Chris Merrett Provides Actual Footage of Terrorists in Australia! MUST WATCH

Remember this guy?

We are talking about All-Muslims-Gassed-by-2014 Christopher John Merrett of course. Nazi lovin’ faux Australian.

Good news! Chris has been very busy preparing some videos and photos for us, but in particular this absolute gem where he gallantly identifies terrorists in West Sunshine, Victoria and more importantly interrupts their terrorist activity (filling their car tyres with air) by whispering quietly into his mobile phone while filming the head terrorist going inside the service station to pay for petrol.

No need to contact ASIO though, he’s already sent it to them:

*NOTE: Scaredy-cat has removed the YouTube channel.

If you’d like to thank him in person, he will be here:

Case Number: B12225676
Case Date: 16 Mar 2012. 09:30 AM
Prosecuting Agency: Victoria Police
Informant: Morgan, K
Accused: Merrett, Christopher John
Accused Representative firm name: Not Represented
Hearing Type: Committal
Prosecutor Representative Name: Not Represented
Location: Melbourne Magistrates’ Court

Here he is, illegally filming a sleeping girl’s breasts while he rides the bus:

Chris introduces himself and offers to take requests for topics to talk about:

Now look at his mad skillz – on the side of a building this time FTW!

Don’t quit your day job Christopher.
Hmm wait.
On second thoughts, don’t get one.

Google gippy257 and you’ll find a handy collection of all his video comments. But most entertaining of all, you’ll discover his amazing YouTube channel – 32 videos uploaded so far! Keep going Chris! You’ll get over 100 views soon!

Chris (pictured here with Kate Winslet) proudly takes the Australian population onto a sinking ship of embarrassment:

When society rejects you, simply start your own country!

99 thoughts on “Chris Merrett Provides Actual Footage of Terrorists in Australia! MUST WATCH

  1. G’day Trendsetters? Does anyone actually say that? Surely he’s taking the piss – no-one could actually be this stupid. I was so frightened by those terrorists I might never be able to go to a petrol station again. Apart from anything else what kind of dirty old man zooms in on a young girl’s breasts like that?

  2. But it’s all good, as you’ve rightly pointed out, these are public posts so no issue there. Not sure if 3 of your followers down Warragul way, 2 male and 1 female are going to share my sense of humor(sic) or my idea of establishing a level playing field, But that’s the way the cabbage crumbles. LOL Have fun kids.

  3. Another hideous bogan exposed. This lower class, clown car vagina descendent has been stopped before he could interject into our virtuous discourse thus making reasoned discourse much harder.

  4. No threats here. You guys choose to publicize objective facts, what’s the difference if I do the same? Answer? There is none. Or do you think there is?

    And as for me not having a job, that show’s (sic) how far off the mark and hopelessly outdated your information is.

    And as for that being my court date, sorry to say but your verification methods leave a little to be desired. While we share a common name and possibly a loose blood relationship, I don’t and never have live in Clunes, which for you city folk is near Ballarat, Vic. The only other difference I thought you might pick up is this particular chaps age. Sadly my days of being 31 y/o are far behind me.

    ” You’ll be getting together with Bubba again sooner than you think. ”

    Who in Allah’s name is “Bubba”?

  5. No, I don’t actually, nor do I attempt to hide behind fake names. But never mind.

    Anyway, as you said, there’s nothing wrong with republishing material that’s already in the public domain. And whatever other information I choose to publish, either privately or publicly is in no way illegal.

    But on the subject of republishing material that was publicly accessible at the time it was published, how about I start with this just for openers?

  6. LOL, will they ? Who have I stalked? Do you have any evidence of this or just your own paranoia ? I won’t, and will not publish anything that could be considered private. The photo above was in the public domain, just like mine were. As you correctly point out, if people have a problem with having their photos etc reposted they ought not publish them in the first place. Unlike others who’s details you’ve published here, I have no objection, however I’m pretty sure some of you “antibogans” won’t share my sense of fair play. What’s the difference?

