69 thoughts on “Words. Fail. Us.

  1. Failing, of course, to notice the ironic quotation marks!
    Then again, I do not expect to find any sense of wit, nuance, or detail at all in the minds of the demented, spiteful, “Antibogans”!
    I KNOW what “racist” means! It is an entirely biased phrase, maliciously contrived by certain forces, and is code for “White”!
    Obviously, EVERY time the phrase “racist” is employed – anywhere – it is intended to mean White people!
    ALL Whites then…unless they meekly lower their eyes, mute their voices, and accept their intended genocide…are to be deemed “racist”!
    ANY White man or woman who simply believes that there race has a right to exist…is deemed to be a “racist”!
    White people who (naturally and rightly) believe and state that their own nations ought to continue wth total integrity….are “racist”!
    Any White person who attests to the brilliance of their race, civilisation, and sovereign nations…is a “racist”!

    Of course, the incredible irony that – from whatever quarter it eminates from – the phrase “racist” is ONLY applied to White people, is glaringly apparent to any sane person!

    EVERY White person who naturally wishes to see their own heritage cherished, and who rightly strives to see their OWN people, within their OWN nations and civilisation continue into the future with total integrity intact…is called a “racist”!

    This is all apparent now!
    The ‘spell’ of the phrase “racist” has been BLOWN APART!

    More people are realising the actions and the agenda of the “Antibogans”…and more so the malevolent forces that pull your strings!

    More and more people are realising the gutless, arrogant, hateful actions of the “Antibogans”…as you, ironically in tha you arseholes are so keen to hide your own identities, target Australians….who simply wish to see their own people and society continue to thrive!

    Yes indeed, I KNOW wher the phrase “racist” comes from, and I know WHY it’s used!
    So, sometimes, for want of far more accurate terms…I’ll describe myself as being a “racist”! Because when you’re deemed a “racist” by mindless, spite-filled liberals and leftists…you know you’re doing something right!
    I – rightly – attest to the genius of my race and civilisation, I treasure and honour my heritage, I intend to see my people, my race, my nation, and my civilisation forward into the future totally intact!
    THAT….in the demented assumptions of some, rates me as a “racist”!
    Well then, in the vernacular of these/you dolts then…I AM a “racist”!

    …and rightly and proudly so!

    You maniacs though, wish on all of us a racial catastrophe the likes of which has rarely or never been seen before!

    Mass immigration and so-called “multiculturalism” has only been forced upon Australia in the last five years! The time-bombs that have led to this may have been put in place earlier but that does not mean that what is happening now is unavoidable.

    Listen! Until very recently any foreign immigrant ethnic/racial groups only existed in our country as a tiny minority!
    I cherished my people and society…AND…liked a few Asian women AND appreciated certain other things LONG before you ignorant fuckers came along and hastily decided to turn on your own people!

    • Hi Scott,

      I’d like to make a few points which summarise how I view this issue (as a middle aged white person who despises racism).

      I do not despise white people, nor do I judge any group of people on the basis of race, class, etc. This would be xenophobia.

      I do, however, freely judge individuals on the basis of their actions. If an individual makes racist comments, whatever their background, I’ll call them a racist.

      You, as an example, freely assert that you know the secret motives / agenda of any non-white who comes to Australia. You say this without, I assume, actually having spoken to every one of these immigrants. You are making assumption about these individuals based on their cultural background rather than knowledge of their actual beliefs or past actions.

      I am judging you and I’d freely offer that your comments are racist. This has nothing to do with you being white, it is because as an individual you wilfully choose to propagate views based on prejudice and ignorance.

  2. You got ONE thing right! Words…DO…fail you!
    Because you’re trying to base an entire life ideology on entirely contrived and biased phrases! Invented by malicious forces, who’ll see you twats eventually eliminated as much as they will us!
    You take OTHER PEOPLE’S WORDS…WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION…and publish them here, like damned criminals…on your spiteful, dirty, little treacherous site!
    You have NO concept of subtlety, or nuance, or detail! NO appreciation of culture! NO understanding of history! NO morals! No integrity! NO conscience! You’re not even the ones authoring your own treachery!
    OF COURSE words will ALWAYS fail you fucking characterless, hate-filled aseholes!

    What? You think that words “failing you” is something of concern?

