The Latest Round of Home Grown Aussie Nazism

Yeah, this blog is about re-publishing what people publicly (ie. willfully inviting the world to read/view) put into the public sphere (note: by themselves – not at the hands of stalkers)- while using their names, photos and employment details as verification that they are indeed real people   real fuckstickians. So while we present to you SimmonS2679 and his non-comprehensible ‘sieg-heil’ rant (see 0:28 for lolz), we won’t give you his real name, as he has gone to the effort of keeping his name out of it while sitting in a dark and stanky bomb shelter (perhaps his living room?) while wearing aviator sunglasses and a C18/SS military cap as he presents his opinions.

But here are some other nazi bogots, who have shared a little more on public Facebook pages and open profiles.

Fucktardery at its shonkiest.

Editor’s note: Homophobia and Nazism once again proved to be bedfellows.

Note: theantibogans apparently mooch off Centrelink (see Nathan Townsend’s comment on Joseph Adams aka Tommy Cor’s post):

And theantibogans are also all Nazis. But these featured guys aren’t.

23 thoughts on “The Latest Round of Home Grown Aussie Nazism

  1. It would seem he’s a drug-dealer as well as a racist.

    ‘Josh Alderton
    I would have had a fuckn beutiful new year-if jacks didnt fuck everythng up and make me broke=( fuck life lolz
    Share · Friday, 30 December 2011 at 16:32 via Mobile ·

    Kimberlee Alderton did they get ya again joshy? I owe ya 30bucks remember.& need a half,can get but need a car atm
    Friday, 30 December 2011 at 17:49Reply

    Josh Alderton DO NT ASK THAT SHIT OVER STATUS KIM! Hw many times have i gt to tel u? Nd no i dnt
    Friday, 30 December 2011 at 19:29Reply’

  2. …and if these guys really do feel so indignant about the cultural diversity to be found amongst the healthcare professions, then why the fuck don’t they get off their arses and start studying so that they can get the marks for entry into courses such as medicine etc?

    • Qualities of a good health care worker include

      1. Compassion

      2. Respect

      3. Awareness of cultural and religious diversity

      4. Exemplary communication skills

      5. A sound professional knowledge

      6. Ability to think laterally

      7. Personal integrity and ethics

      8. Intelligence

      Now ask that question again Tom 😉

      • I’m not so sure about that. Lat time I was scanning for jobs in the paper I saw an ad for an interventional neuroradiologist. I’m pretty sure the essential criteria was “must be a piss-sinking racist with criminal record and no frontal lobe”.

  3. I’d say that that anti-TAB facebook admin knows there’s overwhelming proof as to why they’re oft called Nazis and racists…

  4. Josh stop goofting around to see it is called Centrelink not “Centerlink” and other reality.

    But they cannot give you “dosh” if you and the other scum are living in the gutter as your address.

  5. The only good thing about Josh threats, is that this gutter rat well go from committing a State Crime to Crime against Australia.

    Which means you were be goofing around waiting and waiting for Probation that might never come. LOL LOL LOL

  6. I wonder when Steve will realise that most adults stopped playing dress-ups when they were eight. He probably has his wife dress up as Pocahontas so he can re-enact King Arthur’s historic victory over the Samurai at Machu Pichu.

    And Mark’s Nazi uniform is slightly less odd, but significantly more obscene.

    I can’t help but pity Erick and his fear of Rainbows.

    • Don’t forget pin-up boy and “martyr” for local nutzis, South African neo-Nazi Eugene Terre-Blanche, apparently killed by two black youths – but all was not as it seemed.

      It was not a racist killing of a hated white man by black activists.

      Terre-Blanche was killed in a dispute over payment for sexual favours. He’d been enjoying the athletic favours of young black men for many years.

  7. It always both amuses and bemuses me when they play the ‘you hate your own race’ or ‘you hate Australia’ card.

    No, I don’t hate my own race, I just hate the pool of bile-filled sludge at the bottom of it.

    No, I don’t hate Australia… in fact, I love it. The difference between me and the racist nutzis is that I love Australia for what it *is*, not some imaginary notion about some white bogantopia that never did exist and never will. The nutzis are the ones who want Australia to be something it will never be, and in my view, that makes them the ones with the hatred for the place, not me.

    • I would like to petition the government for the creation of the Republic of Bogantopia. There, bogans will be free to do as they please and exercise the policies they wish. I ask only for only one thing; that Bogantopia be on a Pacific island barely above sea level, so that the Bogantopians may first hand experience the delights of the climate change that they all so avowedly deny.

    • I don’t know but he did make a response video to my anti-racism video apparently I’m an Asian supremacist because I think views like Pauline Hanson’s are praised and over represented on tv. Twisted my words –

      He’s quite well spoken but an ignorant none the less

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