20 thoughts on “Katie Mitchel Laments Hitler’s Failure To Exterminate All the Jews

  1. Is she doing the fish lips or is that just natural? Either way, I know Hitler hated fish lips so he would most likely have tried to kill Katie and her entire extended family.

  2. Those pics have been photoshopped pretty badly. Pixellated lips, baby smooth skin… and that cat looks decidedly out of focus.

  3. News flash: Duckface makes you look like a dumbarse. Duckface with your cat? Even dumber. Duckface Nazi with a cat? This thing should be deported.

    • ‘Katie Mitchel: But every thing is wrong to Cara unless its Facts cant you think for yourself?’

      I can’t even begin to talk about the level of fail in this post by ‘Katie’.
      Well, DUR, Katie, if it’s not a fact then it IS wrong. Geez…

  4. Yes, photoshopped so much that her nose just blends into her face. Looking at her pics made the tune from Prisoner play through my head.

  5. Katie (Fake?) are against migrants and yet she has a cat that has the black colour in the fur and who’s breed that would have came from another country?

  6. Calling to exterminate all the Jews, our fellow human beings!? Surely this is hate crime & hence against the law! It has nothing to do with free speech. This slut should be reported to cops.

    • Anti-semitism is never far away from the minds of these clowns. The Jews were targets of choice before the bigots suddenly discovered the Muslims, even though both Jews and Muslims have lived in this country since the First Fleet.

      The Jews have learnt to use the law and the courts to name and shame their persecutors. Muslims need to do likewise.

  7. Whats with the big dark circles under Katie’s eyes, the terrible hair dye and the botched photoshopped lips, makes me think she is very unhappy with who she is that she needs to pick on others as an attempt to feel better about hersef. Katie you would feel better if you tried to be a nicer human being.

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