Does the Australian Navy need people like Daniel Warn?

Wading through one particular cesspool of a Facebook group, we find a number of bogots in inane, discriminatory deep discussion about our indigenous peoples.

One particular knuckle-dragging specimen suggests that the historic and horrific genocide of Aboriginal people in Tasmania should now be rolled out across the country.

Ladies and gents, meet Daniel Warn.

As though the initial comments by Daniel aren’t bad enough, it does actually get far worse.

Daniel Warn, according to his Facebook profile, is employed by the Royal Australian Navy.

Which means, the ever precious funds irreverently referred to by bogots and politicians as Our Hard-Earned Tax Dollars are going towards giving this cretin a nice wage, domestic and international travel opportunities, and possibly other tax benefits afforded to naval personnel such as cars or an oft vacant rental property.

Such benefits are not to be begrudged of our armed forces, most of whom are undoubtedly hard-working and are prepared to commit their lives to our country. For that we give them and their families all due respect and thanks. That is not to be denied.

On the other side of that coin, they should deserve the high esteem in which we hold them. They should not be purging racist bile, in public, on social media such as Facebook.

Here, we see Daniel take aim at any and all non-English speakers, with particular reference to an unfortunate taxi driver who happened to be providing him with a service, and just Asians generally…

We have to wonder about Daniel’s credentials for judging the English-speaking abilities of others, considering he seems to think that speaking English means inserting the word ‘fuckn’ (sic) in a sentence as many times as possible.

Hmm, let’s see, has Daniel left anyone out?

Surely that must be it… is there anyone else for Daniel to slander or offend? Any other ugly hate speech to spew out? Anyone else he could possibly discriminate against?

Amazingly, there is. Here we see Daniel find a number of colourful ways to disrespect and degrade, well… roughly half the human population.


Daniel Warn, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but recently, Acting Chief of the Australian Army Major-General Paul Symon sent a message to all personnel about the use of social media. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that the Royal Australian Navy would share a similar sentiment that racist comments on Facebook “display, for all to see, a simple lack of human decency and compassion”.

If you did miss it, you can find it here:

Need we say any more?

104 thoughts on “Does the Australian Navy need people like Daniel Warn?

  1. Oh dear the only mate, Daniel has is a Street sign.


    PS Daniel should close his mouth, as I can see some shit on his teeth.

  2. Has anyone noticed the WORSE English speakers are racists and losers like Daniel as what is “prople”, “n”, “fuckn”, “cant” etc etc?

    And yes Daniel I called you a racist and losers, so take me to court I DARE YOU.

    But remember your racist rants well be used as evidence.

  3. He probably joined the Navy cause he thought he’d have a chance to shoot asylum seeker boats, the guy is mentally unfit to be part of active ship duty.

  4. Easy fixed I have done this before write to the Minister of Defence and the Chief of Defence. Trust me they will do something about it. Please do not link all defence personal to be like him my husband did 20 years and the majority are in it for the right reason. As for shooting Asylum Seekers most once confronted with them at sea become quite compassionate to the situation these desperate people find themselves in.

    • We are not saying that all ADF personnel are racist and bigoted. We know the vast majority of ADF personnel would be absolutely appalled to have bigots amongst their number.

      What we are saying is that for the sake of the welfare of the forces as a whole, the few rotten ones should be purged and purged quickly. There are mechanisms for doing that, they just need the information.

    • Please note, as written above:

      Such benefits are not to be begrudged of our armed forces, most of whom are undoubtedly hard-working and are prepared to commit their lives to our country. For that we give them and their families all due respect and thanks. That is not to be denied.
      On the other side of that coin, they should deserve the high esteem in which we hold them. They should not be purging racist bile, in public, on social media such as Facebook.

  5. As a currently serving senior sailor I am disgusted that this Obviously very young and immature sailor is making these crass, racist and disgusting comments whilst tarring the good name of the country and navy I am proud to serve.!!!!!!!!! Good luck on Monday!!!!!!!!!!this will be followed up!!!!!!!!

