‘Caspa Jaspa’ Hears No Evil

It’s just too ironic. A 10 year old could make more sense than this gronk.

Edited version:

“I’m an Australian born and bred [man]. To all of you fucking immigrants: get the fuck out of Australia and do the right thing by throwing yourselves back to where you come from. Come in legally or don’t come here at all. One more thing: speak English too you fucking retarded bum sniffers.”

What more spasticity could you expect from a man who gets a couple of fail tatts?

Where no evil?

Nothing says balance and spirituality more than a Yin Yang sign coupled with some sick ass hand-drawn lightning bolts.

58 thoughts on “‘Caspa Jaspa’ Hears No Evil

  1. A person who has “Here No Evil” tattooed on his neck championing the English language? No wonder literacy standards in Australian schools are going down the drain.

  2. lmao @ “where no evil?” It’s as ugly on the outside as the inside. The head reminds me of a death mask at the Old Melbourne Gaol. I’m double checking the guys from his area on a dating website. If I see romance listed as a walk on the beach with a cask of Fruity Lexia, I’m blocking contact.

  3. Are these losers stupid or what?

    Wanting others to speak English and yet their own rants, proves they are really f**ked at having an Education and not knowing how to speak and write English?

    Hey maybe they can get The Migrants they hate so much, to teach them English?

  4. And what’s an “imgarnt”? Is it anything like a “reatard”? Maybe it’s a stick insect of sorts? Oh Caspa, do enlighten us, for it would break my heart should there be any sense of misunderstanding between myself and thou!

  5. It appears that the only smart thing this guy has ever done, is to tattoo his name on his neck, so he can see it in the mirror every morning.

    (That *is* how you spell Caspa, right)?

    I mean, I understand. I tend to write my grocery list on my hand too, so I don’t forget….

  6. From his wall, he’s a drunken drug-user who’s living on the streets and begging his facebook friends to put money in his bank account (the numbers are up in plain view on his wall). Wait… he can’t afford a room, but he has a laptop and internet access? How does that work?

    • Also why is he bludging money, when apart from a laptop and internet access he can afford smokes, alcohol and help for his Paranoid personality disorder?

      PS As for the Tatts, Prison Tatts?

  7. Why does this blog only ever seem to highlight cases of what you perceive to be racism when it’s committed by white people? Why don’t you ever point out racism by non-whites, particularly when racism is actually enshrined in law in some countries eg: Israel and forms parts of the teaching of some “religions” eg: Islam?

    Several people have told me of this site, and the general feeling is that it seems to be very Pro Muslim while also somehow manages to be Pro Gay Rights.

    I didn’t realise Islam sanctioned homosexuality, at least not officially.

    • 1. You lot have been invited many times to send in factual verifiable examples of so-called “racism by non-whites” and have failed to do so.

      2. We are pro-Muslim in the same way as we are pro-Christian or pro-Jew. We defend the right of people to practice their religion and to be free of harassment and vilification by the haters. Defending human rights does not mean ascribing to a belief system. Most of us think that religion is nonsense.

      3. For that reason we are pro-gay rights even though most of us are straight. And there are a minority of very noisy Christians who are vocal about their bigotry towards gays and lesbians, just as there are a minority of Muslims who do likewise.

    • It is perceived to be racism when it’s committed by white people, WHEN it is racism written by The Racists themselves Lizzy/Chris???

  8. Also, I notice the word “retard” is often used by many of the posters to this blog. I take it you don’t have issue with discriminating against disabled people?

  9. LOL You have ” Stop Censorship ” displayed in the top r/hand corner of this page and yet you won’t allow factual posts that don’t support your way off the mark views. Typical Muslims.

    • We support a “free Internet”. So we oppose SOPA – PIPA, Internet filters and we support the work of groups such as WikiLeaks.

      We don’t support any vehicle for the politics of hate.

      We don’t allow hate speech or the dissemination of racism and bigotry. You can go to Scumfront for that.

      Oh, and you won’t be posting here under a proxy server.

      “Our grandparents didn’t debate Fascists. They shot them.”

    • Fizzy sorry Lizzy you claim many things and you won’t back it up with factual information. Typical racist with a fake name.

    • Why does Lizzy or who the f**k they feel they are.

      Shame themselves in public by claiming many here are Muslims and yet not once have provided evidence to their claims?

  10. You’re odd if you think that. I didn’t even know about this site until yesterday. Why did you not allow the video link showing racism against whites? Censorship. Why won’t you allow posters to use proxy servers? You disallow anonymity while being fiercely anonymous yourself. This blog is ridiculous. You say you oppose discrimination but you are the worst example of discrimination. Goodbye Stupid people.

  11. Um maybe you didn’t need to insult people with disabilities while pointing out what an f-wit this guy is? ‘Spasticty’ is something that a lot of Australians can’t help having – its a medical symptom and nothing to do with how much of an idiot someone is on facebook. Likewise comments calling him retarted – unless you’re his psychologist you probably don’t know what his intellect is like, although no doubt we can all speculate.

  12. “If you have examples of racism committed by people other than white people, send it in.”

    Charlie, I have. I sent a video link earler today but “Mind Made Up” is a liar and chose not to allow it. Like I said, typical Muslim.

  13. His profile is fascinating…

    “Thanks Tony im on my way to help u drink them botals of wiskie your a good mate to think of me b there verry soon m8”

    “He found them in a cementry see the dead still do talk hahaha”
    Pinching present from graves that loved ones leave? Its…ah… creative :/

  14. Wow one Youtube links is evidence? Next Lizzy well put up links to News Ltd and Today Tonight, thinking these are evidence. LOL

  15. ONE THING … re the HERE NO EVIL ….
    to be fair to the illiterate twat…. Did He actually tattoo the back of his own neck ?

    I am guessing his Tattooist is as dumb as he is..

    He no doubts considers himself the Pride of Our Nation ??? PFFFFTTTT pathetic

  16. Another retarded bogan exposed, I hope I cross him in the street so I can spit on him and laugh at his tats. Show me a person with tats and I will show you a prejudicial disgusting bogan.

    • OzProgressive, I think you mean “a person with those kinds of tats”. I’m not into tattoos myself, but I do appreciate the odd one on a girl’s shoulder or something like that 🙂

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