More Nazis Set To Enter Australia For ‘Music’ Festival

We’ve all got our undies in a knot over asylum seekers – but neo-Nazis? Nah, that’s cool.


For reasons best known to itself, Queensland’s Sunday Mail has decided to assist Blood & Honour, the Southern Cross Hammmerskins and White Noise in their efforts to publicise an upcoming ‘Happy Birthday Mister Hitler’ gig aka Hammered Music Festival (April 21, 2012).

The newspaper story (see below) contains all the usual elements, including lulz (“The theme of this music festival goes against Australia’s multicultural values,” Dr Szoke said) but nevertheless a few comments, corrections and clarifications are in order.

First, this is the third, not second, year in a row that the Festival has been held in Queensland. Previous performers include Deaths Head and Ravenous (Melbourne) and Open Season (Brisbane).

Secondly, both B&H and the Hammerskins have experienced legal difficulties overseas. Thus, B&H is banned not only in Germany (where, as in Austria and a number of other European countries, the open promotion of neo-Nazism is illegal) but also Belgium and Portugal, while the Hammerskins are outlawed in Germany, Portugal and Spain. (The leader of the Portuguese Hammerskins, Mário Machado, is currently serving a seven-year sentence for coercion, robbery, kidnapping and illegal possession of weapons.) In September 2009 a half-hearted attempt to bring about a ban on B&H in the UK was fail.

Thirdly, while it’s technically possible for a ‘concerned citizen’ to lodge a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission regarding the gig, this depends upon them actually being in attendance (or having the misfortune of overhearing it). However, as the Hammered Festival — like all such events organised by the neo-Nazis concerned — is held at an undisclosed location this seems extraordinarily unlikely. (In order to attend the gig, a member of the public must first make contact with B&H and arrange to meet; and only if they meet with the approval of the organisers will they be provided with further details.)

In any event, the neo-Nazis involved have been successfully organising gigs for the last 20 years in Australia (indeed, Hammered 2012 is intended to celebrate the boneheads’ 20 years of stoopid), their gigs have never been the subject of a complaint, and in only a handful of instances (that I’m aware of) have the groups experienced any real difficulties as a result of these activities.

Might be an idea to avoid being too Jewish in Brisbane around Hitler’s birthday but…

See also : A Brief History Of Neo-Nazi Music In Australia (December 2, 2010).

Controversial Hammered Music Festival for neo-Nazis to be held in Brisbane in 2012
Sunday Mail
January 8, 2012

A CONTROVERSIAL neo-Nazi music festival will be held in Brisbane this year, drawing white supremacists from around the world.

The controversial Hammered Music Festival, already being advertised through white pride websites, will take place in a secret Brisbane location in April and feature race hate music from international and local bands.

The white pride gathering attracted protests and nationwide criticism last year when it was held on the Gold Coast, and a range of groups have already spoken out against the event.

Federal Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Helen Szoke this week slammed the white pride festival as “abhorrent to our community”, and said offended parties could complain under the Racial Discrimination Act.

“The theme of this music festival goes against Australia’s multicultural values,” Dr Szoke said.

Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia chairman Pino Migliorino said the festival was the work of a “lunatic fringe” and he was concerned about the underlying message of the festival.

“It’s an appalling set of beliefs that they have,” he said.

“The reality is a great majority of Australians are not racist and are comfortable with cultural and linguistic diversity.”

The event is being organised by the Southern Cross Hammerskins, the Australian arm of a worldwide group.

Another organiser, Blood and Honour, was banned in Germany in 2000 after a number of foreigners were attacked by neo-nazis inspired by music at the group’s events.

But Queensland Police Service and the Brisbane City Council have said the groups can legally hold the event.

A QPS spokesman said as long as the groups and the festival-goers abided by the law, the police would not become involved.

“Police are aware of the festival in question. However, until such a time that a law is broken or a complaint is made, it is not a police issue,” he said.

Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner said the Gold Coast City Council reported no problems when the event was held there, and the group had the same rights as any other organisation.

Source: SlackBastard

A Facebook page has been created in opposition to this event.

But we don’t have a problem with neo-Nazi morons in Australia, do we Jay Sherry?

Jay Sherry: “nah bro them fuking black cunt are”

How respectful. This neo-Nazi posted a picture of his drunk, half-nude girlfriend on Facebook.

The car to look out for:

32 thoughts on “More Nazis Set To Enter Australia For ‘Music’ Festival

  1. haha… check out his fb, he has japanese koi tatt on his shoulder and a native american tatt on his calf… the boy’s just obviously confused… i have a feeling the ‘missus’ is a stripper his friends got him for his birthday also

    • ” i have a feeling the ‘missus’ is a stripper his friends got him for his birthday also”

      Hahaha…that’s what I thought too!
      Either way, anyone who allows a third party to post a photo of them topless and wearing frilly undies must surely be a classy bird.

      Calling Jay a douche would be an insult to feminine hygiene products everywhere.

  2. eeerm…. I’m glad he didn’t say ‘Aussie Pride’, considering he’s replaced the holden badges on his shitodore, with yank Chevy badges.

  3. Imagine a toddler getting into your saucepan cupboard and banging all the pans randomly together while generating a tuneless caterwaul.

