A Message to the Army

Australian Army badge

Recently, Acting Chief of the Australian Army Major-General Paul Symon sent the following message to all personnel

So let’s see whether those “nationalists” and “patriots” in civilian life will heed what the General has told the Army.


“When You Put Words in the Public Domain You Will Be Held Responsible.”

Victorian Neo-Nazi Used as Medic in Afghanistan

3 thoughts on “A Message to the Army

  1. Ya have to have “cultural and equity training” to be a normal human being?

    Well done to PB Symon for highlighting what Ive always suspected… that the ADF is basically a pack of mercenary thugs that join up to do what the ADF management want them to do. Kill people that were never a threat to us nor our ‘Aussie lifestyle’…
    No wonder Jack Erro refused to march in Anzac parades after the first Gulf Invasion…

  2. Milburn you are idiot, men and women that join the defense forces are poeple who in fact have the greatest hate for war and killing as they are the one that will pay the price… as for jack Erro not marching on Anzac day, perhaps he need to go back and learn why veteran march, because they march for those that did not come as mark of respect.

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