It’s official – Nick Folkes hates Filipinos

Let’s face it, Straya’s next Prime Minister Nicholas Hunter Folkes really hates some people.

He hates Muslims. He is prominent on anti-Muslim websites, and was seen lurking in the carpark in Laman Street Cooks Hill prominent at the recent anti-Muslim nano-demo in Newcastle.

He has also demonstrated his hatred for Indians, Aboriginal people, Asians in general, Africans, just about anyone from the Middle East, women who don’t like Nicky feminists, gays and lesbians, anti-racists, all three major political parties, anyone to the left of John Howard, asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants in general who are not like him…

All we can say for sure is that Nicky doesn’t hate Russians because he is of Russian descent himself, though in the process of bogot assimilation he managed to score a rather splendidly Pommy upper-class sounding monicker. Must sound most impressive when you are paged at TigersBalmain Leagues Club.

He also prefers to live in the inner city, surrounded by those very leftist latte-sipping unwashed Green academic dole-bludging lesbian faggots he and his cronies so detest, rather than taking himself to some rool Strayan area with lots of Right-finking white folks who’d never be on any government benefits or tax concessions. Nooo.

So we were not at all surprised when revisiting our files to discover that the bogots’ future charismatic leader in diplomatic conversation some years ago with members of British neo-Nazi fail fringe party the BNP, and declaring a full-blown hatred for…wait for it…Filipinos.

Nick Folkes at the BNP group

Knuckle-draggers Keith McFarlane and Steve Stead chip in with the usual xenophobic vile chav tripe one has come to expect from members of a failed political party set up by a convicted crook. However one would think one could expect better from one of Straya’s self-appointed “leaders”. Even on Facebook.

No such luck. Take a look:

Filipinos are gold diggers

The Filipinos will build shanty towns

Their qualifications are not the same standard as Britian’s (sic)

In the last one he is presumably making comparison with the sages with whom he is talking.

Unlike Nicky however, Filipino immigrants have been a great Australian success story.

Such as this young woman:

Kristine Aquino: Anti-racism Researcher

Perhaps Nicky should read her research findings. And keep his hate to himself.

14 thoughts on “It’s official – Nick Folkes hates Filipinos

  1. This drop-kicks fat head STILL adorns poles in my suburb in the firm of failed election posters.
    The AEC and the Council appear not to care.

    • I enjoyed this paragraph:

      “According to Kristine, regarding perpetrators of racism as ‘ignorant’ (i.e. ‘they don’t know better’, ‘they’re uneducated’) allows Filipinos to elevate themselves as morally higher than racist perpetrators. In this way, Filipinos distance themselves from being the ‘victims of racism’ but more interestingly they position themselves as more ‘cosmopolitan and worldly’ whilst racists are the ones positioned as the ‘Other’ – ‘inferior, backward and uneducated’ who ‘haven’t caught up with the rest of the world’.”

  2. Actually, Nick Folkes hates Howard too. Thinks he brought in too many Asians. So he hates everyone to the left of…….I don’t know, Wilson Tuckey maybe?

    And isn’t he married to a Japanese woman? That must make for awkward discussions at the dinner table.
    “What did you do today Nick?”
    “Said people who look like you and not like me are destroying our country. That people from the continent you descend from can never be Australians and should all go back where you came from, and in fact, I’d wnat to encourage all people who have a similar cultural background to you to do so.”

    Yeah, I think there’s a lot of sleeping on the couch happening in his house.

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