Racist? Sure are…

Here are some people who have no shame about admitting their racism. And yet they are the first to complain when people complain about them.


Now to be fair some have said “I am not racist” then they have added a “BUT”, usually in the form of some statement about “Strayan culture”, which no one has ever managed to define.

And Joe Bobacon really needs to be told that Alf Stewart is a fictional soap opera character. Guess what Joe, the actor who plays him, Ray Meagher is NOT A RACIST, and would be mightily insulted to be thought of as one.

The national IQ has just plummeted

12 thoughts on “Racist? Sure are…

  1. You bleedin heart do gooders make me puke, your tiny little minds are so riddled with your own illusions of grandeur you don’t know what side of your face your ass is on

    • It’s “delusions of grandeur” idiot, and someone who calls himself “Irish Lord” on Facebook has them in spades.

      As for “bleeding hearts” you are so wrong. We wouldn’t piss on the likes of you if you were on fire.

    • Ass is a American term for bottom, so how are you going Irish American?

      Unless of course you are referring to the hoof like animal known as an ass?

      So which side of your animal is your face on Irish American? 😉

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