  6. After reading this story I posted this link on the Royal Australian Navy’s wall on Facebook the other day, not surprisingly other members of our Defence Forces were appalled by his comments. Someone has even gone as far as to provide his details such as rank etc and the Royal Australian Navy have posted that this behaviour is in breach of their policies and that the matter is now under investigation.
    Despite the venom with which this young man seems to have towards everyone different to himself, I would hope that with disciplinary action he gets some educational and counselling support to help him and perhaps break him out of his narrow-minded bigotry rather than just losing his job, maybe he has the potential to view the world more clearly if he is given some assistance?
    Here’s the RAN’s FB wall, the post is several down from the top:

    • Thanks so much for doing that Travis. You will be pleased to know that we have read the great comments from people on that page, most of whom seem to be serving sailors or members of their families. The Navy has a lot to be proud of in personnel such as you and the others who have commented.

      I am a close relative of a Navy veteran by the way.

      • @mindmadeup, sorry if I have given the impression that I am a memeber of the Australian Defence Forces as that is not the case. I just saw this article and thought it should be addressed by the RAN so that is why I placed the link on their FB wall.
        But you are correct, the comments from the people who are in the Navy and their families show that Daniel’s views are a minority and that nobody is proud to see that kind of bigotry going on.

    • I agree Travis, it would be better for all concerned if he were educated and counselled and able to learn from his mistakes. He is only young, and a lot of people do silly things when they’re young. I suspect sacking him would not improve his attitude, so it would certainly be better if he could realise the error of his ways.

      That being said, if he has no remorse for his comments and doesn’t wish to change, he would be better off choosing another career.

      I have had a look at the RAN’s FB wall and it is so nice to see it full of the kinds of people that make you both proud and humble to have in service of your country. Thank you.

      • Would an education and counselling help him learn from his mistakes?

        I doubt it.

        And would changing his career suddenly stop him having no remorse for his comments and doesn’t wish to change these comments?

        I doubt it as well.

    • Well done, Travis! People who have such retarded idea makes me laugh and angry. They thought they are better than others just because of their skin color.I am working in the hospital. Nearly half of the health professionals are from overseas. They are all here looking after Australians’ life and they would never treat patient differently because of their skin color or they can only speak Italian or German. I agree with what you said that he is just a venom. Also, I believe that we shall deliver the message to this kind of people that what they are talking about and what they do are not acceptable by this society.

  7. Look im not a racist some of those things I have put there just to be a funny bastard and I duno but thought feedom if speach was allowed and slander you can get sued so.i sydhest you take down.this website

    • Bullshit you’re not racist. Australia doesn’t want fuckwits like you representing our country on an international level. You’d be better suited to a job that removed you from public interaction.

    • Well, no-one here is laughing, and this website will not be taken down because you’re embarrassed. You made your bed, now lie in it.

    • Daniel I thought you need great spelling and grammar to join The Navy?

      So what happened, how did you get in?

      But I think you meant Freedom of Speech not “feedom if speach” which Australia does not have as you think (LOL).

      And you want this website down, so your views from the rock are not used evidence in public that you are nothing but a racist?

    • Daniel, pardon me but you don’t understand what “freedom of speech” means. It doesn’t mean, like Kyle Fucking Sandliands thinks, the equivalent of “I can say whatever I like and not only can you not stop me, but there shall be no consequences for anything I say”. It’s more like “the government can’t stop you from expressing your opinion even if they don’t like it”.

      Other people have the freedom to talk about what you said, or to shun you for your remarks, or to encourage others to avoid dealing with you (see how that kind of meshes with freedom of speech as well?)

    • Daniel, if you wish to have all of your comments removed from here why don’t you first take accountability for your actions and remove all of your offensive posts from Facebook? (I realise this may take some time, perhaps take some leave so you can get it all done?) Also an apology via the same forums to all those you have offended would be the right thing to do.