    I’ve believed, honoured, and defended who and what I do from the beginning….that’s my birthright!
    I’ve also for a LONG TIME liked, admired, and loved who I do of other raes and cultures!
    I WON’T stop doing that now just because the silly, spiteful, demented “Antibogans” have come along ad are demanding that people give up all sense of balance and dynamic!!!

    I’m the way I have been FOR YEARS! Long before this fucking demented, insane, destructive bullshit of “multiculturalism” was brought down upon us!
    LONG before you wretched pieces of shit crawled out of yur universities/sewers to (anonymously) attack your own people!
    I WON’T stop living this dynamic merely because you witless sacks of crap say so!!!

  3. It is beyond flabbergasting, that the (anonymous, of course) ‘Antibogans’ trawl around Facebook – as stalkers, essentially – and take people’s comments (WITHOUT PERMISSION!) and then place them here out off any and all context!
    AND THEN….have the Goddamned NERVE to pontificate about them or act all “offended” by them because they might (naturally!) contradict your sick little mindset!!!

    Then…when repeating OTHER people’s comments that have NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU…act all ‘shocked’, and pose it that “Words.Fail.Us”???
    Well, my words AREN’T meant to please you!
    My words are for me or who I direct them to.

    That should be obvious!

    OF COURSE, as I say, the words of any Australian with a healthy intellect, sense of pride and dynamics, and focus, are going to “fail” the expectations of the ‘Antibogans’!!!

    That any words might “fail” you lot is no great news!

    Well, no-one ever asked you pack of rats to stalk Facebook and take people’s intellectual property without their permission! So NO-ONE’S OBLIGED to fit the strict and demented criteria OF the ‘Antibogans’!!!

    The GOOD thing is that there is a growing number of individuals and organisations who are calling time on the ‘Antibogans’ (and your leftist comrades) and who are focusing on what you’re doing (and finding out who you all are!) and making a stand against your treachery!

    I reiterate, I’ve honoured who and what I do…AND…looked out to like who and what I do…LONG before now and LONG before you shitheads came along!

    You arsewipes are OBSESSED with White genocide and the total alteration of society here in Australia…OF COURSE…the words of anyone who stands against that will FAIL YOU!

    Logic and wit fail you! Knowledge and understanding fail you! Integrity, depth, reason, and honour fail you! Or, far more precisely, YOU lot fail to live up to any of them!

    There was for SO LONG (and until not that long ago!) a great time when I – and any other Australian’s if the inspiration struck them – could safely and securely enoy and honour our society…AND…appreciate some people of other races and elements of their cultures!
    For a long time, and LONG before “multiculturalism”, I loved some gorgeous Asian women, some HOT Asian girls…and some great Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese music and films, and art…and liked a lot of African music…and Indian films and actresses…and on and on and on!
    This does NOT mean that I wanted them ALL flooding on in here…and I DON’T!

    If you demented fuckers, who seem to not have the wit of a rusty bolt, cannot or will not grasp that then that’s YOUR FAULT!

    If “Words.Fail.You”….then good…that’s because you’ve got NOTHING OF MERIT TO SAY!!!

    I WON’T change to fit the malicious whims of you SODS!
    Australia doesn’t have to either!!!

    • Actually those posts were sent to us. We have literally hundreds of people reporting racist and bigoted comments to us via e mail and helpfully providing us with screenshots.

      We don’t bother too much with you these days since you peddle the same nonsense over and over again.

    • You weren’t loved as a child, we’re you little Scottie.
      I mean, I can see why and all, but you obvious attention seeking and absurd paranoid conspiracy theories are a dead giveaway.
      Poor you.

  4. Again, how incredibly IRONIC that a fuckwit “Antibogan” demands that someone look at an English dictionary!
    When they would as likely see the English language sidelined amongst a cacophony of alien dialects in Australia…or else eliminated entirely!

    You’ve got to look at WHO fabricated the phrase “racist” and WHY they did so!

    Also, I’m not a “bit angry”…I’m VERY FUCKING ANGRY!

    My race is being genocided and my society rapidly destroyed…and these (you?) bastards think they’re taking some ‘moral high ground’ in attacking Australians and stalking them online to do so???

    Yes, I’m VERY…and entirely RIGHTLY…ANGRY!!!

  5. I myself – and any other Australians if the mood so took them – could for years live safely and comfortably in our racially and culturally homogenous society, in our secure and advanced nation… AND look out at the best the rest of the world had to offer!
    If the dumb fucks of the ‘Antibogan’ didn’t have the sense of wit or inspiration to do so then…then TOUGH LUCK! TOO BAD!

