Sharls Ashton and “teh_pedos”

We have found that bogots have a prurient, enthusiastic and unhealthy interest in child abuse. For instance they dwell lovingly and in great detail on mythical instances of child abuse supposedly committed by groups of people they don’t like such as Muslims, asylum seekers, anti-racists and anyone not like them. At the same time they are oblivious to the relatively high proportion of their kind, both here and overseas, who are arrested and charged with child protection offences.

Now meet Sharls Ashton, serial Facebook fruitcake.

Sharls Ashton's Facebook

At the time that profile existed Sharls was apparently employed in some capacity by Surf Lifesaving Australia. She has since removed the reference and seems to be committed full-time to football hooligans crim support group the ADL.

Sharls Ashton current profile

No doubt she keeps the teapot full of bile going for the lads at ADdled HQ.


ADL Headquarters

Hard as it is to read and decipher Sharls’ pointless rants, they usually provides lulz when one has nothing better to do.

But this time Sharls has not only managed to defame two unrelated anti-racists but is apparently inviting the daughter of one of them to be stalked by paedophiles.

Sharls Ashton

No doubt the police will be very interested in how Sharls managed to obtain this false “information” given her acknowledged close ties to dodgy groups like the ADL. And we suggest Sharls looks closer to home for any more “paedophiles”. Maybe she should start with the EDL?

17 thoughts on “Sharls Ashton and “teh_pedos”

  1. I am reminded of Jayden Smedley and his rather graphic description of a practice he refers to as “thighing”. Makes me wonder what goes on in that boy’s mind when he has the capacity to dream up something as perverse as such.

    • Actually Manygendered Jayden didn’t make it up.

      The mad Ayatollah Khomeini did in some obscure book he wrote some years back, and of course the Muslim-haters have jumped on it as being “doctrinal”. It’s not- just the burblings of a mad old man who was probably a bit of a perv himself.

      Suitable source material for the likes of Jayden.

      • Apologies to Jayden. May I also just let him know that my thoughts are still with him at all times as he battles with gender dysphoria.

  2. Still insistent that I am a young boy? so no matter what I say, you will not remove the photo of that young boy you claim is me although you have been warned that it is not? He has been warned about your deeds, no skin off my nose, I have done my part in ensuring that he knows what is going on. You will reap the consequences of your ignorance. If any harm should come to him….I will make doubly sure of what has been transpiring around this neck of the woods, proof is abundant. CYA

  3. I very seldom visit this asylum. The place reeks of madness and stupidity. A kindergarten child would play circles around you. I hear you get a few cents for your appearance at rallies….you’re obviously not worth much more but so long as it buys you a cheeseburger at maccas…fools!

    • Jayden perhaps you could provide us with a link to your Facebook page as proof that you are in fact an old woman. In that instance we would probably be willing to remove the photo of you. Sorry, the photo of the random young man.

    • Jayden rather than bang around like some confused and, most likely, socially inadequate teenage boy who spends nearly as much time spouting racial hatred as what he does masturbating over internet porn why don’t you and your (a-hem!) “husband” rally your “supporters” into coughing up the $$$ for a lawyer who then can ensure that the photographs of the teenage male who is “not” you are removed. After all, isn’t that what a responsible and mature “married woman” would do? Unless of course the photos really are of you… in which case no amount of lawyering will help. The photos get to stay then I presume 🙂

  4. Sharls Ashton is a very sick minded person. She has tried now for over 6 months to shatter my world and no matter how many times she is told to leave me alone and my family she nuts out rants has her tantrums of mindless rambling. She is one very mentally ill person and a danger to society.

  5. Yes that is her, such a good Aussie girl hey? NOT !!! This woman is a dangerous nasty mentally ill freak. Full of hatred, drugs, vodka, and bullshit. I am sad that it has come to this where she is being publicly humiliated and shamed. But hey some morons like her need it. She is a danger to us all and i’m not exagerating on that. Aussie Patriot Aussie Pride DONT THINK SO HEY? I’ve had first hand dealings with this horror of a woman no human no animal. She has tried her best to harm me my family my world. Yet she has not succeeded yet as i am an a true Aussie with true Aussie m8’s ! ! That wont allow nasty shit like her to hurt me! Yes the above links are her, she did do all this.

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