      Your comments aren’t funny, they are disturbing, bigoted and narrow minded, so much so that you have breached the Naval code of conduct rules and are now being investigated for it. Is that going to be your excuse when asked about it, I was only joking? Seriously?

      You are a young guy, I hope you learn from this and become a better person. I’d imagine being named and shamed is embarrassing but I would hope that with the right counselling and education that you can make the necessary changes to yourself to being more accepting of others.

        • umm i dont know this person but i am with him all the way… you know what your worse than daniel himself typical male treats ladys like shit and expects them to just sit and do as they are told!!! i dont think so!!! how about u go away your the one that caused all the problems in the first place… FFS!!!? pfffft FDH

  8. Daniel, those “funny bastard” rants is against Hatred Laws.

    So a Navy personal breaking the law, good for Australia and The Royal Australian Navy?

    No way!!!!!!!

  9. Who do you think you are?? How dare you involve yourself in other peoples lives… How would you be if someone made you lose your job… You know what tax payers pay for people to live off the doll as well but when they do something wrong (offten) you dont see people putting them all over the internet saying we should take there money off them or take there houses away.. At least we are paying him to work!! Not just to sit at home and do nothing because he cant be bothered working.. This really is taking it too far you need a honst wake up call

    • There is no place for publicly expressed racism anywhere. There is especially no place for publicly expressed racism in our defence force.

      Racists and bigots in the ADF constitute a security risk to their comrades, they are unfit for overseas deployments and they represent an OH&S issue to other personnel who are affected by their racism and bigotry.

      Keep your foul hatreds to yourselves.

    • Samatha, Daniel and others like him HAS involve himself in other peoples lives, by coming up with hatred comments that attacking others that is against The Law.

      But are you happy with Daniel doing this especially breaking the law and especially if your own family was attacked?

      And it is Daniel own fault that he might go on Newstart (Not Doll, that is a toy) as he came up with racist abuse himself, no one else done it.

      So you need a honest wake up call to face reality and if cannot STFU.

  10. Why dont you take a leaf out of your own book? YOUR on here having a dig at someone else but yet your telling them to keep there coments to themself????wtf ?????
    If he wanted your oppion which im sure he dosnt he would have asked for it…

    • We didn’t ask to see his racist, sexist opinions posted in public groups on Facebook, either, ‘samatha’.

      The Navy has certain policies for social media, as do most employers these days. You’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard of people losing their jobs over saying stupid things on Facebook. If you then go and do the same thing and get confused or upset when it happens to you, then you are probably in need of a wake up call.

      How dare this blog involve itself in other people’s lives? How do you think that taxi driver felt, ‘samatha’, when Daniel was sitting in his taxi mouthing off about migrants?

      If Daniel can dish it out, he can either stand by it (and be an idiot) or realise his mistake and have a good hard look at himself. Posting racist crap on Facebook is not only stupid, it’s illegal, and it’s fairly straightforward… the armed forces are no place for people who don’t care about going around breaking the law.

    • We aren’t just “having a dig” we are exposing illegal racist and bigoted comments on social media. If people are too stupid to believe they won’t be called out on their intolerance they can think again.

    • @samatha,
      Nobody is saying that Daniel should be killed, have his genitals demolished or to leave the country because he has poor grammar. Yet these are the things he has suggested for other people on a public forum.

      These are the rules which Daniel has breached by doing all this (taken from Royal Australian Navy’s FB wall):

      All Defence ADF and APS personnel are subject to Departmental policy such as DI(G) ADMIN 08-1 “Public comment and dissemination of information by Defence members”. This includes expressing opinions in online forums such as Facebook which are contrary to Navy’s values and signature behaviours which have been set in place under New Generation Navy.
      Should personnel not comply with these policies, they may be subject to disciplinary action including termination of service.”

