Jacob Dunford wants to use asylum seekers for target practice

Meet Jacob Dunford, future Navy strategist, in conversation with the unnamed admin of a Facebook group which advocates violence against asylum seekers .

Jacob Dunford

Note that Admin Freaky manages to get in a dig at Indigenous people as well, while also advocating a final solution for all the asylum seekers who are already here.

Now here’s a quick look at Jacob.

Jacob Dunford2

Jacob Dunford3

Jacob fancies himself as a street artist, is married (sorry ladies) and seems to like the wacky baccy.

Which may explain his delusions about murder on the high seas – at least we hope for his sake they are only dope-induced delusions.

Or the delusions of a dope.

18 thoughts on “Jacob Dunford wants to use asylum seekers for target practice

  1. Actually his nickname “Lunchbox” suggests he uses DMT quite a bit, as “Lunchbox” is the Aussie slang for DMT (Which only lasts roughly 15 minutes, and can be taken on a lunchbreak). Marijuana has and decidely different effect on aggresion (for most people). And it only takes a fool with some aerosol to call themselves a “street artist”, that’s one of the reason why every bogon, bogot and beefcake thinks themselves a “Graffer” or “Rapper” these days, despite the “scene” being incredibly anti-racist (if still a little sexist).

  2. With the action being taken against Daniel a member of The Navy because of his racist rants.

    Jacob with your racist rants, your chances of joining The Navy is f**ked. There there don’t cry.

  3. True blue fucking Aussie. Maybe use should all get a small gook cock up ur race trading filthy cunts! Jacobs a legend!

  4. Clearly you people have far to much time on your hands, screen shotting and running people down for voicing their opinion in a country that promotes freedom of speech. May I suggest a job, hobby or tafe course to fill your days..

  5. Funny thing is I’m the only one on this page that is pussy enough to hide behind an anonymous name. I am a pathetic gronk.

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