    Amplify the sound to around 150dB.

    That’s Nazi hate music

    Except toddlers are cute

    Nazis are not.

  4. Just to clarfiy: the great majority of the people attending the event will be locals (Australian), the main exception to which will be the ‘international act’ scheduled to play, most likely from the US or UK. In previous years, B&H/SCHS have organised for bands from the US (Bully Boys, 2004; Final War, 2007; Blue-Eyed Devils/White Knuckle Driver, 2010) and Belgium (Kill Baby Kill, 2008) to play Down Under. The names of these bands become public only after the tours in order to avoid potential difficulties associated with their members entering the country (members often have violent criminal records and/or do not possess work visas).

    • Thanks for clearing that up Andy, I was genuinely interested.

      I understand your need to keep the international act a secret but I have it on good authority that this year it will be Justin Bieber. Can you confirm this?

        • Moar srsly, the line-up will most likely feature Open Season from Brisbane, Deaths Head/Ravenous and possibly Waffenbruder from Melbourne and some foreign schmucks from one of them foreign countries full of foreigners. The boys are also apparently organising some other events as part of the festus, including some kinda Strongman comp and a MMA tournament: any excuse to get their shirts off and vigorously rub up against one another, really.

          Possibly a picnic w tea and scones too. For the ladies ‘n’ shit.

        • Forget the scones, Andy. I’ve seen Nazi type women and they can more than hold thier own in the Strongman / MMA competitions.

    • My other grand dad fought in Russia. Against communists (this was while another grand dad was being forced against his will by Mr Hitler to build railways in Russia for the Wehrmacht, but that’s another story). I also have an uncle who died in Russian captivity. Bet none of these cunts can boast such a pedigree 🙂

        • It’s fucking hilarious as to how all these dicks are so obsessed with militaria. Truth be told, it is doubtful that many of them would even pass the psychological and/or character tests required for prospective defence force personnel these days. However, once again, may I point out that there would have been no problem for any of these individuals having made the cut for SS Dirlewanger. That particular Waffen SS unit had, ummmm….. , “special” requirements (i.e. you had to be of such a mental state that even a psychopath would be put to shame). But a point that I would like to make is that not many German soldiers came back from the war keen on Hitler or on war. Germany developed a very strong pacifist stance, not simply because they Allies had “forced” this mindset on to the Germans during the post war period, but simply because if you live through horrors such as what the Germans did it is only logical to then turn to pacifism. But clearly these idiots have never experienced true horror… if only one could put them in a time-machine and drop them off in the middle of the Battle for Stalingrad, then they might actually gain some insight into the sheer lunacy of what they claim to espouse.

  5. You know, I think you antibogans should lead multicultral Australia in a protest at these events. Do you really think the Brisbane show is the only one that’s being held over the next few months? iF SO IT JUST SERVES TO SHOW HOW FAR BEHIND THE BALL YOU REALLY ARE. But if fighting losing battles helps keep you ignorant dolts occupied go right ahead. After all, despite your wishes it’s a relatively free country.

    • And we want to keep Australia free. Which means no neo-Nazis and their hate music.

      And if events pan out as they did last year, there’ll be a big concert of bands and people who loathe what you lot stand for, with good professional Aussie musicians playing to capacity crowds – unlike your pathetic hate moan.

      • Which means the Australia you are campaigning for would not be “free” at all?

        Let them have the festival, their track record for non-violence at these events has been impeccable.

        • “Impeccable track record” and “nazis” in the same breath?

          Don’t think so. Their criminal record in Australia alone is alarming.

          We don’t like rapists and paedophiles either.

        • The always excellent and thoroughly researched slackbastard blog.

          Of course if you want to look at the crimes of Nazis in general there is enough to fill a blog. But we’d recommend the late David Greason’s book “I Was a Teenage Fascist”. John Birmingham’s book “Leviathan” on Sydney’s underbelly has some material on Sydney’s neo-Nazis.

        • The link you provided below is good, but I asked if I could read anything about the Criminality of the Australian Branch of the Hammerskins. At one stage he even said that the Hammerskins weren’t breaking any laws.

          Was just wondering if you had any info on the Australian branch

        • Anyone publicly preaching race hatred is an offender under the various Acts. However we note Hammerskins are notoriously reluctant to preach their hatred or to play their hate music in public.

          Their supporters and advocates certainly have varied and chequered brushes with the law, as has been pointed out by those references I gave you. It has been our experience that this is always the case with the extreme right, both here and overseas.

          But since you are obviously so interested I will pass your e mail address along to law enforcement to see if they can provide you with more detailed information.

  6. well it’s a bit hard to stage a protest when you won’t say where you go ahead james, if you really want a protest against this, let us all know the exact location, right here.

    and feel free to have many more concerts like this, in the dark, in secret, with no one around, living like a mushroom, or the cowardly type of rat. hell, if you’d like to take the next step and have you neo-nazis spend the rest of your lives in dark, soundproofed areas where no one will ever see you, then we’ll ecstatically happy!

  7. I think it’s sick. The doof doof festivals filled with peaceful hippies are targeted by police, but the neo-nazi festival isn’t? What a god damn joke this country is.

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