      So your statement advocates that we (the taxpayers) are paying him to work and that is a good thing because he isn’t on the dole? You need to remember that he is the person that is putting himself in the position of losing his job or getting reprimanded. I didn’t ask him to ‘publicly’ suggest genocide of indigineous people. His own peers in the Navy have commented on this and find it appalling, he dug himself into this mess. Good rule to learn here is that when you put something online it is out there, no way to retract it.

      The groups that he has posted in and joined are publicily visible and thus invite people’s opinions on it. Facebook isn’t the cone of silence and by breaking the law Daniel has made a big mistake in his young life, he needs to sort it out.

      • what you people do not understand is yes im not saying he has done NOTHING wrong but come off it.. he wrote up the top that he didnt mean anything by it. i honstley do not understand why some lonley little person feels that they have thr right to be involved in what other people do or say wheather it be on the internet or not… it would be like me walking past someone in the street and hearing what they say and then come on facebook name them and tell the world what they are saying.. i know facebook is not a confidential thing but someone would have to be looking to find something like this they would have had to go right through his whole wall to find some of the thing that they found… it’s completley wrong… and you know what although you didnt ask him to say anything racist on facebook for everybody to see, he also didnt ask whomeever it was to go through and put this on here.. i just dont understand you people you are critising him but in the next breath your doing the exact same thing… your all on here to have a go at him.. honsley answer would there be this big of a deal if he were not australian or if he were austrailan but originally came from another country???? Truley i doubt it!! so why? why are we? why are we on here causing a scene about something that could have easly been fixed why didnt the person that found this offensive ask that it be taken down? But no… i think this whole site is a load of crap and the person that made it up should be councled not the people that are being put on here… like i said true austraila is about easy going people that get allong that is what we are known for… so why the hell is there any need for a site like this? theres not. theres no reason at all other than for people to stick their nose’s in other peoples buissness… and another question!! if it had come up that he worked as a plumber scrubbing toilets would there also been as much fuss???? i dont think so i think he only he really got picked out because he is in the navy and people are trying to cause problems for him… but the thing is the person whome put this on here… would they have the guts to be in the navy?? would they truley do something like that for there country? if not take a few steps back ease up and have a reality check.. unless the coments were about you as a person i dont see anybody on here having a major problem … and in fact if the people he said it about he actually said it to them so if in fact if they did have a problem then they should have taken it up with him at the time…. so the people that are not or that have not been directley involved should be the ones in fact sitting in there shed talking to there mates about it not getting involved on the internet and infact not involving everybody else… ..

        • This isn’t high school, Samatha. You can’t just say ‘it’s none of your business.’ Not only is Daniel an Australian representative Internationally as an employee of the Navy- which gives us the right to be extra appalled.
          We criticise him for his words, where he condemns others for their ethnicities. Does that seem equal?

    • Hey Sam, take a leaf out your own book.

      If you don’t want to hear other people opinions that your rants are not based on facts, but BS.

      Then STFU, like your boyfriend Daniel.

      We clear, good!!!!!

    • Is the Australian education system really so bad that even atrocious spelling and grammar such as ‘samantha’ and Daniel’s is still good enough to pass/graduate?
      Seriously? How can people finish school without knowing basic stuff, like ‘themselves’ not ‘themselfs’?

      • Must be a ‘Public’ vs ‘Private’ school thing, 😦

        I had to have pretty good spelling & grammar in school, It went down the drain a bit when I started uni & started using MS word predominantly to write assignments 😦

  11. You just keep ravining on with crap it’s the same thing over and over… You keep on saying about the racist part of it and yes im not saying it’s right i just saying that you are taking in way out of proption.. (NOT BEING RACITS) before im acussed of it.. but if we went to another country as ausralians we dress to there standards and speak there language by law… so mabye he is just saying that the same standards should be here and respected, and honistley if daniel were not australian and said the same things would he still be accused of the same thing???? i doubt it!!! By the way i dont even know this boy the fact that i came across this was by sheer luck…. and by the way “reality hurts daniel” your talking about him being racist but you seem to have no problem speeking down a female!!!! reality check your all abusing him but in the same senteance you are in fact doing the same thing to me as he has done to many…. (degrading).. mabye i should report you!!!

