Nutzis in Love Part 2

Again we have left the worst(?) till last.

3. Christopher John Merrett, Chris Merrett, CJ Merrett alias “Ralph Ball”, “Lizzy Dolphin”, “Frank Stawiarski, “gippy 257” etc. etc.

Anyone who has been posting regularly here will unfortunately know Ferret Merrett. Centrelink client, matrophobe, cyber-bully, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, misogynist, known to police, convicted felon – of such stuff are our enemies made.

But even Nature’s junkpile needs a root occasionally. So take a look at Ferret’s MSN profile.

Looks like he’s looking for someone to share his truly sad lifestyle with him. In fact he even found time to post his thoughts on marriage, his qualifications being he has at least one failed set of nuptials, with the former missus thankful no doubt she had dodged a bullet. Hopefully only a metaphorical one.

Merrett on marriage

Looks like a cut-and-paste to us from this maestro of manufactured personas.

It seems as if some time in the last couple of years Ferret may have got together with someone. Check out this profile.

Merrett finds love

Regular Facebook users will know the lovely Ms Wassenaar, from Murray Bridge, South Australia. You can follow her less-than-illustrious career through the turgid swamp that is far right politics in Oz by clicking on her name in the tag cloud.

Sami Jo last we heard was a trusted comrade of Pathetic Party leader Darrin Hodges and had some official capacity in the APP. Daz, who is paranoid to the max about his Facebook groups, having had a few snatched from him in the past, made her admin of at least one. Rather surprising given her association with a loud and proud anti-Semite, but maybe Daz, who has been cultivating his relationship with the Jews to avoid the fate of Frederick Toben increase his vote, chose to ignore it.

Or maybe he didn’t know? Well he will now.

This conversation with someone on a Facebook group page apparently run by Ferret is most revealing. We have disguised the identity of the other person, who has nothing to do with this post.


Sounds like she’s really hooked there. However, all this was some time back, and since Ferret loves this blog so much he visits every day, we’d really like to hear his version… or is there something he doesn’t want us to know? Are they still an item?

In that case we’d like to hear the truth.

6 thoughts on “Nutzis in Love Part 2

  1. As much of as a numpty as the ferret is, I get the feeling he’s just a light weight attention seeker and further posts will only over inflate his sense of self importance.

    I want to see more of Scott.

    • We have considerable evidence that Ferret is no light-weight in terms of stalking and intimidating people.

      Scott on the other hand makes a lot of noise but in truth seldom stirs from his Mum’s place. But I’ll let him know you miss him. 😉

  2. “holy shit I love being Australian…”

    Because this guy has accomplished so little in his, what, 50 years on earth, that he has to take pride in the fact that he was born in a certain geographical location and as a citizen of a certain country?

    From everything I have seen of him (and boy does he love exhibiting his fetid cesspool of a life on social media sites) all he has done since the day he was expelled from his mother’s festering clown-car womb is: go to prison, spawn a couple of equally retarded bogan children, hook up with a hideous mole of a woman with a personality to match her looks, and publicly humiliate himself to the internet at large.

    For what it’s worth: everybody I know who take an inordinate amount of pride in being Australian are also the sorts of people who don’t have an education higher than (maybe) a TAFE certificate; work low-paying jobs (if they’re employed at all); and who, despite all the advantages and opportunities to further one’s education, prefer to sit around and yammer on about how immigrants are “taking [their] jobs.”

  3. I no Chris Merrett personally and let me just say the man is a piss ant woman basher who’s lives alone and is a drug addicted alcoholic who hasnt worked a real job in years and once resided at H.M Prison Won Wron for armed robbery and after he got out and was living in Neerim South he continually robbed local businesses and hasn’t been charged for any of them but is currently under investigation by numerous government agencies. Chris is a loser and his days of walking on this earth are numbed.

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