Oppose Neo-Nazis? You’re a Racist Apparently.

For half a second, despite his glaring stupidity, it appeared as though Brad wasn’t completely retarded, as he managed to spell ‘you’re’ correctly. Then he went and gave the plural ‘neo-Nazis’ an apostrophe and gave himself up.

What an arse-hat.

Nazis Make Excuses

26 thoughts on “Oppose Neo-Nazis? You’re a Racist Apparently.

  1. I say Fair point Brad,

    Anyone that ever has had an argument with the religious types or the hooey horse shit peddlers would know how they say that “everyone’s opinions are equally valid”??
    This is what I used to say to them 🙂

    Shock Horror! One of them actually said to me that I should not ridicule the Nazis on their beliefs 😀

  2. Now Brad if you only used the studying skills he using doing a Games Design · Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment and working at night fill at IGA.

    To study facts and The Law and fill his brains with same, then he wouldn’t have proven how stupid he is?

      • He can’t be at uni, he’s clearly too dumb. Unless of course it’s some really shit uni that’s struggling with its finances and so is prepared o let any old dross in. Simply for him they would have had to drop the bar a bit as far as literacy standards go.

  3. P.S – Mindmadeup, Do you reckon Brad was serious?? or was it a sarcastic tongue in cheek comment? Without the entire conversation or the page on which he posted it, it’s hard to tell. I guess you have all the background info sufficient to conclude that Brad is in fact a douche?

  4. Oh no, the poor widdle neo-nazis. Yes, Hitler was SUCH a victim. Lots of people hate him just because he caused the deaths of 6 MILLION PEOPLE!

    • The article is German. Over there they actually have laws regarding Nazism, such as prohibition of insignia, paraphernelia. Extreme-right-wing ideologies have a bad connotation in Germany.

  5. To quote, and so I encourage all to do as I certainly will:
    Federal Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Helen Szoke slammed the festival as “abhorrent” and said offended parties were entitled to complain under the Racial Discrimination Act.

      • Not to mention that Oi! is generally shite and, having heard a lot of it, I can with supreme confidence also state that the standard of musicianship on display i susually pretty fucking awful. I wonder if these fuckwits see the irony in that their general style of music has its roots in blues and reggae, two very black genres of music. I’m sure there wouldn’t be terribly many girls there either, something that would bum me out a bit were I to go.

        • Was going to say that there’s some left-wing skinhead and Oi type bands. Oi Polloi’s one. I believe they’re even Vegans.

        • Well, there ones were the Angelic Upstarts, a skinhead band very much opposed to racism. And SHARPs are aplenty these days too. But let’s not forget blackmetal, which too has a strong rightwing tradition to it. There is nowadays, too, a strong sub-genre of left wing, anarchist and vegan blackmetal. Book of Sand are especially good 🙂

  6. Anyone ever tried to tell these Neo-Nazi people that “Aryan” is actually a Sanskrit word originating from the Asian Continent and was “hijacked” by their beloved Hitler to mean something else???


    Who am I kidding, educating a Neo-Nazi is like feeding a Rabid Pitbull.
    (Apologies to all the Rabid Pitbull’s out there)

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