    • 1. I don’t believe you don’t know him. After all you said you were “with him all the way”. Sounds a bit suss to us.

      2. I also think you are deliberately making out you are an uneducated bird-brained mall-chickie. Your spelling mistakes are remarkably inconsistent and you also forget at one stage and correctly use a subjunctive, a trick which even well-educated people often do not master.

      • i do not know him.. but thats up to you to believe it or not!

        yeah well you know what you’ll never know any better will you???
        i could be the most educated person on here.
        i think your all full of crap and you need to get over it and if you do have a problem with it then you may not be an AUSTRALIAN!!! mabye by paper work but not by blood…

        • For citizenship the paperwork is all that counts.

          And unless you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander your ancestors came here from elsewhere.

          Blood? WTF?

        • Well spotted samatha, I’m not Australian, either by paperwork or blood. What difference does that make to opposing racism and bigotry? No matter what country I was in I would still fight against it.

    • BULL SHIT!!!

      I din’t wear a Kimono & speak Japanese “by law” when I was in Japan.
      I wish I understood the language though, It would have benefited me immensely.
      That is just the standard crock of shite we hear from stupid bogans that has never left their cave.

    • And Samatha I don’t need to bring you down, as your own BS, rants and spelling and grammar errors is proof to everyone including your boyfriend Daniel, you and Daniel have no trouble abusing others and you have no problems bringing your self down further under your rock.

      Samatha remember your own and Daniel racist rants and BS well be used as evidence against you.

      So go ahead report me and many others, I dare you.


      As unlike you I have actually been to many other countries especially in the Middle East and guess what drum role.

      YOU ARE WRONG!!!!

      As Australians you don’t have to dress their standards and you don’t have to speak their language by law.

      But then again Samatha, do you dress to Australia standards?

      Like not wear a bikini walking down the street?

    • “and honistley if daniel were not australian and said the same things would he still be accused of the same thing????”

      The Anti-Bogan is an AUSTRALIAN website; the emphasis is on our own home-grown bogans and dipshits.

      If he knew that by joining the RAN he’d be joining an organisation whos mission is to protect Australia and the Australian way of life (which includes multiculturalism) then why did he sign on the dotted line in the first place?

      • im sorry.. are you in the navy (insert sarcasim here)
        did you read the papers?
        do you have any idea whats in there?

        then STFU!!!

        • As Travis noted above, on the Royal Australian Navy’s Facebook page they themselves stated that:

          “All Defence ADF and APS personnel are subject to Departmental policy such as DI(G) ADMIN 08-1 “Public comment and dissemination of information by Defence members”. This includes expressing opinions in online forums such as Facebook which are contrary to Navy’s values and signature behaviours which have been set in place under New Generation Navy.
          Should personnel not comply with these policies, they may be subject to disciplinary action including termination of service.”

          So yeah, we do know what’s in their policies. Thanks for asking.

        • No, but I was in the Australian Army. I took the time to read my enlistment papers and understand what my service entailed.

          So you shut the fuck up.

  12. @Paddy- Well, they manage to leave hating other groups of people based on skin colour or religion, it’s probably not too much of a stretch to imagine they weren’t paying a great deal of attention in class.

    @Samantha- If you’re defending him, you’re just as bad. The stuff he wrote- remember, it’s in public, he obviously has friends who were just as shocked as we are here so they submit his vitriol. Hate speech is NOT ON.

