 600 or so years ago.

    • “also, as i was born in mid 75 ive only ever known that all australians come under one law, or shold come under one law”

      Aren’t elements of Tribal Law enshrined in federal legislation? I was born is mid 84, and certainly know that disputes based on punishment or marriage arrangements between the first peoples still fall under their own legal system when appropriate.

      Also, burning a nations flag is by no means racist, in a multicultural society like Australia how can the burning of a flag represent racism from one element to another? Was it intended to be a insult to whites only? I seriously doubt it. It was quite obviously a passionate display of anger against the system which has maintained a dual approach to the manner in which it deals with “Natives” (Be they aboriginal or part of a current generation of australia born citizens).

      Nationalism has caused enough pain through-out the centuries. Recognition of its limitations and failures, or demonstrations as to the frustrations left in the wake of “Nationalism” should be understandable to the average person of average intellect.

    • Aborignial culture was peacful, if your a bad person you was bannished, all knew the repercusions for their actions, had a full law system that puts this stupid system to shame, what wankers allows serial offenders out to do it again, your law does, we came from a fully structured society into a lawless culture where money determines whos innocent or not, where anything is justifiable with lies, no wonder we struggle in such a evil culture, so backwards, we are not compatible with rapists and murderers. to be Aboriginal you must be recognised by your community, actually live and practice cultural learnings and provide proof, funny we must show proof but we see nothing that makes this colony legal, hypocrites, you can have Aboriginal blood but if your a coconut and dont associate with your people your white because no community will vouch for you, im sorry most are not educated enough to sorce this basic info by themselfs, White Australians have noyhing to be bitter about, you show the world how big a whingers you are, imagine if you had a reason to sook, I would chop my ears off, no other people sook so much like aussies

    • look at the carbon rallys and the truck driver protest, just as bad but atleast they get some discussion from the leaders, they just ignore us, its britains flag anyway, Im Australian, not sure if these sooks are british or Australian?

      • Perhaps, but it also gives a great deal of satisfaction to our regular fans. And maybe it will give some people who still stereotype Indigenous people without being overtly racist some food for thought.

        • Yeah… like almost all politicians and mainstream media? lol

          Amazing blog post by Ben but it was hard to read at the same time… it was like watching the translucent platitude coating being torn off to reveal what people REALLY mean when they start up with the ‘Oh, but we bought them houses, and then you know what? They just wrecked them! So what are we to do??’ kind of chat. That one I have heard so many times.

          I think it is great food for thought… I wish there was a way to make all of Australia read it (whilst making sure to let those less attuned to such things know that it’s positively gushing with satire)….

  8. As evidence of further bogan ignorance, the correct way to dispose of a flag is to burn it.
    Not to mention flags are meant to be raised and lowered in the correct manner, not stuck to a ute 24hrs a day until it falls apart.
    For a group who are so protective of ‘their’ flag they sure manage to disrespect it in a multitude of ways, but then hypocrisy and lack of knowledge are their trademarks.

  9. If Joshua is indeed a NSW School teacher he needs to be reported to the Employee Performance and Conduct Directorate at Education NSW. The address is 1 Oxford Street Sydney, 2000

      • I can 100% confirm he is a teacher. I went to university with him.
        He works as a casual teacher. In the (surprise!) Shire.

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