A Man For No Seasons

It is not often we approach a subject with a mixture of déjà vu coupled with prescience, but when we are dealing with the Goblin Warrior anything is possible.

Darren Bailey-Morris

At various times, Goblin has declared the following

1. He is an SASR veteran. He supposedly served between 1982 and 1985. We are not sure in which theatre because at the time Australia was not at war. Nor were there any other substantial ops taking place which would require the presence of the SAS.

2. He is “a businessman”. One assumes/hopes he is of the legit variety. Please tell us where this business is so we may boycott it.



And the gift just keeps on giving…

Elswhere The Chocolate Soldier Melts, The APDM hates women, Australian Patriots Defence Movement of the Bowels

32 thoughts on “A Man For No Seasons

  1. “… a few lancasters flying over head …”
    I gues Darren Beatle Morris must mean the Avro Lancaster … a WWII bomber which hasn’t seen service for a gazillion years! Mate, being dumb, stupid and ignorant is no way to go through life! As for the rest of you oxygen thieves, I cannot believe what I am reading!! It’s hard to believe that you lot were the fastest swimming sperm!

  2. Darren isn’t a businessman, he doesn’t drive a dark green Audi and he doesn’t reside in the leafy, affluent suburb of Ascot in Brisbane…all of which he would have you believe. The truth is far less glamorous……
    He is a finance officer with Qld Health, rides one of those odd-looking scooters with the two wheels at the front (oh lols) and lives in an outer NW suburb of Brisbane.
    Truth has never been one of Daz’ strong points…..

  3. Wanting to see Muslims ‘burn for days’, and yet they claim that Muslims are the ‘sick, twisted’ ones?

    Jesus fucking christ. Do we really want people like these fuckwits living in our community?

  4. My favourite deranged fail-troll.
    Apparently has a law “suite” out on me.
    Putting aside the fact this lying scrotum-necked goose has no idea how to contact me, his lawyer is taking an awfully long time issuing a Statement of Claim.
    Dazza first levelled this hollow threat at me 18 months ago.

    I’d be getting a new lawyer if I were him.

    Oh, he’s also threatened me with all types if violence using FaceBook.

    So that makes him a STUPID, lying scrotum-necked fail troll…

    • I guess his law “suite” is a load of sh**.

      As he knows his own racist, sexist and abuse well be used as evidence in the law “suite”.

    • What he really meant was “chambers” as opposed to “suite”. You see, he has an entire chambers worth of barristers working on the case. And the reason why it’s taking so long is because they wanna make sure that they nail your arse good and proper. The best revenge, after all, is a dish served cold.

  5. Some more quote from this deluded clown. Apologies for recycling.

    “Under no circumstance I would ever let a muslim (doctor) touch any one of my children, regardless, the last time one did, my daughter nearly lost her leg through gangrene…”

    (Describing Himself) “…a professional family guy with no record that has helped build a womens refuge and homeless shelter for teenage girls.”

    “I am a respectable man and most aussies other than muslims and drug effected jail birds admire me for my outspoken stance against radicals.”

    “I won’t resort to silly little names as I am educated but parasite does come to mind when I think of you John. A dirty stinking little flea that annoys the shit out of you for a little while before they drop off and cark it!”

    “…hope you are home when I come calling, You do know I have friends in the police, main roads, Health, education, electoral commission and finding you wasn’t that hard.”

    “I will find you as I am rat cunning and you are just a rat!”

    “I can wait and I look forward to personally assisting you for an early visit to meet Allah! Oh and without your 72 virgins.”

    “I am not a racist, I just detest and hate with a passion Muslims and their agenda!”

    “I have honourably served my country and done my share even as an Australian rep at sport.”

    “There will be one result, me making you look like the gutless little twerp you are, by the way mea and a few mates from 6 RAR- which is the royal Australian Regiment”

  6. So many racists & bigots among us. No wonder we had the Cronulla riots. The government must do something before the situation manifests itself into out of control race war.
    Are the pollies reading these comments or do they agree with the maggots?

  7. Jen claiming she is showing concern for the kids over there and then wanting to nuke.

    We know who has been brain washed from watching too much Today Tonight including her fellow gutter rats keeping warm thanks to Matty.

    But George did you slip and ended up with your boot up the pig ar**hole?

    No not Darren the racist and sexist pig.


  8. I see that young Jayden is still a neuron short of a synapse. If he tries putting his two cents worth into this debate here would you please publish his contributions? Only the days are a bit dull at the moment and I sure could do with the entertainment of him tying himself up in the knots of his own stupidity. But my overall assessment of the above “people” is that they’re all psychopaths. For surely only a psychopath would care to subject anyone to a death as horrible as which would be due courtesy of napalm. Oh, the bit about the “Lancasters” was especially entertaining… I’m sure one could be found in an aviation museum somewhere in the UK if they really think that a seventy year old bomber is what’s needed for the job.

  9. You are with Scotty, Brad?

    You two make a lovely couple ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Isn’t love beautiful even for two gutter rats?

    And Chris with surname of lines, how is your nose holding up?

    Did Darren being a “business man” help out?

