Anti-Asian Boobies


Now we have your attention…


So generally speaking if you visit a nail salon you are there to get fingers and toes dealt with – right?

So what gives Yvonne the impression the staff, whom we assume are female (they usually are in nail salons) and usually not sexually interested in other women, were commenting on anyone’s boobs if they were speaking another language?

So was your daughter breast-feeding a baby? In that case maybe the salon workers were merely curious. Young women without children of their own often are.

Or is it just another excuse to bring up the old chestnuts (pardon the pun) which go something like this…

1. “If ur in Straya speke English cos we do so rooly good”

2. “Ur being rascist against Strayans cos ur spekeing Asian”

Boguette boobies take note…it isn’t always about you.

30 thoughts on “Anti-Asian Boobies

  1. This made me laugh 😀 I love my local ‘Asian run’ salon, its a great time for the staff and I to take the piss out of each other. “Why you no make more pedicure. Then you find husband.” Me: “I think I stood on your tiny husband on my way in – that’s him between my toes.” Anyway, I digress. Live by the sword, die by the sword – if you’re continually doing petty bitching about other people then you’re probably expecting the same in return. Perhaps the daughter is more comfortable with traditional and local comments such as “How ya goin Toots? Great funbags.”

  2. This is pretty weak. The comment itself isn’t even racist, even if it does suggest the author has racists leanings.

    The TAB is making more baseless assumptions here than the original author (workers in beauty salons are all straight women?) – I think you should take this one down.

    Also, if you’re going to cast gramatical stones you need to get your own grammer right. “Whom… are female” should be “who… are female”.

    • Mate, you’re not really that aware, are you?
      It’s the TONE of the whiney post by a proven racist that is the giveaway.
      Try again.

      • Where’s the proof that this person is racist? This is the only post on TAB in which she’s tagged. I don’t think one FB post complaining that “Asians” were laughing at her daughter’s boobs (implying it was because they’re large) establishes the case. Since TAB is publicly associating her name with racism I think more evidence is needed.

        As for grammar/grammer… whatever. I’m not the one mocking other people’s grammar. TAB implies this woman hypocritically holds non-native-English speakers to a standard that she can’t meet. But again, the evidence in this post is weak: not only does she not explicitly make this point, but her own grammar is at least passable.

        I support TAB by sharing a lot of its posts and referring people to the site. But these kind of posts can be damaging to people’s reputation if the claims aren’t substantiated. They usually are. In this case the evidence is weak.

        You might think all this is just for your own entertainment (laughing at the stupid xenophobes), but I think its an important message (arbitrary discrimination occurs in our society and isn’t acceptable). When TAB over-reaches like this it undermines the message of the site.

        • Where’s the proof that this person is racist?

          Pete hit the nail on the head when he commented about the whiney tone of the person featured in the post. And just because someone reaches our tag cloud on one occasion only does not mean they are necessarily innocents. We get hundreds of screenshots of offensive comments from our fans. There could be more in there.

          I don’t think one FB post complaining that “Asians” were laughing at her daughter’s boobs (implying it was because they’re large) establishes the case.

          The point is that she had no way of knowing whether they were talking about her, her daughter or any physical features, or something else entirely unrelated. She just “assumed”, plus she seemed to find it offensive that someone would be conversing with another person in a language she didn’t understand.

          We certainly hope Yvonne does not go to a non-English speaking country. She is going to find literally millions of people around the globe who might be all talking about her.

          You actually went to the defence of someone back in June for saying “F-ck off slopes” or words to that effect – on the grounds that he “looked Asian” so was probably having a joke. At the time we wondered why an Asian background person would be happily posting alongside a bunch of racists in the first place. In fact the comment seemed to imply that racism is “OK” in Australia and that everyone should get on board including people of mixed background and/or second-generation immigrants.

        • Yes, I get it that this person appears to be racist. She’s playing the ‘reverse-racism’ card, which is a pretty decent indication. But if you’re going to associate someone’s name with racism I think you should seek a higher standard of evidence than a single comment indicative of racist thinking. Pete calls this person “a proven racist”. I’ve seen a small amount of evidence but I’m yet to see any proof. You say “there could be more in there”. If there is, then show it. Establish a pattern of behaviour. That’s what TAB usually does. The lack of a pattern of behaviour is why I’m saying this is weak.

          In this case, I can actually sympathise with the OP. If she’s paying for a service and the service provider spends the whole time talking in a language she wouldn’t reasonably be expected to understand while using body language that indicates the discussion is about her daughters boobs and the tone of the conversation carries the implication that the service provider thinks large boobs are something to mock, then I can see why she’d consider that to be rude. EVEN if there are other fair interpretations, this one may be fair. I wasn’t there so I can’t judge if the OP taking offense is a reasonable reaction or not. Therefore, I think its appropriate to give her the benefit of the doubt, especially in the absence of a demonstrated pattern of behaviour.

          In this case, I think TAB is guilty of making assumptions about the OP. It isn’t proven that the OP is racist. It isn’t proven that her offence is unjustified. It isn’t proven that she derides people for speaking languages other than English. Yes, she’s playing the reverse racism card. There are two elements to her case:
          1. her daughter was being laughed at due to a racial-stereotype of possessing big boobs
          2. her service providers were taking advantage of asymmetric information to mock her daughter behind her back right in front of her face.
          TAB isn’t in any position to judge her assertion on its merits. We can complain about the tone, but is that really enough to publicly smear someone? I think TAB retains more influence if it sticks to pointing out people who are truly, demonstrably discriminatory.

          I think in this case, TAB would be better off holding this screen grab and checking out her FB profile for a few days. If you can establish a pattern of behaviour, then nail her. If not, then let it slide.