    We do NOT have suffer inundation and genocide by massive waves of foreign races and clashing cultures just to suit their recent and demented fantasies!

    We also do NOT have to suffer being stalked and having our own words stolen from us and used here just to suit the sick fantasies and insane ideology of these lowdown creeps!!!

    You can be yourself, we can be ourselves…AND appreciate others! You know that??? Some of us did that for a long time, and it doesn’t have to be any other way.

    I’ll be doing all I can to get things back to how they were in our nation not that long ago!!!

    • That’s funny , no one else seems to remember a time when Australia was either solely occupied by white people or when Australia was some sort of idyllic mono-cultural Utopia. Except you.

    • I don’t know if you guys remember, but Australia wasn’t a white nation first, it was kinda a black nation. They had a lot more history than we do.

      We did do your best to kill them off though, managed it in Tasmania, so if they are all dead, they can’t own land right?

      All your internet shouting sounds a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. wait, white, I know you don’t like them dam any-other-race-than-white.

      And I can yell on the internet to.


  6. YOU’RE using electricity and a computer “mind made up” (fuck, mind madeup the wrong way more like! What an A-grade asshole!), YOU live in Australia ( I DON’T think you’re going to move to Saudi Arabia or Haiti soon!), YOU use the English language!
    AND…you’re probably keen on the (non-White!) masses of the world pouring in here for a “better life”!
    So, though you may not realise it, you’re a White supremacist too!

    WHY do you lame fucks think that White supremacist rates as an insult?

    That’s Mr White Supremacist to you!

    I look out around the world and their is no race higher than ours, there is no civilisation more advanced than ours.
    Can YOU cite me a race or civilisation that is higher than ours?

    Realising White supremacy merely comes with breathing, wth existing, with thinking and knowing!

    The other thing is that most of us don’t walk around going on about that! We know by nature how good we are and what greatness we have achieved.

    It’s actually the silly, and ironically self-hating, liberalised Whites who can’t help bu go on and on and ON and ON and ONNNNNNNN about “White supremacy”!

    ALL of the other races and cultures think themselves supreme! DON’T think that the Chinese, Arabs, or other don’t!
    It’s just that we have infinitely more to attest to ours!!!

    • Actually I speak several languages with varying fluency. Nothing special about English except for now it’s the international language as French was in the 19th Century and Greek was in ancient times.

      Didn’t a Balkans guy called Nikola Tesla first discover how to harness electricity? Tesla spoke English but it wasn’t his first language.

    • FAAAAAAAAAAAARRRKK!!! I hate repeating myself 😦

      We’ve been through this you senile fool, you must be heading towards senile dementia 😦

      The main operating component of a computer, the microprocessor uses binary which is derived from a CHINESE!! invention called the abacus.

      A linguist will be able to tell you how that the English language has so many other language components & is NOT the most complex, sophisticated language in the world but rather some what computationally less intense, hence the wide spread, also the colonisation.

      Who else here thinks that Scott has a really old computer??? 😀 Me thinks it is like a 486 or a P1 🙂

      Scott, what are the specification of your rig my friend??? You can’t be using the community library?? cos they wouldn’t let you access Asian porn all day & wank there 😦

  7. In my experience, guys with a “thing” for Asian women usually have so for one of two reasons (or both).

    1. Culturally they are more subservient as these guys like dinner on the table when they get home and no lip.
    2. Their small frames are similar to that of a 12 year old girl so paedophilic tendencies can be acted upon legitimately.

  8. Yeah, actually you asshole “mind made up”….even the self-hating, suicidally/genocidally fixated liberals and leftists CAN’T HELP but attest to the fact that until very recently the Australian population was 99%% White/British!!!

    Except, according to these psychopaths…that “had to change”!

    Apparently it was “racist” that Australians remained the majority population of Australia!

    We so often hear from liberalised/leftist White arseholes about how “bored” they were living in White Australia!
    We’re also hearing bullshit son stories from some immigrants about when they “were the only Asian in class” or other such rot!

    NO, you can’t have it both ways!
    YOU cannot be saying (and boasting) that Australia is being “MADE” multiracial now due to mass immigration…AND…claiming that it was all along!

