39 thoughts on “Andy Lumby – Victoria’s Latest Nazi Pin Up Boy

  1. I believe Mr Lumby was caught by the Antibogan chatting online to an underage Victorian schoolgirl a couple of years ago. The girls’ school was subsequently contacted and her parents informed.

  2. I think you socialist wankers need to get a life and realize Islime will kill you first because most of you are fags and dykes!

  3. I must say it’s always confused crap out of yours truly how this site can champion gay rights while defending a religion that punishes homosexuality with death.

    You can’t have it both ways kids. Pardon the pun.

    • You’re probably too simple to understand this, but we aren’t religious. I personally find religion to be nothing but hot air.

      But in a secular society innocent people deserve to practice their religion in peace without being labeled as pedophiles, rapists and terrorists. So we will defend to the death anyone discriminated on the basis of their race or religion.

      Are you following, drug-taking criminal?

      • And that’s FORMER drug taking criminal to you madam. The first one to resort to petty insults is the one who lost the debate….. again.

        • Not “madam”. Hate to disappoint you there Ferret. Looks like you can only feel unconstrained and comfortable if you think your “audience” consist of people whom you think can be easily bullied. Typical cyber-shonk.

    • We defend Muslims from attacks by venal psychotic bigoted turds. We are for the main part non-religious ourselves.

      As we have already stated a million times. You don’t listen do you.

      Any more cut-and-pastes will be trashed.

  4. Islamic Shari’ah law is extracted from both the Qur’an and hadiths… [LONG BORING CUT-AND-PASTE FROM WIKIISLAM REMOVED]

    • No “kids” here. Were you hoping for some perhaps?

      We did feature Charlie Teo on our Facebook page. Our fans are intelligent enough to ignore the newspaper comments of knuckle-dragging foul-mouthed racist rejects.

    • Golly golly Gosh, Chris. I didn’t realise that public posts on a website of a statewide newspaper is the only acceptable measure of a public’s viewpoints. That’s convinced me, absolutely. That some posters on one article on one newspaper’s website are critical of one person statibng racism exists in Australia obviously convinces me that multiculturalism has failed and all Australians are white supremacists, and is far superior to any evidence stating the contrary, such as….
      -The large number of mixed race marriages in Australia.
      -Public support for multiculturalism (In a poll published in the Australian, focusing on the headline “White Australians nervous abotu Islam”, then forgetting the line “Majority of Australians support multiculturalism”)
      And of course
      -Absolute failure of all anti-immigration and all whites-only party to get higher than 9% of the national vote.

      Nope, your posts on a webpage shows absolute proof that the majority of Australians support you. But y’know what’s more convincing? A larger, international website stating particular comments. I know of one-youtube. It’s international, you know it well from your posting of women’s breasts (Classy!), and has a larger viewership than the Age and the herald sun combined.

      And according to a significant proportion of comments there, Mr Merrett, and I quote “UR A FAGGGG”
      Like I said, a significant proportion of the world comment “UR A FAGGG”, therefore, this reflects the view of the world, Mr Merrett,. that you are a fagg. How does this new worldview sit with you?

  5. Don’t worry [NAME REDACTED], we know you’re not a Peddo. After all, you’re neither Islamic or a School Teacher. Not like this lot.

  6. LOL. You wish. Unlike yourself I have a verifiable, well known real-world presence, you call me a cyber gronk? You people only agitate on this site. Some of you even express openly ” racist” views in your real world lives. [NAMES REDACTED]
    Why did you redact [NAME REDACTED] name? Because it blew your rubbish out of the water? LOL

    • Why did you redact [NAME REDACTED] name? Because it blew your rubbish out of the water? LOL

      Because that person has nothing to do with the blog. You are thrashing around now in desperation wondering what we come up with next.

  7. And I don’t have 20 fake profiles, only 3, as compared to the “anonymous” profile you use on here. Why is that? Paranoid much?

    • We don’t want family and friends harassed by the likes of you. Seems like your own family and people unfortunate enough to cross your path in your local community cop it from you already. We still have the bucket-load of posts you made under a fake name attacking some innocent young bloke who must have written something you didn’t like. So do the coppers.

      What is it with you Ferret? Your own personal powerlessness leading you to lash out at others? Also we hear that what passes for the far right is holding you at arm’s length because you are such a fucking loose cannon. Even in their circles.

  8. Andrew Lumby if you don’t change your ways you will go to hell. You will never get what you want. Hitler never got what he wanted he killed himself because all that he believe was not going come to pass. Hitler was wrong and he was a jew himself and he was gay. SO GETT STUFF ANDREW LUMBY YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT AND YOU ARE NOT AUSTRALIAN.

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