Newcastle mosque under attack – and the APP downplays it

On the 5th January 2012 this story appeared in the Newcastle Herald.

Newcastle Herald

Newcastle Herald 5th January 2012


There were many theories as to who committed the violence – some theories have pointed to local ratbag youths, some have blamed interstate hoods – an unlikely theory given the area’s poor public transport. Racist thickheads who cannot even find their own arses with both hands and a torch wouldn’t be too inclined to travel to Newcastle and journey to a quiet out-of-the-way suburb way off the railway line just to vandalise a mosque when there are juicier pickings for the dedicated xenophobe in Sydney or Melbourne.


Vandal 1Vandal 2

Vandal 4

Vandal 4


Predictably Xenophobe-in-Chief Darrin Hodges, eager for any media attention as his Facebook group micro-party subsides into irrelevancy, pipes up with his unwanted opinion right here

Australian Protectionist Party spokesman Darrin Hodges said yesterday he believed many people were ‘‘concerned about what goes on inside’’ mosques, but the attackers ‘‘could just be local drunks’’..

‘‘I’m a bit suspicious about all that,’’ Mr Hodges said.

‘‘It doesn’t mean they’re doing it because it’s a mosque.’’

The party’s Sydney-based organiser, Nick Folkes, said debate about a mosque proposal at Elermore Vale had created interest in the party.

‘‘We definitely had a lot of people wanting to know what we were about,’’ he said.

So this apparently explains the huge turnout at the APP’s anti-Muslim demo at Civic Park in 2010.

Newcastle APP demo

Thousands of Novocastrians don't turn up at the APP rally.

Don’t worry we have plenty of links showing exactly what the APP is all about.

So Nicky, where’s your disavowal of hate politics? Where’s your concern for the scared women and kids who were inside the building?

And where’s Nathan Smith? We thought he was your main mosque man in Newcastle.

Nathan Smith

And by the way, you really don’t have to worry about info getting out about your party either. It’s already out there. By the bucketload.


Yet Another Epic Fail: “It’s A Cowardly Racist Who Hides Behind Cars.”

and all the links therein.

13 thoughts on “Newcastle mosque under attack – and the APP downplays it

    • give muslims some time and they will wreak havoc just as they have in europe. They’re already pushing their way here or it’s cry-baby time if they don’t get their way; they’re nothing more than bulllies with a superiority complex.

  1. So what exactly goes on in mosques that the public are so concerned about? Is there a problem with people engaging in worship? Should we scared by the fact that people are possibly catching up with friends and family? Or that people are confiding in their spiritual leaders about any personal issues? Cake stalls perhaps? Fuck, well in that case I am just as equally concerned about what goes on in the Macedonian Orthodox church just down the road from me. And I shall also be expressing my concerns to my employer about the fact that there should be a chapel on the premises. I mean, I personally haven’t been in there, but the mind now boggles as to the despicable evils that no doubt transpire in there 24/7.

  2. It’s pretty simple. A building can’t fight back, an actual real life, living, breathing Muslim/Koorie/Immigant/leftie (delete whichever is not applicable) can and will.

    Hence they attack a building cause they be the big bad-arse “real” Aussies.

  3. Way too many attacks on people based on their race/religion happen in the Wallsend/Jesmond area (mostly because of the university’s fairly diverse group of people all living around the area). So there is no way anyone can tell me this is unrelated to what the building is used for.

  4. “Thousands of Novocastrians don’t turn up at the APP rally.”

    i always laugh at these ultr-nationalist groups. they claim they represent the majority and “true aussies” and yet they have bugger all members and no suppport.

  5. Is it Andy or Anders?

    You are a complete intellectual lightweight to state, kids were inside the fanatical Wahhabi mosque when the attack took place. Maybe in the future, do your research as the Police and NMA both stated, “there were no kids inside when the attack took place”.

    It seems I know a lot more about Elermore Vale than a diseased blowfly like you.

    • Concern for kids who “were” in the building. The article stated that children had left the mosque literally minutes prior to the attack. Additionally, the chances of these children walking past these dopes outside the mosque are quite possible. Did the attackers know exactly who was in the building when they began their attacks? Did they have any concern?

      Answer: no.

      When’s your next fail-rally planned?

    • It seems I know a lot more about Elermore Vale than a diseased blowfly like you.

      We doubt that very much.

      So how is that Nicky? Since you relate so much to the Aussie working-class battler that you live in upwardly mobile and definitely left-wing Rozelle though your current location shows as Brisbane?

      So are you the real Nick Folkes?

      Oh and by the way, the Wallsend mosque is NOT Wahabist. The Indonesian and Malaysian uni students wouldn’t attend if it were.

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