    And see, there it is! The multicult ideology tries to base itself on severe contardictions!
    Trying to claim that Australia was somehow “always multicultural” (which is a Goddamned lie!) and demanding that Australia be “made” “diverse” now!!!

    Until only around a decade ago our population OF OUR COUNTRY was still more than 95% racially homogenous!

    ALL moves to alter that are genocidal!

    The words of those pushing what is happening now (despite the lies they tell) do themselves express the reality!
    We so often now here cunts stating what percentage of the population “now” was born overseas….and NOW also directly implies a THEN!
    When the greater majority of the population was NOT “born overseas”! Meaning, the population of OUR society for the BULK of our history has been of OUR race!

    That’s HOW and WHY we instituted our Immigration Restriction Act in 1901 and that’s WHY we’ve led such a good life in OUR society ever since!

    I REMEMBER the time in Australia when our society was racially homgenous! MANY Australians do!
    It’s NOT LONG AGO!
    The presence of some ethnic minorities here were THE EXCEPTION THAT PROVED THE RULE!

    What is wrong with you fuckers in that you DON’T want to see your own people remain the population of our own society?

    If Sirs Edmund Barton and Alfred Deaking, if Billy Hughes and other such statesmen, and if the good men who served and sacrificed themselves in two worlds wars, could hear the words of pricks like you now…they would be in SHOCK!!!

    • When? when exactly was Australia “Racially Homogenous”? If it’s not so long ago, you can tell us a year, surely.

      Oh wait, I think I know when. It was in the 18th century, wasn’t it? Before first fleet, right? Way way way earlier than your “Five years” you’ve been saying (2006 we were apparently racially homogenous!).

      Anyway, go on and enjoy your prostitutes Scott. Maybe someday you’ll actually find someone who will sleep with you because they like you. Maybe.

  9. If you’ve been so heavily brainwashed as to have now the proverbial memory of a goldfish….then that’s YOUR PROBLEM!!!

    ANY Australian with a healthy memory that stretches back more than FIVE MINUTES remembers so fondly that we enjoyed a racially homogenous nation!
    Which is the right of any people and nation!!!

    YOU CANNOT LIE about us and our nation! There’s too many of us who know exactly who and what we were…and ARE!!!

  10. You know what I really love about Scott’s little diatribes. All! The excla-! -mation! Marks! And random INTERLUDES INTO ALL CAPS!

    Such a sense of rabid urgency about him, eh?

    It’s probably the same sense of rabid urgency he feels when he finds a Facebook account for an Asian porn star he hasn’t added yet.

  11. LOAD of fucking bullshit Greg!
    You’re “points” are fucking bullshit!
    …and ironic in light of the fact that the ‘Antibogans’ demand that Australian be made subserviant to Multicult dogma, and several of the ‘Antibogans’ are known to actually be homosexuals and paedophiles!

    First of all, SOME Asian women are “subserviant”, or caring and respectful, and SO WHAT? That’s GOOD!
    Many in fact are NOT, and are extremely dynamic!
    The two cited above, that I like, Bai Ling and Cyndee May would not be so surely termed as being “subserviant”, as you put it!

    Secondly (and again, ironically!) that’s a bit a of a ‘racial stereotype’ that you’ve indulged in there!
    For many of the fabulously HOT Asian models and porn stars are as BUXOM as all get out!
    Many Asian women are curvy and full figured!
    I’ve MADE LOVE with enough to KNOW!
    You senseless fuckwit!
    Some ethnic groups, such as Koreans, are often for many reasons full figured!
    Most of the Asian (and OTHER!) models, actresses, and porn stars that I love are curvy, voluptuous WOMEN….because that’s what men LIKE!

    So you can take your two-bit, horseshit, weak, obvious innuendo…and shove it back up into your rectum, where it originated from.
    Because I’m not taking your shit.

    If you fuckers CANNOT stick to THE ISSUE…
    That is, the problem of massive multiracial immigration into Australia and other White/Western nations (and you CAN’T!)….then STOP pissing around with your vapid lies, conjecture, insults, innuendo, and aspersions!

    • Scott, I was being flippant. I’m sure you’re a raging heterosexual, granny chasing defender of women’s rights.

      Surely however, you must appreciate the irony of a white supremacist who has a thing for Asian sex toys.

      P.S. In case you weren’t already aware Bai Ling and Cyndee May are both actually 44 year old men operating under fake accounts. Sorry!