    • Please note – a photo or piece of information not posted by that person is not considered public property, whereas the tripe YOU have posted in public is now considered public.

      eg. if you continue to try and post the addresses of individuals who have had their photos, phone numbers and/or addresses released onto the Internet AGAINST their consent does not see you free of any wrong-doing. Any lawyer will verify this. You may want to ask yours before you keep at this ‘game’.

      • Something these clowns STILL do not get is that no one is going to condemn anyone for being either an anti-racist or a non-racist. Neither is illegal, both are admirable.

        On the other hand being a racist and publishing racist rubbish in forums and on social networks will lead to consequences.

        Racism stopped being an “opinion” oh…about 1945.

    • Just shows your desperation old man. We could ask if it stems from unresolved childhood issues and a desperate need on your part for recognition any way you can get it…

      But we don’t really give a fuck.

  7. Anyhoo, you must excuse me, someone has to pay for your dole payments, youth study allowances and subsidized rent, there’s tax to be paid, so long kiddies. Keep up the great work. You can be sure i will. LOL

        • Not NewStart or the Disability pension. Centrelink doesn’t make this too public but the Disability pension is often given to people who are not really “disabled” in the legal sense but who are so socially antagonistic that in fairness to prospective employers they cannot fulfil the mutual obligation requirements for NewStart.

        • Nice try coward. Being that you’ve had time to close your youtube, edit and delete posts, and generally talk crap on here, it’s pretty clear that you’re actually just one of the social sponges that you claim the hard line on. If you weren’t so mentally unwell, it would be hard to explain.

  8. Chris so you have no objection that your own rants that is in public view, would be used in legal action under Australian Hatred Laws?

  9. “someone has to pay for your dole payments, youth study allowances and subsidized rent” who is this Chris? YOU???? LOL But who is paying for you court appearing in Court? YOU??? Try again. LOL

  10. Sorry I was laughing at you know who expense, I meant to write “But who is paying for you appearing in Court? YOU??? Try again. LOL”

  11. Um, I’m pretty sure he’s never tried to hide his views True Aussie. You’ll never get one of them into court for posting this stuff, all you’re doing is catering to his ego, giving him and his friends the publicity they crave. The problem is, these nazis can get quite nasty, who is going to pick up the pieces when they do? [NAME REDACTED]? I think not

    • Thanks for stopping by.

      Racism is a breach of state and federal laws. We are happy to continue to expose racists, bigots and other extremists here. We are not interested in their psychological issues, obvious though they are even to lay people, and we do not regard either racism and bigotry as “opinions”.

      They are crimes.

      Since you are so concerned about the welfare of someone you seem to think is associated with this blog, we have passed on your full details to law enforcement together with a statement from us outlining why this person’s welfare could be in jeopardy. They will probably want to contact you.

      I am sure Optus will be of assistance to them.

    • Hi Chris! How are you? Enjoying calling yourself Malcolm this week?

      I’ve had a few encounters with the obese self-proclaimed Aryan previously, and funnily enough you see a pattern after a while. Chris shouts all his aryan bullshit, then is rightfully banned. After a few sock puppets turn up espousing identical beliefs to him, then a brand new person suddenly turns up, disagreeing with Chris, but stating “He’ll turn up and kill someone for banning him”

      Funny this happens whenever Merret turns up. Almost like it’s the same person over and over again.

      Of course, I’m looking forward to the next stage when he pretends to be an Irish woman.

  12. I threw up looking at those teeth. The guy wants to declare his own nation? Seriously? He can’t even floss. Let alone brush. that was one of the ugliest things I’ve seen on here in a LONG time.

    He’s either delusional or mentally unstable. I’m picking the latter and hoping for the former.

  13. Oh it’s all still availiable, just not to you, I have 3 other channels. And as for the location of the Video, it was a long way from West Sunshine. Doveton actually. Lots of Muslims there. A few female gorillas too I hear.

    • Posters may be interested in the full text of BO Plenty’s gravatar profile. He uses a picture of a real person without her permission followed by a quote from a convicted white supremacist felon and paedophile, the fortunately deceased David Lane, and one from Mark Twain, who was an anti-racist and champion of African-American slaves.


      This is the measure of the “man”.

