Queensland – a State of Hate?

   Stop the Hammered Hate Music Festival Petition

Rob Messenger MP

The petition can be found here

Petition to stop the Hammered Music Festival


We originally wrote about the hate festival here

slackbastard writes:

Also briefly interviewed by The Project is a Queensland politician. In general terms, the reaction by politicians to the event has been routine: condemnation. However Independent Queensland MP Rob Messenger…has launched an online petition in protest against the controversial neo-Nazi “Hammered Music Festival”, after being contacted by members of the public supporting his recent comments on 4BC radio.

The petition calls for the Premier and Opposition Leader to commit to supporting legislative changes that will ensure Queensland has the toughest laws in Australia which enable the banning and punishment of neo-Nazis and other race hate proponents.

The petition notes that local, state and federal political leaders have been reluctant to publicly condemn, or commit to using all laws necessary to ban, this Neo Nazi, race hatred-inspired gathering, with some political leaders blaming inadequate laws as an excuse for not being able to ban Neo Nazi rallies, events and activities.

We wonder what the people of Queensland think after having this event imposed on them for the third year in a row, right after the tragic floods of 2010 have just been commemorated.

Is Queensland  going to be forever tainted as the Hate State?  With all the condemnatory  international publicity will international tourists think twice about Queensland as a destination, thus depriving the state of much-needed revenue?

In other situations elsewhere local government has been able to use its regulations to prevent undesirable groups from gathering. And one remembers the efficiency and enthusiasm with which former Queensland governments were able to silence demonstrations against the Vietnam War for instance.

With a State election coming up we also wonder how much political wisdom would seek to alarm mainstream Queenslanders, to insult and offend minorities within the state, including Indigenous Queenslanders, and to make Queensland a laughing stock in the rest of Australia, who has so far managed to make these freaks largely unwelcome.

So what are we going to think of when someone says “music in Queensland”

The popular and successful Woodford Folk Festival, which draws people from all over the world?

Or yet another unwanted hate music gathering of gutter grubs?


The new face of Queensland tourism?


Neo-Nazi Festival Gets Green Light

Hammered Music Festival Not Welcome in Brisbane

State won’t stop ‘morons’ from gathering neo-Nazi Hammered music festival in Brisbane

15 thoughts on “Queensland – a State of Hate?

  1. As much as I am disgusted that this festival is going ahead, I’m glad that the Queensland Bjelke-Petersen regime that banned street demonstrations hasn’t been in power for 25 years! (Yep, 25 years. Get over it.) There’s also a line to be drawn between what’s unpleasant and what’s unlawful. As far as I know, pre-emptive censorship isn’t acceptable in this country.

    I think it’s only fair to point out that Queensland hardly has a patent on hate. Where was it again that hosted not only the 2000 Olympics but also various racially-motivated riots in 2004 and 2005? Which state is it that people from the sub-continent are advised to avoid for fear of being bashed? (Welcome to Melbourne, guys). And am I not correct in thinking that South Australia has a startling history of gay-bashing as well as serial murders?

    Let’s keep a bit of perspective here. What would you rather have — hypocritical governments who exercise heavy-handed censorship to appease the collective social conscience even while it’s unsafe to walk the street in some areas if you don’t have the right appearance?

    How about you try to get over the tired old mantra of slagging off Queensland? It cheapens the message and makes you sound …. well, a bit silly.

    • Difference is that the Cronulla riots were not sanctioned by officialdom – which is what appears to be happening here.

      Also the fact that they were able to do the same on the Gold Coast despite the anger of many GC residents and a very successful counter-concert held by anti-racists last year should have been a wake-up call.

      What the Brisbane authorities are saying in effect, having had notice of the hate-fest, is that the people of Brisbane have to just suck it up. I have friends in Brisbane, and they would be thoroughly ashamed and angry that these entities, however small in number, would be polluting their city by their presence.

      • “[T]he Cronulla riots were not sanctioned by officialdom – which is what appears to be happening here”. Not a particularly clever analogy, considering the Southern Cross Hammers Skinheads are a Sydney-based group and White Australian Resistance started in Melbourne. Clearly NSW and Victoria haven’t tried very hard to get rid of these grubs.

        As I said, you can’t censor proactively. If the southern states are content to let these organisations flourish, why should if be left to Queensland to become the heavy hand?

        You know what, I bloody HATE a lot of American and US-inspired rap and hip hop, the sort of crap that likes to refer to women as bitches and whores and professes admiration for ‘gangstas’ and drug dealers. But we have to suck this shit up because censorship is a dirty word and there are several whole generations who want to listen to this pernicious crud, not just a handful of brain-dead, testosterone-deprived thugs.

        Bottom line — unless and until the law is broken at the Hammered Music Festival, the state has no grounds on which to prevent it. That’s democracy at work, folks. How about you spend more effort in trying to prevent hate-driven ACTS (like race riots and poofter-bashings) instead of peddling stupid tabloid stereotypes?

        • “instead of peddling stupid tabloid stereotypes?”

          Just out of curiosity what stereotype did you mean when you said this?

        • The Queensland-As-Hate-State, Queensland-Is-Different-To-The-Rest -Of-Australia, Queensland-Is-Weird, Queensland as Johville stereotypes, Matt. It’s no more valid to keep on flogging this dead horse than it is to damn NSW to eternal derision for spawning Nicole Kidman and Paul Hogan, or to tag Victoria for ever more as the state that brought us Henry Bolte and last execution in Australia. Or have I just woken up in a dream episode of reality and realised that Victorian police don’t *really* shoot first and ask questions later, and the NSW Police Service is as pure and clean as a Napisan wash?

        • You’re right VickiPS, it’s all about slagging off Queensland thereby proving that whilst tolerant to all others, we in the anti-bigotary league are quite adept at becoming meaninglessly parochial when it comes to rudimentary tribalism on a state vs state basis.

          Tolerance stops when it comes to you dastardly and confounding Cane Toads.

          Stay where you came from, stop heading south and tainting our fair lands with your XXXX beer/water and your excessive sugar cane and pumpkin scone diets!

        • “Ironic”?? As in Alanis Morisette ironic or genuine irony? Where’s the irony in being called a whore? That’d really work — “Hey, whore, sit on my face!” “Aww, hey, just being ironic”.

          Why don’t you give it a try and report back?

        • Nothing ironic about Alanis Morrissette. She’s just plain boring. Eazy E on the other hand, now he was even more so ironic than Kate Wisnlet in that episode of “Extras”.

        • Oh weird — WordPress obviously doesn’t like text entered in angle brackets. It left out the critical sound effect of a very hard SMACK!

          You missed my subtle irony about Alanis Morisette’s use of the term, too. Oh well…

  2. As reprehensible as these Neo-Nazi musical festivals can be, outright banning them will not solve any problems; the hate will still be there, the music will still exist, and the members will still be active. I remember reading somewhere on this blog that the organisers of these sorts of festivals are more than willing to go underground and hold clandestine concerts in order to circumvent laws and regulations.

    At least by allowing this festival to go on, the QLD government can monitor and enforce a strong police presence in the vicinity of the concert in addition to alerting locals to stay away from the area. Plus it’d probably give ASIO plenty of good opportunities to gather intelligence on the most profoundly un-intelligent.

    These sorts of “Race-warriors” are big proponents of the martyr syndrome. Banning them will only help reinforce that mindset in their eyes.

    • You can be sure that these freaks will be nowhere near the comfortable suburb where Lord Mayor Campbell Newman lives, nor will he and his family be alarmed and affronted by seeing them in their local shopping mall or dining in their local cafe.

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