    • Scott, it’s not “making love” when it’s a prostitute. Prostitutes do not love you. You realise that, don’t you? It’s a business. Prositutes do not love you anymore than plumbers love your sink.

    • Scott is still a virgin 😀 he doesn’t have a credit card.
      What idiot would give him credit??? not even the post office would 🙂

      Scott can’t afford to pay for hookers. 😐

  12. BULLSHIT “mind made up”!
    The brilliant Nikola Tesla wasn’t merely “some Balkans guy” (you ignorant fuck!) he was Serbian (i.e White!) who also did most of his work in America ensconsed within the framework of American (which of course at the time still largely meant British derived!) intellectual and technological culture!
    He did his great work within the framework of the industrial revolution which eminated from Great Britain and then Germany, America etc.

    You’re not helping your anti-White mania by mentioning Nikola Tesla.

    Also, it’s absolutely laughable that a fucking nut mentions the BALKANS whilst also trying to push “multiculturalism” on Australia!
    The Balkans has been yet another of the lessons against having different peoples living in close proximity!
    ‘Balkanisation’ is one of the key things opposed by those who stand against “multiculturalism”!

    Fuck, the sheer ignorance of you people can almost floor you!!!

    Also, mentioning the great Nikola Tesla does NOT actually prop up your argument for having the Australin people now replaced by massive waves of Africans etc…

    • Scott, I think the point MMU was making was that Tesla was not a native English speaker, and you’re getting your nuts in a twist about people from other countries coming here not speaking English, bringing in, what did you say? “Alien dialects”?

      Just to clarify, in that case, you wouldn’t mind non-English speakers becoming a majority in Australia as long as they were white?

  13. …and yeah, SO WHAT CARA?!

    The ISSUE here at stake is mass immigration and impending White genocide!

    I DIDN’T invite these ‘Antibogan’ fucks to stalk my Facebook comments and repost them here!

    So I WON’T adhere to your demands about how I respond to that!
    I’ll express myself just exactly how I want to…and I do so in a manner to express my total rage at these slimey bastards!

    NONE of the people who’s comments are posted here out of context give their permission for these dogs to do so?
    Get it?

    So WE don’t have to listen to how you want us to respond!

    I’ll put as MANY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’s as I want to in my comments!

    …and it’s got precisely shit-all to do with you!

    Because YOU’RE obsessed with the end of your own people, so it would not matter right now to you how artfully, gracefully, or diplomatically one might venture their opposition to that!

    To you rats, all Whites must die, our hard earned society must be given away to everyone else…and we’re not allowed to say anything about it.

    Well, we’re saying something about it.


    • You won’t adhere to my “demands” about how you respond? When did I demand anything, Scott? I don’t believe I even made a suggestion. You’re a testy little mite, aren’t you? lol

      All whites must die… hmm… but that would include me, Scott, and I’m not looking to die anytime soon if I can help it. Thinking about other white people… hmmm let me think… nope, no one immediately springs to mind who I want dead.

    • White genocide 🙂 LMAO!!!!!!!
      I myself couldn’t give a flying one what colour we all are. We are all humans first. And right now there are more pressing matters to worry about than any imaginary “white genocide”. Such as global warming, which will not just mean “white genocide” but the destruction in the long term of us as a species.

    • Your “hard earned society”? So the input from anyone non-European to this “hard earned society” is totally irrelevant is it?

  14. Forfeit money?
    On dates, yes….and to prostitutes (as you thinly hint!), yes Cara!

    SO – FUCKING – WHAT????!!!!!!

    Who’s NOT forfeiting money at some point?
    Or is it, that in adhering to at least ONE tradition, you expect guys to pay for you all the time?!

    YOU demand that Australians first forfeit their standard of living, forfeit their society, then forfeit their very LIVES!!!

    I reiterate, stick to the ISSUE, or else shut your dumb mouth and stop pissing around with silly aspersions!
    STOP taking the hackneyed left-wing route!

    Whoever I’ve liked or like as an interesting minority does not take precedence over valuing my race and society!

    It’s time for the GLARE of publicity to be put upon people like you, upon the pieces of shit that publish this site, and on the devious forces that manipulate both!
    You’re dead-set on our suicide/genocide.

    NO amount of pissing around with these trite sideline issues will alter that!
    Try and stick to the greater issue…and in failing to find any way to do that…you’ll realise how wrong you are!

