Kill Aborigines and Immigrants

Tony Abbott believes that the Aboriginal Tent Embassy is no longer relevant.

Herald Sun hack David Penberthy thinks that the ‘politically useless eyesore’ has ‘served its purpose’.

Established exactly 40 years ago today, the Aboriginal Tent Embassy began as a protest sit-in under a makeshift beach umbrella, but since that date it has become formally recognised as the only site in Australia representing political struggle for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Identified objectives of the tent embassy are:

  • Control of the Northern Territory as a State within the Commonwealth of Australia; the parliament in the Northern Territory to be predominantly Aboriginal with title and mining rights to all land within the Territory.
  • Legal title and mining rights to all other presently existing reserve lands and settlements throughout Australia.
  • The preservation of all sacred sites throughout Australia.
  • Legal title and mining rights to areas in and around all Australian capital cities.
  • Compensation money for lands not returnable to take the form of a down-payment of six billion dollars and an annual percentage of the gross national income.

Abbott and Penberthy believe that the Tent Embassy has served its purpose (ie achieved its social and political goals) and should now be ripped down because it is ugly. News flash fuckers – the plight of the Aboriginal people has never been pretty. The Northern Territory in 2012 sees Aboriginal people further isolated and  dehumanised, and uranium mining continues to be a topic of hot debate. Legal native title and mining rights issues remain unresolved and any suggestion of compensation to victims of the stolen generation and those displaced from their homes is consistently rebuffed by generations of Governments. A never closing gap remains in education and healthcare and Aboriginal people are over-represented in custody.

Both Abbott and Penberthy decided to spark flames on Australia Day and the 40th anniversary of the Tent Embassy despite the fact that the day represents invasion for so many who are still waiting for reconciliation in more than just the form of a political apology.

Then there are these guys -Aaron Nelson Mathews and Scott Fulwood. To address Indigenous issues they propose burning down the Tent Embassy and shooting all of its occupiers.

To suggest that racism is not an issue in Australia is shambolic and an opinion formed in the depths of denial and misinformation. Yesterday was Australia Day, and our website was inundated with emails from people who found public examples of people making comments designed not to share the positivity of the day, but to express their desire for Australia’s migrant population to feel pain and loss.

We hope you are watching, ASIO and AFP.

41 thoughts on “Kill Aborigines and Immigrants

  1. I think people are making too much of a statement made by Tony Abbott after a scary incident. However the idea of the Murdoch media which has fanned similar actions against the PM being offended by such a protest is ludicrous.
    Unfortunately certain individuals at that protest have caused a set-back to reconciliation.

  2. As far as I know, and admittedly I’m not the most educated of people on these subjects, but I feel that causing a ruckus/rioting should never be a means to an end in accomplishing anything. In a formal environment, behavior as such will only be detrimental to your cause, regardless of what that half-ling, poo-brain Tony Abbott said.

    These Facebook posts in question both humor and disgust me at the same time. “It’s just a joke guys” I feel that such sensitive matters even being part of jokes is awful. Where are these immature neanderthals going to find guns, anyway?

      • And if you knew the desperation of these people….over 200 years of trying to get justice and suffering from continued, paternalistic, disasterous government policy. I know as far as a white person can know – I’m activating on behalf of an Indigenous group and involve myself in other matters. The government does not listen to them. How else are they supposed to get their attention!

        • I totally agree with you there Sandra, I just wasn’t sure of what happened at this ruckus Thank-you for the refreshing article. I was almost wandered into the dark abyss of the Murdoch media! :O

        • You’re welcome Tim. It’s easy to get hoodwinked by the media – I’m seeing lies as I learn more truth on a daily basis!

  3. Its not a big deal at all. Knowing idiots like these, they’ll probably set them selves on fire and run each other over with the bulldozer. Let the problem solve itself.

  4. I can see why the protesters would be pissed. I feel that in this case comments from outsiders about the relevance only serve to come off as people trying to force their views on the protesters by gathering support for the idea that they are just complaining about nothing and that all their problems are fixed. The only people that can make a decision about if a protest is relevant or has achieved it goals are the protesters themselves.

    That being said, the way the protesters acted to the comments was the totally wrong approach. It allows the security to overreact to the situation and makes it easier for the media to frame the protesters as an angry mob. The right approach would have been something along the lines of that the UC Davis protesters did after a group of them were peppers prayed. Watch for the initial incident. This then led to a similar situation to what we saw yesterday where protesters noisily picketed and blocked the exits of a building that their target was in. When the time came for the person to leave this was their response:

    This has a far greater impact on the viewer while giving no ammunition to the media to portray the protesters in a violent way.

