“Alex Bell” or “Ron Peters” – Go back to where you came from!

Every now and again we get a scumtrooper straight from Central Casting. This week’s offering is Alex Bell. All he lacks are the laughable tatts and the comical regalia.

Alex Bell Facebook

What do we know about this rising star? Well firstly, he is from the UK. So it is quite likely he is not a citizen as yet. Perhaps people might like to contact DIAC and express their concerns.

After all, we don’t want any dodgy imports here, having just rid ourselves of one of Alex’s fellow London racists. Nor are we racist against Brits ourselves. We love them!

Monty Python team

Brits we love

We also need to have to have those regular visits from easy-beat Rugby, Rugby League and cricket teams as well to help make Strayans feel really patriotic.

But Alex has made a really bad start to his Australian experience when he defamed a poster here at the blog.

Alex Bell spam post

Next he decided to monster this poster whom he did not like. And magically his name changed to “Ron Peters”. Poor little fail boy…doesn’t even know who he is.

Alex Bell AKA Ron Peters

Next he made himself unwelcome at a couple of anti-racist sites. This time as “Alex Bell”.

Dodgy stats

For those who do not know, anyone can plot a professional-looking graph via Excel and present it as having come from an official site. The far right do this all the time.

Try it if you don’t believe us – for instance you may want to plot … the inverse relationship between penis size and membership of fringe extremist groups

Alex Bell vilifies

Using a pejorative term describing people of African descent which has no academic credibility except at Scumfront? Delightful fellow what?

And Alex’s two friends? Well here’s Mad Angela the Christian Soldier, wielding her pointy Bible to rid the world of gays and lesbians.

Angela Usher

And we all know and love Scott Pengelly, Melton’s most notorious shut-in, vestal virgin for the “white race”, devotee of Asian pick-up sites, the only person ever granted his own thread by a bountiful and generous TAB.
Scott Pengelly

Oh look, magic…

Alex Bell Ron Peters

So let’s join together to make Alex…or Ron… feel really unwelcome.

Fuck off tosser, we’re full!!

13 thoughts on ““Alex Bell” or “Ron Peters” – Go back to where you came from!

  1. This really annoys me; an immigrant who has the cheek to mouth off against other immigrants. But I’m sure that Ron/Alex lacks the mental capacity to appreciate the hypocrisy evident in this. He also needs to be taught a lesson in Australian history, in that the first inhabitants of this country were… black. And also as was shown through Mabo, the Indigenous Australians were not quite as simple pre-1788 as what had been supposed. They actually had some very complex laws and customs. Not to mention that many were and still are multilingual; it is not uncommon to find and Indigenous person in Northwest or Central Australia that has a common of five or six languages. How many of our racist friends can claim that ability? They have difficulty mastering their own language at the best of times. Anyway, for once I feel that I am entitled to say this: Alex/Ron fuck off back to where you came from, we have enough dickheads here already and don’t need anymore.

  2. I love the way Angela contradicts herself in the space of two consecutive sentences: First she states that gay marriage is “creature like behaviour” and then three words later says “Animals don’t behave in this manner”. I’d like to know what she thinks a creature might be if not an animal.

  3. Keep up the excellent work TAB and friends! We get a real good laugh at some of the dropkick dumb arses, Posted here. The intelligence quotient is unbelievable!!

    • Admittedly I, besides that prejudice thoroughly disgusts me, refer to this blog as I find the stupidity on display so highly entertaining. I find it reassuring too, as nobody so lacking in intellect would ever be truly able to accomplish any sort of agenda.

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