Queensland Health Worker Threatens To Glass Woman Online

Some choice quotes from Danny Pascoe, Queensland Health worker at Redcliffe Hospital:

* “…my ancestors paid for this country in their blood …so that gives me far more stock than it does you…”

TAB: No it doesn’t.

* “…i’ll fuckin glass you [Heidi] and we both know how that will turn out!”

TAB: Your public threats against a woman have been immortalised.

* “…three/nil to me …i win!!”

TAB: You have handed yourself the ‘win’ in a debate on the Interwebz. Congratulations.

* “…im pointing my dick at your head on the computer screen”

TAB: Lucky Steve. Man love just urging itself out of the hard-man’s closet.

* “hey steve …i feel a glassing come on son…”

TAB: Redcliffe Hospital would be a lot less busy if Danny just stopped glassing people.

* “…defence of australian culture and people and places and food and everything else australian (except the abos)”

TAB: Except the people who were in this country before anyone else. Yeah – they’re not Australian at all.

25 thoughts on “Queensland Health Worker Threatens To Glass Woman Online

  1. Has someone contacted the hospital and told them about this health worker from hell? You can not have loop fruits like that in that field! He could get a nice job in one of Queensland’s prisons – he’d be happy there.

    • I can’t seem to copy and paste his comments directly off the facebook comments posted above. I think it has to have his name AND comments for this to be taken seriously. I really want this my complaint to Queensland health to count.

      • Are you able to attach the screenshot as a file, as you can when reporting matters to Queensland Crimestoppers?

        If not you can post a link to this blog in your complaint, or e mail Queensland Health and attach the screenshot.

  2. What a delusional bigot; hope he gets dealt with appropriately by his employers.

    Just wondering, whilst this blog raises certainly awareness of the bigotry and intolerance of our society, does it not provide some excellent materials for racists and other discriminators to get angry over and give them “justification” their twisted grasp of reality?

    • We have no problems with making racists angry. They expend a lot of anger on their hapless targets. We can give their targets a break and let them know that there are genuine decent Aussies who stand with them.

      Why should racists be a protected species? They are criminals.

    • Hahahahaha – I bet! Will make my day as well! Geez – what a world! I wish we could just sweep out the filth! Going to try this now. Thanks!

  3. Qld Health seems to be a hotbed of rednecks, bigots and those that like to post porn to young women…
    First was Darren Morris, who works in Finance @ Qld Health, and now this turd?
    As an aside.. Darren and his weird habits are starting to come to the fore…again…

  4. Well Danny, I am also well informed, regularly reading/watching a WIDE selection of varied publications (including Mr.Men, Dora the Explorer and CSI: Miami) and you are a tool (usted es un instrumento).

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