    • Aboriginal Australia have given up of the Australian public, after 200 years of trying to gain some equality and rights we know understand Australians are not ready to grow and change, we will now focus on the international community as Australia is a lost cause, we dont care how far back it has put the Aborignal issues in Australia because you’s were never going to step up to the plate anyway, Australia has been hiding behind isolation for ever, they deserve all the criticism from the international community (especialy when Australia claim to be so great), so did it put the Aboriginal cause back in this country? nothings been achived so there is nothing to lose but so much positive feedback from the international community gives us great heart, more then anything Australia has done for us, we dont want native title, we want a treaty and real freehold land rights, the land thats been part of our familys for 18,500 generations. 75% of the Aboriginal population are under 25, are you ready for the future? talking doesnt work, their is no such thing as consultation in this country, its a dictatorship and we are over internalising the pain, we are human and are sick of this crap, continue getting in our way at your own risk

  5. Darrin Hodges: how about we invade your home, take it over and kick you the fuck out. When you set up a tent on the front lawn protesting, we can burn and bulldoze YOU? At least that would be some fertiliser and likely the most useful you’ve ever been your whole sorry life.
    Have a shit day, Darrin (couldn’t your parents spell, either?).

  6. Pingback: Protest at the Pork Barrel Cafe, Invasion Day 2012 « KADAITCHA

    • Because he states that the people responsible for banging on the glass of the restaurant were not from the tent embassy but outsiders who were present on the day to celebrate the 40th anniversary? No.
      Also, at no point does he make sweeping negative statements about non-Aboriginals.

      Darrin, are you going to address the question posed to you? Is it racist to refer to Aboriginals as sub-human filth and is it racist to incite people to burn down the Tent Embassy and to shoot all of the people inside?

  7. Having checked one of his disgusted relatives that the delightful Mr (or should that be Airborne Electronics Analyst, Sergeant) Aaron Nelson-Mathews with the interesting hyphenated name and unusual spelling of Mathews was indeed in the RAAF I’m sure he won’t mind us putting a face to his social commentary:
    and here he is in the middle of this grouping:

  8. How dare you say kill indigenous people who the hell do you think you are scum of the earth award goes to you Abbott and you racist mongrels!

  9. I unreservedly apologize for any offence caused as a result of the posting on my Facebook page regarding the tent embassy. At the time the posting occurred, I was not thinking clearly. The comments were a poor attempt to convey the anger I felt about the violence that had been allegedly perpetrated towards the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and other people at the scene.

    My Facebook page has privacy restrictions which I understood meant it could never enter the public domain. I am ashamed of what was posted and acknowledge the comments were grossly inappropriate.

    Aaron Nelson Mathews

  10. Oh wow, just came accross this! Amazing what happens when you google your self!

    I should not have said the things I did, what was said was wrong, and with no amount of anger should we have gone and said the things that we did.

    HOWEVER… I was and AM disgusted with the events that lead to these comments. AND if i was to see such atrocities again, god forbid i would say the same thing again.

    I am a hugely patriotic Australian, and when i saw the footage of our fine countrys leaders being treated the way the were, by the people they spend a good chunk of their lives trying to look after, i was horrified.

    And these young kids parading around burning the flag… in other countrys they wouldnt have got a ” now now thats not the right thing to do “… They WOULD have been shot… No questions…

    Im not trying to make it sound like i was in the right, I know i was NOT. But if it happened in my town, infront of me… i would be in a fair bit more trouble than you lot bagging me on the internet…

    And dont call me a racist.
    I will judge you only, for your deeds…

  11. Hey look my post is on here haha not a racist just clearing that up I have quite a few friends who are foreign and of a range of ethnicities and religious backgrounds. Too be completely honest it was just a piss take and if your offended that’s your own fault. I also posted a status saying ” there’s a flag on my ute but I didn’t feel racist and trashy enough so I wrote fuck off black c*** on it ” also a piss take. Again if that’s offensive too you reading this it’s your own problem and you will be waiting a long time for an apology. This world is too serious we constantly trip over ourselves in an effort to be politically correct and multicultural when the honest reality is that as long as you have more than one race or religious sect living in significant close contact there will always be friction and misunderstanding. SMILE! . also just a question ……. Is it legal for my post too be displayed like that? Honestly not bothered but if their going to end up on forums like this I should probably stop flirting with married women on facebook 😮

    • May I also suggest that you learn English. Reading that was painful.
      I’m offended by you murdering the language than your racist & lame “piss take”.
      If your come back is going to be on the lines of “Don’t read it or it’s your problem etc” just spare it.

  12. I notice there is no ridicule of the two protagonists of this incident, Tony Hodges (ex member of the Prime Minister’s staff) and Barbara Shaw (union official). Is that because it’s much easier for you to have a go at Abbott because you dislike him or because members of the Labour Party can do what they want without any analysis by MMU?

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