          As for my comment back in June… I vaguely remember it. It was an Asian guy who did say something like what you suggested (F-off slopes). When people make formulaic-racist comments against their own race its often an attempt to disempower racists. It doesn’t legitimise racism – its exactly the opposite.

          I actually read pretty much all the TAB posts as they come out. I think its important to be reminded that racism exists in Australia. I think its important to be reminded how brutal it can be. And I (like most people) like to indulge in a small degree of schadenfreude. But I don’t like to smear someone’s name when it isn’t absolutely clear that they deserve it.

        • You need to go read the whole conversation. It was discussing racism and she was saying that the Asian salon workers are racist for looking at her daughter’s boobs and talking in their language.

        • Where is it? I’ve searched for her name in FB and can’t find her. I assume she’s changed her privacy settings in response to this post. Either way, if TAB is going to make a case against someone, they should present all the evidence, not expect people to just trust them that this person really is racist.

        • Everyone is probably guilty of having a passing racist/bigoted/homophobic thought from time to time. Many probably express these thoughts privately to partners and friends. But why would someone deliberately post such thoughts on a Facebook page potentially seen by millions – unless they were proud of what they said or thought and wanted it to be seen?

        • Spot on Sio.
          Our mate here needs to spend more time doing his own research and less time constructing sorry arguments and being an apologist for racists.

    • People often make reactionary, unconsidered comments on the internet. She may not be savvy enough to realise she’s made comments on the record. Just because you post something that’s publicly available doesn’t mean its a deeply held conviction.

      Honestly, I’m mostly of the same mind as you about this. I don’t like her tone – it betrays a racist world view. But the evidence isn’t there (in this post) to *prove* that she’s racist. The concept of innocent until proven guilty is not just a platitude.

      As I mentioned, I’ve read most of the posts here for a year or so – this is only the second time I’ve seen one that I think accuses someone of racism without making the case (you already referred to the previous instance). TAB usually establishes the case that the subject repeatedly engages in deeply objectionable behaviour. This instance doesn’t make the case.

      • But it is in the careless unthinking comments people make that hard-core racism finds fertile soil to grow. A public verbal utterance may well be overlooked, a written one implies deliberate forethought.

        • I agree with you that casual, careless racism is a huge problem – I wouldn’t dispute that.

          You asked a specific question:
          “why would someone deliberately post such thoughts on a Facebook page potentially seen by millions – unless they were proud of what they said or thought and wanted it to be seen?”
          I don’t think a single comment on FB implies deliberate forethought, nor does it necessarily imply pride in the values underlying the comment. You may be careful in what you write, proof reading your comments and considering how they sound from another’s point of view, but most people don’t do that.

          And as I mentioned in my original comment, it isn’t beyond doubt that the OP is explicitly racist anyway. It seems to me that its possible to interpret the comment as a frustrated reaction against being tagged with racism by virtue of association with the majority race. Getting your name on TAB is a hefty penalty for what is at worst a misdemeanour and *could* be a simple misunderstanding.

  3. Even if it were the case that they were looking and laughing at her BOOBS (that was for added Google hits, TAB), aren’t there some cultures where people laugh when they are embarrassed? And…. not to make an assumption but it’s within the realms of possibility that the daughter had things on display if it was assumed that’s what was there to look at… otherwise, perhaps they would have assumed they were looking at her shirt or necklace or something.

    Maybe they were embarrassed about this girl/woman having them out on show. It’s not definite, but it’s a possibility.

    But then wait… this is the thing. There are many POSSIBILITIES and without knowing what they said, no assumption can be made. See, Yvonne? See how that works?

    All I can say is, if everyone who talks about a girls’ breasts in front of her is racist, then many of my friends have been racist towards me. And all of my ex-boyfriends. And random people I’ve never met.

    And to think, all this time, I had no clue they were all guilty of racism against me. It’s quite shocking, really…

  4. Another disgusting, bigot exposed. Her crude, bigoted and prejudicial thoughts have no place in the public arena. She must be stopped before she can spread fear and suffering through our most vulnerable communities.

    • Hi OzProgressive,

      Because of your subtle yet ingenious and persistant method at drawing attention to our glaring flaws with relation to our outspokenness against racism (implied or otherwise) through the advanced and intellectually stimulating means of writing “Another disgusting bigot exposed…. (etc)”, I have now seen the error of my ways.

      Congratulations my friend on changing this humble person’s opinions about intolerance so that I now fully sanction it.

      Please add my name to your (I’m sure) ever increasing list of people who now realise how ugly anti-racism since you have exposed how disgusting it is.

      The anti-bogan’s crude, unbigoted and unprejudicial thoughts have no place in the public arena. They must be stopped before they can spread their terrible message through our most exclusive and parochial communities.

      You are a not just a genius, but a clever one at that, and are to be commended on your perseverance – it has now paid dividends! Well done! 🙂

        • Dear South African friend,

          Congratulations for the movie starring the respected and esteemed Michael Caine.

          Also, congratulations on being the last letter of the phonetic alphabet unlike our friends Juliet, Oscar or Foxtrot.

          Because of my serious dyslexia (sorry – I mean ‘dlysexia’) my Latin has always been sub-par and so I appreciate your correction.

          To be honest, I was always a little perplexed as to why everyone seemed sufficiently terrified of minor, minor issues here (like a few disparate souls on rickety boats) to have our Latin name reflect this…


  5. Scott is white and he stares at Asian women’s boobies (and giggles, speaks in English). Scott is a proven racist. Could Yvonne be right? I’m confused.

  6. At least she said “native tongue”. I’ve heard people say “Asian” many times rather than Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc, as if Asian is a language.

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