  14. Wrong again lolracist, but never mind, appropriate action has been taken. All legal and above board of course.

    “eg. if you continue to try and post the addresses of individuals who have had their photos, phone numbers and/or addresses released onto the Internet AGAINST their consent does not see you free of any wrong-doing. Any lawyer will verify this. You may want to ask yours before you keep at this ‘game’.”

    A/ trace a single example of this back to me, with proof, not paranoid suspicion. You really didn’t think you’d be able to run this site forever, posting whatever you please, the majority, in many cases at least, having a grain of truth padded up with total fabrication, without having the same done to you? Really? No, sorry, doesn’t work that way. Whoever said I was on the dole, a pension, or that i don’t live in the hills has been either seriously mislead or is simply lying, probably a bit of both.

    What other people post re people’s home addresses, phone numbers, workplaces or those of their relatives is not my problem.

    The photos I’ve posted were copied from public posts, just like the one’s you have posted of myself and others. I have no complaints. If others do, deal with them. that’s their drama and yours, not mine.

    Anyway, that’s lunch done, see you later “trendsetters” LOL

  15. All of my Videos are still freely available. The youtube channel you managed to blunder on was a very old, little used one.

    “He uses a picture of a real person without her permission”

    What real person? Do you know this “person”? LOL

      • more lies, it hasn’t been touched by me in months. Anyway, you’re boring now. Make up stories about knowing me to each other til the cows come home, but do it without me. Not one of you has produced 1 shred of information that’s proven correct so far, so I guess you won’t be in a hurry either. None of you can even figure out where the hell I live. Not even roughly ffs !! So bye for now, I’m off to buy some fresh fruit and vegies, some bread rolls, and then I think I’ll ask about a health care course at the local tafe. LOL. Bye for now children. Play nicely among yourselves. LOL.

        • we’ll see. some of your subsctbers won’t agree. I wasn’t going to release any of the names and addresses I have, thought I’d play nicely. But you guys expanded the terms of reference so there’ll be no more discretion from. You want to publish people’s personal details, true AND false? No Probs. I will too. I’ve had people beg me for the details they know I’m aware of. Now they get what they’ve asked for.

  16. As for why people have asked for said details, to obtain addresses and names for the purpose of taking legal action for defamation of course. Why else ?

  17. Chris, you seem to have missed the point of this page. No one really cares where you live, what you do for a living, who your mother is. No one is interested in tracking you down or intimidating you.

    The whole point is just to put your comments in the public sphere to make socially able Australians aware of the diverse range of opinions shared by their countrymen.

    In becoming aware of such opinions it is the hope that Australians will be motivated to take a stand against views such as yours. Not through intimidation and threats of violence as you’d be accustomed to but by mobilising the powers to be to enact and enforce legislation against racism.

    However, in the end the authorities know that, despite you notoriety on this blog, you are just a pissant full of hot air who will never amount to anything so they’ll probably save their effort for softer / greater threats – leaving you to continue to live out you fantasy as Chancellor of Christralia.

    Peace be with you.

    • P.S. If the whole Christralia thing doesn’t work out for you I hear North Korea are looking for a new Supreme Leader. Never hurts to put a resume in.

  18. ” No one really cares where you live, what you do for a living, who your mother is. No one is interested in tracking you down or intimidating you.”

    Really? Well why do they spend so much time doing just that? And as for tracking me down? LOL. My address has always been freely available to anyone who asks, in their real name of course. And intimidate me? You really have no idea, do you?

  19. HAHA Not by anyone or anything on this blog ffs !! A bunch of mostly females posting in male names? No. And the only males you do have on this thread are insipid little weeds who run for cover at the mention of my name. Or complain to their boss when I buy bananas in the shop they work in, and then run and hide in the cool room just because I walked into a shop they worked in, one that I’d been visiting since before he was born. He must sleep easy now knowing I’m so far away. Weak little turd. LOL

  20. I’d like to point out some flaws in your whole Christralia Idea – for you to consider in redefining your secession plan.

