Bogans Fight At Aussie Skatepark


What’s worse? The drunken, shirtless bogan trying to fight a bunch of teenagers in front of underage skaters? Or the mob of teenagers who take advantage of his inebriation and then throw a skateboard at him, narrowly missing a 5 year old girl and her mother? Or is it that mother who drags that very 5 year old girl into the very center of serious brawling?

Fuck the lot of them.

16 thoughts on “Bogans Fight At Aussie Skatepark

  1. At 3.41 of the video, I’m sure the woman says, ‘that’s not my daughter’. The skate-bogan’s reply of ‘ah, well, it’s a little girl’ seems to verify this. I wonder if the parents of the little girl realise how stupid the woman is, putting the girl in such danger?

    • No, I think she says “that’s not his daughter, he’s not my husband”. I think he might be a brother or a friend, even maybe a social worker case. But she is stupid, dragging that poor baby into it. I wanted to jump through the screen and save her.

  2. At first I thought the boy, the little girl & the mother were family, & the mother was trying to protecting his son against the group of boys.

    The little girl screamed several times during the fight. So horrible!

  3. To be honest, I don’t really think this belongs on TAB. Yes, they’re bogans, and probably stupid, but i was hard pressed to find anything ‘discriminatory’

      • I have to agree with Jeremy and disagree with you here with mindmadeup, (I’m sorry)!

        I hate racism and discrimination, but I’m not ashamed to be Australian still. I think we can stand up against the racism and bigotry, and still be proud to have such a great country.

        Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour doesn’t just happen in Australia – it happens everywhere. I don’t think it’s related to discrimination – it’s just a bunch of drunken idiots being stupid. And that, unfortunately, is a global phenomenon!

  4. I don’t often agree with your content/views in their entirety, but as a father I found the actions of that so called mother disgraceful, any parent that would even allow their child around that shirtless pisswreck should have their kids removed and the commission flat I pay for taken away. Although the kids acted in a disrespectful manner, they are that kids, that thing is lucky someone like myself wasn’t there, because the video would of ended with an ambulance after the little girl was well away!

  5. I think this does belong here- from what i understand, the drunk guy was assuming that these kids stole something and that’s why he kept harrassing them. The kids said over and over to go away and leave them alone, but the guy kept going, and then it became vicious, which happens often when these kids have something to prove, and the adults who should be acting maturely are cockheads.
    When i was a kid, i noticed this crap a lot- angry adults would decide we were being disrespectful, and that excused them when they ‘taught us a lesson’ by being aggressive. It’s pretty hard to tell a fifteen year old boy surrounded by other kids his age “just leave it mate, the guy isn’t worth it.”

    • I don’t get it … are you suggesting then that it is a case of discrimnation against youth ?

      Because for me, that sounds like harassment, moreso…

  6. I’m not entirely sure it is ageism. But i really doubt the shirtless douchebag would have gone up against a group of men his own age. I guess… mostly i just think that all jerky behaviour should be looked down upon.

  7. Around 2.19 I saw something thrown by the teens but it wasn’t a skateboard, waterbottle?

    But around 2.36 the drunken, shirtless bogan did throw a skateboard, in which the mother didn’t say anything about this.

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