  13. i think i’d know how to spell my own name just because its not your way dosnt mean that it’s not right…. my parents spelt it samatha thats how it is on my birth certificate so if theres a problem take it up there

  14. @Paddy- they seem to manage leaving without encountering the word ‘compassion’, so it’s probably not too surprising that they don’t pay much attention in class. After all, it’s much more fun to have half-baked, discriminatory, based-on-bullshit beliefs anyway, right?

    @Samantha- if you’re excusing this sort of behaviour, you’re just as bad. When people post this crap on Facebook, it becomes public, and you never know who may see it. So if your beliefs make you an asshole, maybe just talk about them in your shed to your other Bogot mates.


    • did i once say i EXCUSE IT?????? no thats not what i said so get the facts… i said your all raviling on with a load of crap theres no need for it! you all need a major wake up call!! as austrailans we stick together and are known for being easy going… so whats that go to prove about people that are determind to cause problems? mabye you should look in your own backyards before sticking your nose over the fence… not everyone is perfect and you should all know that in yourselves… so get ova it i stick up for daniel all the way….

      ….duh. FDH!!!!

      • I doubt very much if you are in a position to decide what Australians are with your uncritical support of someone who is happy to make racist remarks in a public forum.

        You do not speak for us.

        • i will say what i want just as you are!!! and in FACT australians ARE known for being easy going….. weather you like it or not!!! and before you go any further whome are you to say anything about my parents because i could class u as being racist now because both my parents are asian so the only one that is ill formed at the moment is you!!! and you just seemed very happy to make remarks in a public forum about something that i think that you should have thought about!!
          btw im not speaking for you im speaking about you if u are an australian????

        • Guess what – I am a Norwegian Sami and you are being racist towards us…

          See how stupid that looks? Your support of a racist has nothing to do with whether your parents are Asian, African or Klingon. It is your choice to write incoherent rants in support of your boyfriend.

        • No-one HERE gives a shit whether you’re black or white or green, and that’s the point. If you’re racist, you aren’t welcome.

        • Being easygoing does not mean you should accept or tolerate racism and hate, much less defend it. Especially from someone whose job is to represent the country internationally.
          Jeez, it’s not rocket science, what do you not understand about his comments being unacceptable ‘joking’ or not?
          Would you also defend Ivan Milat or Julian Knight so vehemently because they’re “one of your own”?

      • Sorry, I thought that as Australians we stick up for what’s “right” before we simply “stick together”. With apologies in advance to American readers for the comparison, we’re not the “let’s fully support the PM in whatever he does just because someone blew something up” type — we’re more “the PM fucked up, we shouldn’t have voted them in, we’d better pick someone better next time”.

        Also, to echo a commenter earlier:
        The Anti-Bogan: Love it or leave it!

      • …What does raviling mean?
        If you say “i stick up for daniel all the way” and so on, that means you’re basically saying “Aww shucks guys, he didn’t mean it, can’t you just let him off the hook?”
        No. No, we can’t. I bet he hasn’t changed his attitudes, so we shan’t change ours towards him. We aren’t saying we’re perfect here, but at least we aren’t racist, Xenophobic, un-educated jag-offs. You may think what he said was just a joke. We think he’s a dickhead.

  15. Hey Sam, take a leaf out your own book.

    If you don’t want to hear other people opinions that your rants are not based on facts, but BS.

    Then STFU, like your boyfriend Daniel.

    We clear, good!!!!!

  16. Yes Sam it is good to have dreams pity your dreams is full of s**t just like your real life.

    “theres alot of us on his side”

    • Why bother to get so petty, mate? I’m not defending Samatha… but you don’t know anything about her real life, any more than she knows about yours. Let’s try not to stoop to their level, eh?

      There are a few people who comment in these threads who do that and it makes me a bit dismayed. Saying or implying any of the bogots deserve to be physically harmed, or stooping to petty, personal shite. Sure, some of the bogots are frustrating and at times quite evil, but I don’t see any sense in resorting to the type of dill-brained sniping they do.