    • “and to prostitutes (as you thinly hint!), yes Cara!”

      It wasn’t a hint, Scott, it was an outright question.

      “Or is it, that in adhering to at least ONE tradition, you expect guys to pay for you all the time?!”

      Do I expect guys to pay for me all the time? No, I pay my way, thanks for asking.

      “YOU demand that Australians first forfeit their standard of living, forfeit their society, then forfeit their very LIVES!!!”

      Please direct me to where I “demanded” any such thing.

      Another question for you Scott… Have you produced any white offspring?

    • Out right LIES!!!!!
      Scott is still a virgin & he can’t afford hookers 😀

      Snotty, if you have forfeited MY tax money to pay for hookers I’ll be very crossed. 😦

      Probably the prostitutes would pay him to stay away from them. 😀

  15. The real question that has to be asked here is just WHO IS this almighty “US” that words fail????

    Who is this “us” that arrogantly sit back and state that words fail them?

    Who is this self proclaimed “us”?
    (who also deceitfully hide their own identities like cowardly rats!)

    Who exactly IS this conceited “US” who presume to sit in arrogant judgement on Australians and who cough and splutter when words “fail” them in being able to comprehend what they’re met with?!

    That’s the real laugh! That you arrogant sods sit there, smugly, and pontificate about “words failing you”!

    That’s the thing….that you pompous fools sit there as an arrogant “us” whom “words” can “fail”?

    Well, who ARE you then? Who IS the “US” that you claim words fail?….

    • I’m Cara. You’re Scott. I think we’re past introductions here, we all know who we are.

      Arrogant judgment? Are you talking to the mirror again Scotty? Does it tell you who is the prettiest of them all?

    • Now I’m no big city lawyer but I’d assume the “US” to be the author of the post (MMU).

      However they’re not judging Australians, just you.

    • The reason why people such as “us” hide our identities is because people such as “you” (i.e. members of the far right) have a nasty habit of tracking “us” down for the purpose of inflicting bodily harm and/or injury. That a good enough reason for you?

  16. lol I haven’t read all of your posts Scott, I’ve just skimmed them, coz for the most part they are ranting, rambling tripe… but I just saw this…

    “Mass immigration and so-called “multiculturalism” has only been forced upon Australia in the last five years!”

    The last five years, huh? When I was a kid I went to a very multicultural school in a very muticultural neighbourhood in a very multicultural city. And that was much more than 5 years ago. The kids were all the colours of the pigmentation spectrum, numerous religions, many who spoke a non-English language at home.

    You’re a muppet.

  17. YAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    Scott is back, 😉 —– wocka wocka yeeeee heee taaaaa raaaa..

    Where is Terror Australis??? hurry up man we got a WWE game on our hands 🙂

    Looks like I have to cancell all my weekend plans 😀

    • FUCK BUGGER FUCK!!! 😦 😦 😦

      Sorry M-Dawg I was in an internet-free environment overseas when the MELTON MELTDOWN meted out his manic mash of mad moromic mayhem again… bugger, bugger, bugger! 😦

      • Oh! Man, what were you doing in a third world shit hole with no electricity, a computer, the internet, and the English language????

        You should be in Melton, the epitome of advanced civilisation…

        Oh! Well.. next time.. 😐

  18. Scott,

    Please tell us what you think of non white people. Please do this without talking about a secret genocide being conducted on white people.

    Bonus points for telling us what you think of Aboriginals and the genocide that was perpetrated against them by white people.

  19. Poor Scotty. His fantasy world is pretty terrifying. Having a good chuckle at his doom prophecies yet again.

    No Scotty, I am not engaging with your arguments. You seem too stupid.

    Also, if you share your true identity I will consider sharing mine, though probably not where I live as people like you seem to have a love for violence.

    • For all Scotty’s flaws I don’t think he’s the violent type. He’s more the impotent shrieker type.

      Still, he mixes with the wrong crowd so you are probably better safe than sorry.

        • Charlie,
          You’ll find a lot of information about him here :

          To summarise:
          He is a 43 year old virgin, obsessed with Asian Porn,
          Year 10 drop kick, never been employed, La-Trobe uni he lists on his profile is BOGUS. He has no qualifications. NONE!!!
          He still lives with his mum. Dole bludger.

          White supremacist, Christian, xenophobe.
          That pretty much is is 😐

        • Christian? Figures. They’re always spreading their hate filled ideology everywhere they go, committing genocide against the Australian way of life.