  10. If Darren did actually served in 6 RAR- he would have know it is The Royal Australian Regiment and not “the royal Australian Regiment”.

    Also dreaming about having “friends in the police, main roads, Health, education, electoral commission” does not means you have friends in this places.

    But what would those in “main roads”, “electoral commission” or Health do about others pointing out Darren and the others racist and sexist comments? Maybe and I hope maybe The Health Dept get them treated for their Paranoid personality disorder?

    PS Yes Darren you did in fact “honourably served my country and done my share even as an Australian rep at sport.” as a Gold Medal winner as a ar**hole, racist and sexist pig.

  11. Dear MMU,
    I wish to see more Jayden Smedley. Please, I’m sure that you must have more of his wise musings on a hard-disk somewhere. It’s just that he’s so funny…
    Tom G. Warrior

  12. Muslims- Yes! Are a problem to Australia if they don’t accept our constitution and try to keep Australia as it is. However the wankers that get on here that are Socialists are far worse than any muslim. Most of them – well I will say all of them are nobody’s. Try and be important by writing or dribbling shit on pages here yet not one of them has the guts to actually approach me like a real man or Australian, Pete the Kerk Pete- another gutless homosexual parasite that runs when real men come out. I have been misquoted so many times by people that twist the truth for their own agenda. I never got to speak at any rally because the scumbafs that are “socialists” spat-belittled the aussie flag and soldiers and all the while, whilst they were dirty unshaven (that was the women) and smelt. Even had the audacity to wear cams yet insulted the Aussie soldiers and army! Hypocrisy! I am a proud Australian and recently spent weeks in Sydney- Sydney is damaged by Multi culturism and is a dirty overinfested rat hole. All because of Islamic pigs! They spit on the street, have no respect for anyone and are extremely dirty!!!
    I DO NOT WANT THIS FOR BRISBANE. I HAVE NEVER SERVED WITH THE AUSTRALIAN REGIMENT- I SPENT NEARLY A DECADE WITH THE SASR IN SWANBOURNE. Unlike you here that attack me, I have a degree, work fulltime and run a business. I also have a family. I have never been unemployed and have always worked to provide for my family. I paid my own way through uni whilst working. I do not drink,smoke,do drugs,gamble,beat women,nor am I toilet loiterer like a lot of you here that were arrested in Brisbane toilets by police. I am not gay but I am not homophobic- they do what they want in public-fine with me. I just do not like lesbians or fags pushing their dirty ways down my childrens throats in public. I am against Gay marriage! In the eyes of god it is wrong- and should only be allowed when two gays can naturally have a baby! Untiil then it is a blemish on society. Unlike you all here, If I have a problem with someone I say it to their face, you all here are gutless parasites that hide on pages like this to voice your say as you are so gutless you can’t approach me as you know you don’t have the balls to do so. Yet appear all big and brave here, more Hyprocisy! I have given all the wankers like Tinkerbell, tinker ray,Pete the jerk Pete to approach me at several rallies and they run like bitches lol. Even had threats from big brave islamic wankers in sydney, yet when I walked through Lakemba streets with my club shirt on, they ran like bitches again! What is with the Islamic and Socialist men are you all bitches? Let the women do all your fighting-you brave cowards! I personally approached Tinker ray and he sat at a coffee house shaking like he was about to shit himself when I approached him. He made excuses then look so pleased when I walked away- another coward. I do not work in payroll like many think- you all believe the rantings of a iv drug user to get your information. How crazy is that. At the end of the day I am against the burqa and Islamic shar’ii law. Any muslim that wants to come here and live under our constitution is fine to do so as long as they migrate to Australia legally. Islam is dangerous! Every country it has spread to is now damaged and has war,rape and murder out of control-Fact! Suicide bombings and the shit they preach and believe in to make a point! I do not want that here! I am against Islamic immigration- we have enough of them all ready. We need to cap out immigration or we will see what we are all ready seeing in Sydney with over crowding and crime out of control. so when all the gutless men here (and I use that man word lightly) have the guts to confront me then they have the right to abuse me but until then, think about it all, all you drug using gay loving drunks that hang around toilets and do iv drugs have more to lose if Islamic shar’ii law gets in then me. No gay marriage protesters- they will be excuted where they stand, at least one thing- under islamic law we get rid of all the dead wood like the socialists and commies, gays and drug users that contribute diddly squat to Australia, and don’t forget, women have no say and all you feminazis here would also be stoned to death, so maybe I should join your cause and fight to get rid of all you losers from within your own ranks rather than fight against you! Oh and last thing- pete the jerk Pete when are you going to be a man and face me rather than run like the gutless parasite you are? When you grow some testies or they drop why not call me and we can meet than you can insult me all you want to my face like a real man. be assured, there will only be one result and you will get your 5 minutes of fame as they load you onto a ambulance stretcher. lol.

  13. I can’t believe I just read all of that shit. Here’s the summarised version for those with the sense I didn’t show:

    Doesn’t like Muslims because they’re violent and barbaric.

    Doesn’t like gays because God says so.

    Respects Muslims because they violently and barbarically eliminate dissenters from society.

    Threatens to violently and barbarically deal with Pete, in a similar manner to the Muslims he likes / doesn’t like.

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