      Besides, there are so, so many fun ways to destroy their arguments with reason and logic. 😉

      • Yes let not get petty and stoop to their level Peculiar?

        But reading both Daniel, Sam and other people with similar way of thinking comments especially in Facebook, ask yourself do you really think you can destroy their arguments with reason and logic?

        As I know they don’t give a s**t about reason and logic.

        • They don’t really give a shit about you saying their real life is full of shit when you don’t know them, either, do they?

          And I don’t think this should be seen as ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’. Racists and xenophobes excel at being petty, bitter assholes. If reason doesn’t work with them, attacking them with stuff that doesn’t even make sense certainly won’t. All you’re doing is stooping to their level. It starts to sound a bit ‘I know you are but what am I?!’… it’s childish.

          I just think… if you’re more intelligent and mature than them, then act that way.

        • Peculiar claiming I don’t make sense? Ok what ever you feel especially as you are the only that feels this way. But what is your opinion on reality that racists and xenophobes don’t give a s**t about reason and logic, the very same things you want to attack them with?

          But if you don’t have opinion on reality, ok lets move on?


        • Peculiar someone who is “intelligent and mature” would be able to answer a question don’t you think?

          “But reading both Daniel, Sam and other people with similar way of thinking comments especially in Facebook, ask yourself do you really think you can destroy their arguments with reason and logic?”

        • So Peculiar how are you going?

          Did you get a chance to pass my comments to read other people comments and made the same reply to them, as you made to me?

        • I answered your questions, RH. I’m not getting into some petty little bitch fight with you about this… lol… it’s just not my style.

        • Peculiar ok can we leave at this reality and move on?

          Thanks 🙂

          So your style is because you don’t want to answer another person question, is to claim it is getting into a petty bitch fight?

          Ok what ever zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          And another one of you style is to AIM your comments towards one person even those there are others here writing comments.

          Now back to Daniel and Sam as they must be getting lonely.

  17. Samatha, you are right in saying that not everyone is perfect.

    People who molest children are not perfect but should they be excused if they get caught and turn around and say they were just being funny and because they live in an “easy going” society everyone should stick together and give them a free pass?

    No, they shouldn’t. Just as with kiddie porn and all that kind of stuff there is no room in our country for racism. Simple.

    Nobody here is hurting Daniel, he has done it to himself.

  18. I would just like to say, this samantha could easily just be a teenage girl that thinks this daniel is ‘hot’ so feels that it’s ok to stand up for him trying to get in his good books.
    also if you agree to this name and shame buissness then the least you could do is actually put your real names on here, if you are proud for what you are standing up for then there should not be a problem if your friends or family or even a random person know who you are.. you are willing to put this young man’s name and all of his buissness for everybody, so you should be willing to put your name to what you have to say.

    • No we don’t put our real names here.

      The people who count such as the police and other law enforcement agencies have our names, addresses and phone numbers because on many occasions we have had to report harassment, intimidation and even death threats from those whose views are not far off those expressed by Daniel. We are not gutless wimps but we also have families and partners to protect.

      And I notice you don’t use your real name. “Ben Herb” FFS. How’s your chariot going?

      And I thought you lot didn’t like Jews.

      • MMU I think you’re being a bit quick to judge here… Ben/Samantha might physically be the same “person” but could actually be two distinct personalities. I’m thinking along the lines of that classic film “Glen or Glenda” or the shockingly true and touching battle with gender dysphoria battled out here on this site so publicly by young Jayden Smedley. No doubt, as evidenced by the assumption of distinct feminine and masculine identities, Ben/Samantha could well be suffering from the same. So please MMU, the agenda here is one of “anti-discrimination” and surely you as admin are being of a discriminatory and judgmental nature by being so quick to shoot anyone showing even the vaguest hint of such an identity crisis.

