Teach migrants about deodorant, queues, says LNP MP Teresa Gambaro

January 10, 2012 7:54AM

MIGRANTS should be taught about the importance of wearing deodorant and waiting in queues without pushing in, the federal opposition says.

Teresa Gambaro

Teresa Gambaro says she is concerned about new migrants on work visas not integrating into the community because Australia had failed to teach them about cultural issues related to health, hygiene and lifestyle.

MIGRANTS should be taught about the importance of wearing deodorant and waiting in queues without pushing in, the federal opposition says.

Cultural awareness training should also be given by employers bringing skilled migrants into Australia under the 457 visa program, the coalition’s citizenship spokeswoman Teresa Gambaro told The Australian.

In an interview with the newspaper, Ms Gambaro said she was concerned about new migrants on work visas not integrating into the community because Australia had failed to teach them about cultural issues related to health, hygiene and lifestyle.

“Without trying to be offensive, we are talking about hygiene and what is an acceptable norm in this country when you are working closely with other co-workers,” she said.

Wearing deodorant and waiting in line politely were about “teaching what are norms in Australia”.

Ms Gambaro admitted her comments may be viewed as controversial.

She added that Australians were sometimes guilty of not wearing deodorant on public transport.

“We all need to be mindful of our fellow traveller,” Ms Gambaro said.

The MP for Brisbane said while her comments may upset people, migrants also needed to be educated about their rights and how to improve their chances of getting work.


34 thoughts on “Teach migrants about deodorant, queues, says LNP MP Teresa Gambaro

  1. Classy. Interesting she would say that because some of the most well groomed people I know are first generation immigrants. Hmmmm.

  2. My family has been in Australia for about 7 generations, I think, so I pretty Australian by any standards. I have to say though, I sweat a LOT. I also catch public transport. It doesn’t matter how much deodorant I put on, I am still gona sweet, and kinda stink. You want to know why? BECAUSE IT IS GOD DAMM 40 DEGREES OUTSIDE!!!!!! Think about what you are saying, take 30 seconds to go does this make sense.

  3. Spot the mutton dressed as lamb.

    If Teresa is so concerned about migrants failing to get work, maybe she should start by addressing the documented problem of employers binning CVs of people with identical qualifications but foreign-sounding names.

  4. Deodorant and Line Jumping? Really? Has she been to any Pub/Club/Festival/Event these days?

    I’m sorry but I can confidently say that I have been judged by the “colour of my skin” before I have even opened my mouth in numerous interviews for jobs. Thankfully I have a full ocker accent that makes them re-assess first impressions.

    Have yet to see an interview question that states “Can you line up in a queue?”, “Do you wear deodorant?”

    I think she may need to attend one of these “Cultural Awareness” programs she is so fond of

  5. She also said migrants should be better informed of their health rights, to prevent the distress one man on a working visa expressed to her after his heavily pregnant wife was rejected from a public hospital.
    Yep, her solution to a pregnant woman being denied at a hospital isn’t to fight to get that woman the medical attention she needs, but inform her of what her rights are, so she wouldn’t bother the politician any more, and our politicians wouldn’t have to worry about having emotional reactions to the problems of their fellow man.

    • Really?
      That’s disgraceful if it’s true. I thought public hospitals had an obligation to help people even if they weren’t citizens or permanent residents? I always thought if you weren’t either they would just bill you for all your treatment which would then count as a ‘debt to the state’ and need to be repaid if you ever applied for permanent residency/citizenship.

      That being said, it’s also a condition of a 457 visa that you have private health insurance, either paid for yourself or provided by your employer. Funnily enough most employers don’t tell their workers from overseas about that…

  6. No problem about educating people in how to improve their chances of work. However that’s about the only part of that who article where she makes any damn sense at all.

    She says ‘without trying to be offensive…’ ORLY? Incredible fail on that score…

    • Classic coming from an änti racist”. Dumb as fuck. But then again anyone who agrees with the rubbish and fake, statistics pumped out by this blog is dumb as fuck so make yourself at home.

        • Wow! So typical of the fractured left. The loony left vilify Gambaro for telling the truth. Then when challenged hurl racist insults.

        • The truth Nick? That’s what racism does. It allocates a negative stereotype to an entire group of people while ignoring that those not mentioned are often guilty of the same negative stereotype.

          I’ve stood right next to you at one of your terrible rallies Nick, and you didn’t even know it. And you smelled rank of B.O.

  7. according to the politician the pregnant wife of this migrant was informed by the hospital that they are not obliged to help deliver the baby.

    as to what hospital entitlements are, it varies from state to state. in the act, victoria and nsw, emergency wards and community health clinics are not to refuse service based on a patient’s inability to pay. however, plenty of hospital staff don’t know this, and still refuse service. and all other states don’t have any such policy.

    as for billing, for migrants not entitled to medicare the debt is usually asked to be repaid as soon as the patient is discharged, even if the patient is receiving or entitled to pro bono service (a case manager or friend would then ask for it to be waived if possible)

    incidentally, talking about hospital rights, if anyone knows any migrant who is on a bridging visa a, awaiting results of a permanent visa, let them know they are entitled to apply for medicare, with access to the pbs. very few people are informed about this, and have had to pay extremely high rates of health insurance as a result.

  8. I lodged my complaint last night and got a call from Human Rights Commission this morning. The gentleman was very kind and accommodating.

    The problem with my complaint is there is nothing on The Anti-Discrimination Discrimination Act that protects migrants per se. If she had said something against Filipinos (for example) then the case would be stronger.

    At least, my complaint is documented.

      • ” I believe the new Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon, is committed to giving the Racial Discrimination Act some teeth to deal with the sorts of anomalies you mention.”

        GEE !!! REALLY ?? Nicola Roxon ? I bet that’s got the people you call “racists”shaking in there boots ! LOL

      • You’re a funny guy James. It’s gag central here as you cut other people’s comments to shreds.

        Oh, and when you’ve finished your on-line sarcastic tough guy routine and Nazi music festival I’ll have an Ultimate Double Whopper meal thanks.

    • If that’s how far away fame is – to make insulting comments about entire communities of people – then why don’t you issue a media release and state how ugly and smelly non-whites are.
      Then you can share Gambaro infamy.

      Oh yeah – nobody gives a flying fuck about an APP media release. Dirty bearded fat fuck.

    • And how sweet smelling are the APP membership, Nick? If they’re not sweet smelling on a 40 degree day, they’re not fitting into Australia and need to be deported.

      But good on you for supporting Gambaro. With the support of the APP, the party that supports the murder of children, and considers Ander Breivik a hero, she’s sure to never become a major political force.

      You see, you guys are like the anti-Midas. Everything you touch turns to shit.

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