    1. You will be rich with agricultural land but will have no major population base to process your raw materials. You will be almost solely dependent on Australia to supply you with processed goods.
    2. If you are to establish a major population centre then you will have to look at the infrastructure available to set one up. Somewhere on the Murray would be most likely but this would place a massive burden on an already constrained waterway.
    3. You will have no access to a major export port, once again leaving you dependent on Australia to take your raw materials to export markets.
    4. Lastly, the three people you have nominated to be Chancellor, President and Prime Minster are inbred hicks.

    • LOL it was a joke dummy. Haven’t you got anything better to do while you’re bumming around zMummy’s place on school holidays draining the tax payer dry via youth allowance? LOL

        • I too would like to know, Chris. What about you is superior?
          Is it the fact that you’re clearly well out of shape, and a poster child to terrible health?
          Is it your less than adequate excuse for personal hygiene (evidence: your teeth)?
          Is it the fact that you’re obviously far below what can even just qualify as below average intelligence?
          Is it the fact that you can’t even see that what you attempt is a form of terrorism itself?
          Please, give us one well reasoned argument (there’s a first time for everything) as to what makes you superior to anybody else. Just one.

    • You forgot to add that no woman in their right mind would want to have sex with a bunch of fugly knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing “white nationalists”. So, zero population and big fail – a win for Australia!

  21. We have 19 posts under various aliases in our Trash file belonging to Ferret (love the nickname Vicki 😉 )

    They exceed even his normal low standards. They include posts where he gives the address of someone who has nothing to do with this blog.

    One of the aliases belongs to the Twitter twit featured in our Frankie Goes to Twitterwood post.

    Can we match the BPD with a personality disorder as well? 🙂

    • Not particularly keen on your use of bipolar disorder to draw negative inferences of an individual. This is a genuine medical diagnosis of which many in our community are afflicted. I also have a good friend who was afflicted with it and in her darkest hour took her life.

      • We understand that Tom. I don’t think the original poster meant to draw any disparaging parallels with sufferers of BPD, nor did admin wish to do likewise.

        However there is very strong anecdotal evidence to suggest that extreme social prejudice (like racism, bigotry and homophobia) is co-morbid with several psychiatric disorders.

        • I remember being taken to bits for referring to somebody as “mental” in this forum. A term I meant as somebody generally not nice. However, to equate mental illness straight out with prejudice, as what is done her, is just shit. The friend of mine who took her life did far more for social justice than any of the keyboard warriors (myself included) here ever have ever done or will. You are also failing to differentiate between organic psychiatric disorders and personality disorders… there is a huge difference. And it is likely more the personality disorders which are congruent with bigotry. How, for example can you have a go at, for example’s sake, a schizophrenic who believes that there is a Muslim conspiracy against him as opposed to someone with a narcissistic personality disorder who claims that all Muslims are to silence him? Is the schizophrenic culpable for being afflicted with an illness he/she did not ask for? There is a huge difference, and may I suggest that you brush up on psychopathology 101 to appreciate what I am getting at. If you want to start persecuting those with organic psychiatric disorders than you simply are falling into the same realm as those wishing to persecute people for organic factors they cannot help, such as that they are gay or black. Make your mind up as to who you wish to label as cunts. But to simply excuse matters as that those who are bigots frequently suffer from psychiatric disorders is pretty rich, for reasons as mentioned afore. And yes, I myself have had a life long problem with depression. Am I a bigot? hardly. But thanks for throwing me in the same basket as these cunts.

        • No one says you are a bigot. No one says that bigotry is an automatic outcome of psychiatric illnesses. Some researchers have presented valid evidence that racism/bigotry is in itself a personality disorder (Poussaint, 2002).

          Re-read what I wrote

          “However there is very strong anecdotal evidence to suggest that extreme social prejudice (like racism, bigotry and homophobia) is co-morbid with several psychiatric disorders

          “Psychiatric disorders” covers personality disorders as well as organic disorders. People with personality disorders often manifest organic disorders as well, though there is a chicken-egg problem here – does someone develop a personality disorder as a maladaptive response to an underlying psychiatric illness? Does a personality disorder in turn aggravate the presentation of symptoms of an underlying organic psychiatric illness?

          And no I don’t have to revisit Psych 101. It should be obvious.

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