          On second thoughts he can’t be Christian. I’m pretty sure The Bible says “thou shalt not pay small Asian women to violate thee with a strapon”. It’s in the Old Testament.

      • Yes Cara is right,
        Scott is the impotent type, he could literally be impotent 🙂

        And he doesn’t really mix with anyone. He has no real life friends or family as such, other than his old mother that he still lives with 🙂

        Charlie, I think it is best with minimal identity information, oh! & Scott Pengelly is REAL, he lives in Melton (VIC)

  20. Do you reckon that Scott’s wife, Jayden, knows about all the copies of “Hot Oriental Teens” that he keeps stashed in the shed?

    • I think she’s fine with it WT. She’s more interested in protecting her anonymity by posing as a moody teenage boy from Tasmania.

  21. I am confused. Scott talks about preserving white racial purity yet he is infatuated with Asian women. If someone like me happens to be married to an Asian woman Scott would brand them a race traitor even though they are doing the very thing he fantasizes about. All very confusing.

    Scott also says, “The other thing is that most of us don’t walk around going on about that! We know by nature how good we are and what greatness we have achieved.” So what greatness have YOU achieved Scott? Or are you just living vicariously through the deeds of others. I judge people as individuals, not by the colour of their skin. There have been many great achievements by people who happened to have white skin, but also many great achievements by those whose skin is GASP… not white. Other than your absurd conspiracy theories I don’t see any things YOU have achieved Scott.

    @ Cara, Scott lives in Melton. Last time I went there I saw about five Asians, two Indians and an African. I would say that these are only recent arrivals so Scott would be correct to say that in his Australia, which is just Melton, up until five years ago there was no such thing as multiculturalism. However I grew up in Dandenong, which has in my lifetime always been very multicultural.

    • @Mat cheer up. You’re not the one who’s confused. It’s Scott who’s the confused one here. As for what levels of greatness he has achieved, isn’t being born white enough?

  22. Yes, have a lack of melanin is such a great achievement. If being white is so great then why are we more prone to sun burn and skin cancer then?

    • That’s not sunburn buddy. The notion of us proud Aryan folk being so prone to sunburn is a libelous piece of toxopropaganda propagated by Homozionist refugee scum who greedily covet our Centrelink benefits all for themselves. Admittedly it is a burn, but it is purely endothermic in its origin. It’s a result of the brilliance which all us Aryans are so endowed with, glowing brighter within us than the light of a million Suns. Unfortunately like other good things, such as a carton of Woodies washed down with a bottle of Bundy and a hit of crystal meth, this inherent brilliance can leave one with a nasty hang-over of sorts when it glows too brightly, in this case one manifested by first degree burns. I believe that as a condition of his employment with NASA, Werner Von Braun stipulated that he have calamine lotion on tap in his abode and his offices, so “sunburnt” was he throughout his entire time thanks to all that brilliance he glowed with as he developed ICBMs for the military as well as spacecraft to take the first honkies to the Moon and back.

  23. The only genocide around here is to my farking brain cells after trying to read that pseudo-intellectual wankery Scott’s spilling all over the page.

    I give him an A in Crazy Leaps of Logic, and a massive fail mark on substance.

    Seriously Scottie Boy, if you dont stop it, you’ll go blind.

    • @Nozzer I realise that superficially you may be on my side but… you hate me don’t you? You hate me because I’m white. Scott is right, we hate each other for being white but, most of all, we hate OURSELVES! So, may I suggest that in order to take our part in this racial genocide to its logical conclusion that we all gather together in the jungle somewhere and drink some funny tasting Kool-Aid.

      • I’ll be down for that as long as there’s individual lines for the grape flavour and the lemon flavour Kool-Aid. I hate those grape drinking bastards.

        • @Nozzer. I’m sorry, but there shall be neither lemon or grape flavours available. You’re forgetting that this shall be an event run by Unaustralians for Unaustralians. Hence the only flavours available will be mango lassi or blueberry and watermelon bubble tea.

  24. OH SHITTY BLOODY TIMING with my OVERSEAS holiday in DANGEROUS foreign lands with SCARY WHITE GENOCIDISTS everywhere (except for them HOT ASIAN BABES) – I FUCKING MISSED a little tet-a-tet with my MATE SCOTT!!!!

    Bugger… 😦

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