  19. who cares what he does, find a real story ya fucking lameasses. people dont go around saying how your such a bad journalist that you scout facebook for a young recruits personal opinions and splash it all over the internet in your biased opinion. im sure alot of people arent happy with whats said on facebook, but you know what? thats life. GET THE FUCK OVER IT!! man i assure you that if you said a racist joke to most humans they will laugh. irish, english, black,white yellow…doesnt fucking matter they all cop abuse..get used to it. its character building!! hahaha, learn to take a joke fuckheads………

      • …and I don’t care for racists to be carrying guns either. If there would have to be one single necessary requirement of anyone who exercises control over a weapon it would have to be a rational state of mind; that is something racists generally don’t possess.

    • Jim get with it.

      Because if you faced facts, instead of yourself in the mirror having a good wank with your fingers, since you got nothing better to do, as you failed spelling and grammar classes.

      You would see racists jokes and abuse like what Daniel and his fuckheads living under a rock, come out with are against the law especially Hate Speech laws.

      So why don’t you join your kind under the rock?

      • So burning of the Australian flag is condoned now. Seems like the population of Australia enjoys crucifying and making examples of people who are Anglo saxon background. Don’t see many Asian, muslim or aboriginal sailors around do you. Yes his comments were racist but those comment are only ever brought out when its from an Anglo Saxon Aussie. Every other demographic gets free reign. What a shame.

        • What is an “Anglo Saxon Aussie”? A white person? Do Italians and Greeks count? Pale-skinned people from the sub-continent?

          It is not illegal to burn a flag. We don’t condone it because it upsets white exceptionalists like you and then you have a tantrum as you have done here. However given the 200 + years of Indigenous dispossession and genocide we can well understand why our Indigenous brothers and sisters felt aggrieved enough to burn a flag

          It is illegal for someone to preach hatred of minorities in public – and it is against the Code of Conduct of the ADF.

          If you have any factual and verifiable examples of any Australian ethnic minorities showing racism to the dominant ethnic group in Australia send them to us at

          Otherwise STFU.

        • Nice little STFU at the end there. Nice to see some people have manners regardless of this whole explosion. I was simply stating an oppinion be it right or wrong in your eyes.

        • I made no racist comments in my post so maybe you should STFU. Take a look around the world, open your eyes and you will see that there are people out there 100 times worse than this guy. I’m not backing him in what he said and I completely agree with many of the comments on here. I was simply stating an observation. Maybe it is a media perceivedobservation but there is no need for rude remarks in a post that is against derogatory comments. I had accepted your response and was actually agreeableon what you wrote until you decided to tell me to STFU.

  20. Don’t associate this with all members of the defence force please. This type of action is not tolerated. The member will be brought to answer for his actions. It always saddens me to see that once again the few bring discredit to the mass. There are some very good people in the forces just don’t forget about them when labeling the defence force as a whole

    • We are very much aware of the fact that only a minority of service personnel exhibit the sort of behaviour that the featured person does. We actually have regular and productive contact with the ADF and some veterans among our number. This is why we are so concerned to see that the dregs are rooted out from the ADF.

      You will probably notice a few recent blog entries on the ADF. This is related to the current pro-active work of commanding officers attempting to reform the recruitment and training processes so that the ADF is not subject to the sorts of scandals recently reported in the media. Of course some wasp’s nests will be stirred up, and there is also a considerable number of bigots and misogynists out there who while not being equipped mentally or physically to serve themselves, believe the ADF should consist of nongs like themselves. They do not recognise that times have changed, and that the ADF culture will change with them.

  21. I think this website is a load of shit. You guys are most likely going to be sued over this. This is defamation of character and EVERYTHING you have published in this story has been taken out of context. This poor guy has probably lost his job over this all because you guys were too lazy to identify the motives behind why someone (your supposed source) probably referred this guy to you. Did you even endeavor to contact Mr Warn for a response? This is appallingly bad journalism! Expect a response from his lawyers! This website is biased shit itself!

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