Frankie Goes to Twitterwood

TAB gets stalkers, hate mail, intimidation and spammed threats by the bucketload – to be expected when you are dealing with the dregs of society.

White supremacist

Don’t get too excited ladies, you don’t know where those gloves have been…

We are somewhat sanguine about these threats. A nice way of saying BOOORIIIING…

TAB Admin react to latest round of threats

However a recent addition shows some features which are new and some which are all-too-drearily-familiar.

It started off routinely enough. A flirtatious flutter of the cyber lashes so to speak.

Danny Boy threat1

Then the excitement mounted. In fact it turns out Danny wanted a date! In beautiful downtown Warragul, the excitement centre of Gippsland!

Danny wants a date

Now in true Jekyll and Hyde fashion, having been rejected by an always-alert admin, “Danny” assumed its “real” persona and started to sulk because the person it wanted not only wasn’t there but it was being ignored. The predictable tanty follows:

First Frankie threat

Now the wooing moved to Twitter, presumably out of reach of the lidless eye of the admins. And the spurned suitor adopted a new name. Fake of course.

Now so as not to insult the legitimate owners of the surname it is using  which has been hijacked in the manner we have come to expect from the enemy, we are going to refer to it as “Freaky Frankie Stalker” – FFS for short.

What’s new is that FFS is using Twitter to convey its threats to our Twitter feed. Rather uncomfortable to be faced with the equivalent of pointless junk mail every time one logs into Twitter but it seems that’s the way the enemy likes to play. Junk using junk.

What is also new is that FFS wants to target not the blog owners but the subscribers. Obviously this has been done without much thought as to the consequences, since the lawyers, journos, coppers and soldiers who are regular fans will not be too impressed.

Not interested in people he thought were admins? Then why all the chat-up. Freaks have no idea!

In its eagerness to appear as a clueless desperate wanker big tough guy targeting scared unwashed leftie green socialist faggot lesbian anti-racists (jeez how do we cover so many social bases?) FFS has made a few fundamental errors.

1. Firstly it is way off beam in identifying who is who. For instance the innocent young bloke it decided to monster on his own Twitter had no involvement with TAB. In fact he had probably never heard of us.

Had. That has changed. And we have a new friend.

2. The person it persists in thinking runs TAB does not. TAB is a collective of concerned activists. But he obviously so tickles FFS’s romantic tendencies because FFS has invited him and its other target for a coffee in Warragul yet again (must be good coffee there). And FFS managed to type that with one hand on his knob – we saw the fuckstains on its Twitter. Filthy sod!

More Frank threats

A fucktard did a-wooing go...

3. As part of its totally idiotic deranged well-thought-out intimidation strategy it has managed to clearly defame at least three people. We are quite happy to assist them in preparing their cases at minimal cost to them.

Frankie defames

Bad mistake...good!

Just remember FFS, Australia has had to all intents and purposes uniform defamation laws since 2005. They do cover such things as derogatory comments about the appearance of people and allegations that other people are paedophiles.

We are scrubbing out the surname you are using, but the unmodified screenshots are on their way to some friendly police we know.

14 thoughts on “Frankie Goes to Twitterwood

  1. “presumably out of reach of the lidless eye of the admins”
    So you admit that you are the servant of foulest Morgoth! And the vain fool thought he could wield the Palantír against you in the realm of the unseen! Surely that exceeds even the folly of placing the One ring on in the presence of your slave the Witch King of Angmar.

    • But like Strider who is also Elessar King of Gondor, scion of Numenor,I am one who looks foul and feels fair – especially after the blogging of the Shire and the recording of the fell deeds of orcs. Even Isildur himself would fall wearily to the Earth.

      Mae govannen. Elen sila lumenn omentilmo


  2. Er, so how would Frankie find out where I lived? I mean, believe it or not, but WarriorTom is not my real name (it’s Tom G. Warrior). Even he did manage to somehow find out someone’s IP address, all that would reveal is the person’s internet provider (yes Frankie, that’s right, I reside at Vodafone’s Australian headquarters). Then some heavy lawyering (and lots of money) would be required to determine just which subscriber is behind the IP address. Good luck Frankie!

  3. i have read plenty of these hate messages before and it usually starts with calling tab cowards for hiding behind anonymity and ends threatening there family’s with violence.

    just thought it was an interesting point that they all end up this way

    • And they wonder why we are anonymous. We don’t particularly want our families to encounter the scum we deal with. Some of the admins here have young children.

      And of course they love and cherish their own fake profiles from where they stalk and harass people they don’t like who dare to question their white supremacist ideology. Their sense of entitlement is laughable if it were not so poisonous.

    • “FFS” are the initials we have given the entity who is currently stalking our Twitter feed. We have done that rather than use the fake name it has given itself.

      TAB= The Antibogan. Us.

  4. The Bean Scene is an amazing coffee shop, if anyone has the chance to ever go there. I’m just disgusted that I may run into one of these morons there some day soon, or that they may have been stalking even readers of this blog and know that some do attend there…

    • When I was Frankie’s age we’d suggest the back of the shelter shed as a good venue for a friendly exchange of ideas. Presumably, Frankie’s teachers do not have a reasonable line of sight from the staff room to this coffee shop either?

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